Keurig K15: 2020 Review & In-Depth Buying Guide

Keurig 119422 K15
Keurig 119422 K15

Keurig has manufactured so many marvelous coffee makers since its launch.

We’ve had brewers with some advanced features from it. However, the brewer we are going to discuss today is a classic Keurig that holds its own legacy.

Yes, the Keurig K15 had its days of glory when you couldn’t find those fancy brewer machines in the market.

So, what about giving a thought to buying this little brewer?

Does it go with today’s standard?

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$22.56 / month

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Will it be good enough to compete with the later models of coffee makers?

you will get the answers once you go through this article.

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 Keurig K15 2020 Review With Buying Guide

Special Features

Brews Items: coffee, , hot & iced beverages | Brew sizes: 6 10 oz | Water Reservoir: 40 oz | Multiple colors: Available Turns off automatically: after 90 seconds of inactivity | Dimensions: 6.9 x 10.7 x 10.8 inches

Keurig K15 is a brewery belonging to Keurig’s classic mini models. This little machine’s main advantage is its portability.

It can be accommodated & placed literally anywhere. And if you are to be away from home for long, you can have your little brewer accompanying you.

You can enjoy an early morning without having to get off your comfy bed, thanks to this little machine.

Then again, a regular cup of quality is all that K15 offers you. It doesn’t come with any other brew options whatsoever.

The reservoir is quite small, of course. But that is no deal-breaker and can’t be considered a huge issue.

The compatibility of this brewer is only with Keurig’s classic pods.

  • Easy Accommodation

Thanks to its small footprint, it can be placed wherever you like. Your bedside tool, your reading table; just about anywhere with a little space will do.

It can be your traveling partner along with being a home entertainer, thanks to its comforting size.

Especially students living in a dorm will benefit from this mini machine as it will perform the mood cheering job perfectly.

  • Wide Range of Pod Compatibility

The K15 gets along with Keurig’s classic pods. So, you can have the privilege of tasting hundreds of mouth-watering flavors brought by tens of roasters.

Being allowed to try different pods from different brands is such a treat. For some of the newer Keurig models lack this pod flexibility.

If you want to save some bucks, the generic store pods for K15 will come in handy.

  • Simplicity

This brewer makes your making as comfortable as it gets if it is about single cups.

It reduces your work by a remarkable margin.

I mean, can you believe in using a brewer with no involvement? You ought to believe it now since this machine doesn’t have a , to begin with.

up is always a mess. This gentle-brewer doesn’t make you go through any of that.

Once the pod has done its job, just take it, and throw it away.

You won’t even have to measure the grounds in this brewer.

So, when you feel like drinking a cup of hot delight, just pop a pod in and have the water reservoir filled. Then, in no time, you will be enjoying your coffee.

  • Fast Serving

A feature almost all the Keurig brewers have in them. Once you press the BREW button, it takes only a couple of minutes to finish brewing.

That’s really fast compared to the total time needed to enjoy a cup in the shops.

  • Single Cup Reservoir

This mini brewer comes with a reservoir having a capacity of 10 oz only.

This can be taken as both advantage and disadvantage. For small reservoir means easy use, but constant refilling.

  • Reasonable price
  • Less occupation of space
  • Brews from a variety of pods
  • Very lightweight
  • Not very durable


  • Brand: Keurig
  • : K15 coffee maker
  • Size: 10.7” x 6.9” x 10.8”
  • Mass: 1 pound
  • Brew Volumes: 6,8,10 ounces
  • Water Reservoir: mini-sized for a single cup

Customer Feedback

We visited the internet to find out the experiences of the users with the K15. They reviewed this brewer based on their priorities.

So, it will be nice to have your requirements lined up.

If you are looking for an easily affordable brewer, the K15 would be the most appropriate choice. Then you won’t really have to go through any of those reviews.

Anyway, we are going to provide you with a summary of the users’ reviews.

This particular brewer has divided its users into two distinct groups. It’s pretty surprising to see so many people having opposite opinions about the same thing.

Let’s talk about people who loved it.

These folks who found their K15 buying a profiting deal mostly loved the convenience their brewer brought.

These guys loved the machine for it made the coffee making an incredibly easy job.

Simplicity in operation has been Keurig brewer’s forte all along; the K15 has taken it further.

Another attractive feature found by the users was its cute mini size.

Users, who could afford only a little space to fit the machine in were delighted with this particular feature.

The price of the K15 was very much appreciated by the buyers. Those who wanted to enjoy some home brewing with limited affordability just loved the machine.

And Also:

Let’s talk about those customers who weren’t impressed with this device

The most crucial drawback was the vulnerability of the machine. For some of the users, the machine gave up its functioning after a short while.

There were a considerable number of customers who found the brewed not that hot. They complained about their being lukewarm.

The tiny-sized reservoir had also been an issue to the users. They didn’t quite like the fact that they had to refill it after every cup of .

However, both groups agreed about the affordability & easy accommodation this guy offered.

The bottom line is, though the majority of the people loved the machine for its comfortable size & simplicity, some individuals disliked the brewer’s fragility & the quality of the coffee.

How To Setup and Maintain

Setting up and maintaining this K15 brewer is pretty neat. There is no complication involved whatsoever. Let’s discuss the processes.

