DeLonghi EC702 Review: A Perfect Jackpot Or A Bad Bargain?

DeLonghi EC702 Review 2019
DeLonghi EC702 Review 2020


When it comes to a kitchen appliance that you use every day, like an espresso maker, you may not want to compromise on quality for the sake of pricing. That being said, at first glance the DeLonghi EC702 seems to be worth every penny. The quality of this machine is top tier, but how does it compare to its competition?

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Top Rated Coffee Maker DeLonghi EC702 Review

Special Features

Input power: 1100 watt |  Dimensions: 11 x 9.1 x 11.6 inches | Heating Element: Stainless Steel Boiler | Removable Water Tank: 44 oz | Cappuccino System: Advanced Manual Frother

The DeLonghi EC702 is an extraordinary piece of machinery and it is definitely capable of elevating your coffee-making experience.

Highlighted features:

  • A small footprint and stainless steel case.
  • The pump drives 15 bars of pressure for any kind of grind.
  • Water level indicator with 44oz capacity in the water tank.
  • Convenient and patented dual holder for seamless brewing and serving.
  • Easy to use frothier to craft lattes or cappuccinos.
  • Has a self-priming feature.
  • Thermostats facilitate concurrent dual brewing at different temperatures.
  • Strong, uniform, and fast boiler that is made from high-quality steel.
  • Comes with a warming tray to keep cups warm.


  • Sturdy and attractive design.
  • Compact and small footprint to occupy less space.
  • Quickly heats up for frequent servings.
  • Pod-friendly design without any alterations.
  • Requires almost no operational skill to craft great-tasting coffee.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
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  • No auto shut-off or turn on.
  • After a long gap, the shots won’t taste as good.
  • No solenoid valves for easy cleanup.

Whom Is This For?

The DeLonghi EC702 is an entry-level espresso machine. This is because the features and settings are easy to adapt to and it takes minimal knowledge to brew a great-tasting cup of coffee.

Potential users of DeLonghi EC702-

  1. Frequent coffee drinkers.
  2. Non-commercial, household users.
  3. Corporate or business spaces.
  4. People who’re looking for a budget-friendly pick.

In a nutshell, this machine is perfect for the at-home coffee drinker.

Product Overview

The DeLonghi EC702 has relatively small dimensions (11.25 x 8.15 inches), making it ideal for most kitchen spaces. It is also made of sturdy and aesthetically pleasing stainless steel, making both its appearance and durability very praiseworthy.

One of the best parts of this machine is its convenient frother. While we’ve seen tons of coffee makers with nozzles or steaming wands in the front of the machine, the frother of DeLonghi EC702 is a bit different.

You are able to brew your favorite coffee without having to worry about if the pitcher is getting in the way of using this machine.

To have more control over the steaming and espresso brewing functions, there are two different thermostats. This means that you can prepare an espresso shot and simultaneously steam for another one at the same time.

The chance of over-extraction with this machine is almost non-existent. Another feature that we loved about this coffee maker is the fact that it has a patented dual-function holder. During your brewing process, you can choose between either grounds or pods, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Since the boiler is made out of stainless steel, it heats up quickly and uniformly. On top of that, it has a self-priming feature meaning you don’t have to wait a long time for a perfectly blended cup of coffee.

The water tank is 44oz in terms of capacity and it comes with a visible water level indicator. So, you will know exactly when you need to refill it.

Last but not least, DeLonghi also provides live customer support.

What Is The Difference Between A DeLonghi EC702 VS ECP3630?

As one of the pioneers of the coffee brewing machine industry, De’Longhi has taken pride in having a number of popular coffee makers on the market. Two of the most popular picks are the Delonghi EC701 and ECP3630.

However, as amazing as the Delonghi EC702 is, we would like to point out some major differences between this machine and the popular ECP3630.

  • The Design and Structure

After putting both of the machines side-by-side, we can see some significant differences between the EC702 and the ECP3630.

The ECP3630 is quite compact and definitely slimmer in size compared to the EC702. So, if you need to get a coffee maker for a narrow space in your home, you might have to go for ECP3630. However, if you have more space, you might want to go with the EC702.

Both of the models are primarily made from stainless steel, which is very sturdy. Both models also use 15 bar pressure and they both have separate thermostats to control the steam pressure and water temperature.

  • Advanced Controllability

The EC702 uses an automatic self-primer that lets you use pods or ground coffee with its patented holder design. Furthermore, both of the models have manual fothers, which is helpful when making espresso.

The main difference is that there is an overarching one-touch controlling feature in the DeLonghi EC702. So, making multiple cups of coffee is easier and faster with this machine.

  • Energy Consumption

Efficiency is more prevalent in the EC702 compared to the ECP3630. The main reason is that there is an energy saver feature so for non-household uses like offices and workspaces, we prefer the EC702 instead of the ECP3630.

  • The Capacity

The reservoir capacity of the EC702 is 44 ounces, whereas the ECP3630 has 37 ounces.

Our overall feedback is that the Delonghi EC702 is a smarter and a better pick if you consider the functionality and effectiveness. It’s easier to control and is efficient with its power consumption.

Customers Feedback

‘Before ending up with Delonghi EC702, I did my research for more than 2 months. After looking up several brands and models, I am pleased with what am getting now with this model. Starting from the packaging to the design, the controls, and the service- everything seems to be up to the mark. Certainly, recommend it to anyone who’s looking up for buying a new coffee machine.’

‘Previously, we used to have a Mr. Coffee espresso machine, which broke after a couple of years of use. Then, we decided to go the extra mile and purchase the Delonghi EC702. Although many users over the forums convinced me that, unless I invest 3X more money, I won’t get a good one. But after about 3 years of experience with EC702, we’re highly pleased, and recommend to anyone else with confidence.’

‘If you’re likely to make up your own Starbucks coffee at home, I would definitely put a thumbs up for EC702. It’s convenient, super comfy, and superb quality within a minimal time span. Although it has a little mess with cleanup, I don’t mind it as long as it’s working ‘

FAQ (Frequently Ask Question)

Faq for DeLonghi EC702 Review
Faq for DeLonghi EC702 Review

Can I create rich cream coffee with DeLonghi EC702?

  • Of course. As a matter of fact, the 15 bar pressure can create an authentic shot of espresso with a rich crema.

Can this espresso maker create precise and fine foam?

  • The convenient frother is extremely high-quality and so the amount and grain of the foam will be perfect enough for any consumer.

Can I brew a shot and steam for the next shot at the same time?

  • Yes. As there is are two separate thermostats, you can brew and steam at the same time for two concurrent cups of coffee.


We would definitely label the DeLonghi EC702 as one of the most convenient espresso machines that you can find at a price point under $300. After comparing all of the perks and features to the few drawbacks that it comes with, we can safely say that it is worth the money.

That being said, it is not advised to be used for commercial purposes but for non-commercial and household uses, the DeLonghi EC702 is a perfect pick for the money.

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