The Setup &

This all-new and shiny machine you bought needs to be set up. It needs to. Let’s see them done.

  • Unpack the machine & do the plugging in

Pick up the pack and open it. Has the brewer been removed from inside it? Plug the machine in somewhere appropriate.

Keep the instruction manual. It contains the specific brewer’s using guidelines as well as the details about the of it.

  • Chuck out the shipping disk from the pod setting

Have the handle over the pod setting lifted up. You might find a shipping disc there. Remove it.

There is no need to get rid of the disc. It can be kept with the manual guide & the package box. You will find this come in handy while going on a vacation as you can keep the device with you.

It can also prove helpful if you want to sell your brewer or have it returned to the manufacturer.

  • Put water into the reservoir

Put filtered water into the water reservoir and have it filled.

  • Preheat the water with a power button press

This would take 1½-4 minutes. Wait until the preheating is done.

  • Have a mug placed on the drip tray

Do this unless you want a mess!

  • Lift the handle over the pod attachment

Do not use any pod yet. We are just getting our cleansing done.

  • Start Brew with the button press

The machine will be ready in about ½-4 minutes. It will remove all the impurities from the system.

Once these are done, your brewer be will ready for the task it was made for.

Regular Brewing

Once you have finished the setup & initial, you have a brewer to serve you some great coffee.

  • Grab yourself a mug & a pod

Choose any Keurig pod from the classic ones.

  • Place the pod in the pod’s attachment

When you lower the handle after placing the pod, the machine will start its work. It will make the pod open by piercing it from above & below.

  • Press the BREW button

Once you have pressed the brew button, make yourself comfortable and wait for the liquid delight that’s gonna come out of the machine.


Keurig brewers are very delicate in nature. You need to handle them carefully. Taking proper care of the device becomes a must when we are talking about the K15.

Since this machine has earned a reputation for easily getting damaged, it needs much attention in its .

So, let’s see how it’s done.

  • Clean the needles, drip tray, pods attachment, and water tank:

Frequency: every 10 days


  1. the drip tray and pod setting
  2. Wipe the external surface with a soft piece of
  3. Rinse the needles & wipe them
  4. the water tank with

Keurig k10 Manual

Keurig k10 Manual
Keurig k10 Manual Source:

Download Your Manual

Keurig K15 vs K10

These two products from Keurig were manufactured at a short interval. They look exactly the same both outside & inside.

Since they were named differently and produced separately, it’s only obvious that they had some differences in terms of features.

But what are they?

Which one should you prefer?

Shortly, you will have the questions answered.

A Comparative Study

Model Keurig K15
Product Keurig 1.0 mini
Brew Volumes 6,8,10 oz
Pod Compatibility Classic K-pods; licensed 2.0 & unlicensed, My K-cup
Reservoir 10 Oz
Mass 1 pound
Strength Choosing None
Touchscreen Display None
Model Keurig K10
Product Keurig 1.0 mini
Brew Volumes 6,8,10 oz
Pod Compatibility Classic K-pods; licensed 2.0 & unlicensed, My K-cup
Reservoir 10 Oz
Mass 1 pound
Strength Choosing None
Touchscreen Display None

The Difference Between The K10 & The K15

You might be thinking that I have mistaken the tables since they are all the same. Well, I haven’t.

The thing is, they do not have any dissimilarity when it comes to specifications & functionality.

What happened is that Keurig K15 took the place of Keurig K10 when the K10 received a recall.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled the machine in December 2014.

The CPSC ordered it back saying that the water gets overheated in the brewing process. Moreover, the commission added that the water could spurt out & result in burning the users.

So many report-filings occurred at the time of this recalling with a huge number of machines being recalled.

Is The K15 Right For You?

This device can make your life a lot simpler by making the daily chore of coffee making as easy as pie. Moreover, the size of the device is pretty small making it highly portable.

But, will you be ok with a brewer having literally no single customization facility?

You have to make your mind whether you need those fancy features.

Do the following points match your profile?

  • Office employee with a small desk
  • Small house
  • Student staying in a dorm room

If they do, you are good to go with a K15 or a K10 (a not recalled one, of course).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this brewer compatible with K-Carafes & K-Mugs?

  • No. It is not compatible with anything other than classic Keurig K-Cup pods.

Is there a strength control facility available in this brewer?

  • No, there is no such feature in it.

Does this brewer allow you to use the coffee grounds of your own?

  • Yes. But you will have to buy an adapter from an online retailer for that.

How much water the reservoir can contain?

  • A maximum of 10 oz is its capacity. That’s pretty much the brew size.

How long does this brewer take to make a cup of coffee?

  • It takes approximately 2-3 minutes to brew a cup.

What is the size of the K15 brewer?

  •  It has a size of 10.7” x 6.9” x 10.8”.

Which line of the does this brewer belong to?

  • Its line is Keurig 1.0 mini.

Final Verdict

If you want one of the simplest makers the market has ever provided, Keurig K15 definitely you.

Also, if you are looking for a coffee maker with zero hassle, the K15 is just that coffee maker. But keep in mind that this one doesn’t come with fancy features and can only be used as a traditional coffee maker. This cheap brewer can make coffee for you once or twice a day and accompany you when you are away from home.

Definitely, it will be worth giving it a shot.

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