Jura A1 Review: The Advanced Ultra-Compact Coffee Maker

You’ve probably already heard more than a few anecdotes about the Jura A1 but just how many of those praises are true? This definitive Jura A1 review will help you figure out if customers are exaggerating about this coffee maker or if it is truly worth the hype that surrounds it.

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If you are a frequent coffee drinker, it is quite likely that you consider coffee makers to be essential appliances for home kitchens. Furthermore, if you happen to be particular about your home decor, then you will also probably want that coffee maker to complement and enhance the aesthetics of your home.

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Jura machines

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$22.56 / month

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If this is what you have in mind for your next coffee maker, the Jura A1 should definitely be on your radar.

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Whom Is This For?

The Jura A1 is a high-end single-cup coffee machine that comes with great aesthetics, automatic brewing controls, and supreme taste standards. Therefore, it’s a perfect fit for people who are:

  • In search of a machine that serves coffee quickly and efficiently.
  • Obsessed with easy-to-use interfaces and accessible designs for their kitchen appliances.
  • Looking for a way to automate their daily coffee brewing process.
  • Determined to not compromise on design or quality for the sake of pricing.

Jura A1 Ultra Compact Center 15148 with P.E.P.

Jura A1 Overview

The Jura A1 Superautomatic coffee maker is a complete coffee solution for your home or office. With just a touch of your finger, it can deliver super delicious espresso coffee. However, it is not only limited to espresso, it can also produce other types of beverages, such as ristretto.

One of the best parts of this coffee machine is its sleek and stylish design. For sure, this had been one of the standout reasons for a lot of the positive reviews from users of Jura A1.

The basic interface of Jura A1 is colored “piano-black”, which helps to accentuate the sleek and clean lines. At the top, you’ll find a convenient bean container and an easy-to-use control panel.

In summary, it’s really a pleasant machine to look at.

However, if you don’t like the piano-black appearance of this model, there is also a white version that is available as well.

Aside from the design and aesthetics, the Jura A1 is also super compact in size. It measures 9 inches in width, 17.5 inches in depth, and 12.7 inches in height.

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Now, let’s talk about the coffee that is brewed by Jura A1.

Jura’s exclusive brewing technique will serve you nuanced flavors with every shot and the bean hopper has an aroma preservation seal, which preserves the freshness and original smell of the coffee.

In terms of convenience, the Jura A1 is equipped with state-of-the-art touch technology with illuminated icons that will allow you to select your desired cup size and flavor in seconds. To make the serving time even faster, Jura has also included a sophisticated conical burr grinder.

The choice of grind type and strength is all automatic. However, in addition to this, there are programmable settings in Jura A1 which will let you choose from three cup sizes- Ristretto, Espresso, or Regular. Aside from the flavor, you can also adjust the dosage level as well. There are two preset dosage levels of either 8 grams or 10 grams.

After having a look at all of this smart technology and aesthetics, you might worry about the energy consumption of this machine. However, we can assure you that the Jura A1 won’t be using more energy than a regular coffee machine would use.

After five minutes of not being used, the Jura A1 will automatically switch to a power-saving mode. Furthermore, after two more hours of not being used, the machine will completely turn off. On top of all of that, there is a zero switch which makes sure that the machine does not use any energy at all when it is not in use.

They call it the futuristic smart brewing machine and we would have to agree. What do you think?

Highlighted Features

  • A touch-enabled control panel with an intuitive symbol display.
  • Thermoblock (patented) heating system for quick and granular operation.
  • Three kinds of programmable specialties to control strength.
  • 15 bar pressure along with an effective pulse extraction process.
  • Ultra-compact size that takes less space on your kitchen countertop.
  • Aroma preserver chamber to ensure that you always get fresh coffee.
  • Conical burr for fast and precise grinding.
  • Super efficient in terms of consumption.


  • A sleek and elegant appearance.
  • Completely automatic along with convenient touch controls.
  • Eco-friendly and efficient design.
  • Fast grinding and serving time.
  • Compatible with both small mugs and large travel mugs.
  • Nuanced flavor in each shot.
  • Small and compact in size.
  • Height-adjustable spout.


  • Quite heavy to shift from place to place.
  • A high-end pick in terms of price.

What Is The Difference Between A Jura A1 vs Jura e8?

In the coffee machine industry, Jura has held quite an elegant position for some time now. Comparing both of their Jura A1 and Jura E8 models, we can see a similar blend of elegant design and supreme functionality.

Here are the notable differences between these two models.

  • The Visuals

The A1 comes with a piano-black design, while on the other hand, the E8 comes with a chrome-finished black look.

However, if you want an alternative look, you can go with the white-colored version that A1 offers. However, the E8 doesn’t have a white-themed model.

  • The Display

Both the A1 and E8 has intuitive display along with the interface. In the case of the model, the display is a quite symbolic type. On the other hand, the second model had got a TFT color display. Throughout both of the displays, you can see the visuals and states of operation.

  • The Programmability

Both the A1 and E8 are programmable. The A1 is programmable to create three specialties and strengths, while on the other hand, the E8 is a bit more advanced. The E8 has 12 programmable specialties and you can control the strength based on 8 preset levels.

  • The Size and Weight

The A1 comes in a size of 20.5 x 12.7 x 18.6 inches, and the weight is around 25 pounds. On the other hand, the E8 comes in a more compact size of  17.3 x 11 x 13.8 inches, along with a weight of around 22 pounds.

Clearly, the E8 is a more convenient and compact model that can more easily fit in narrower spaces.

  • The Price

The last fact that we want to bring under the limelight is the price point. As you’ve seen so far, the E8 comes with several additional features and enhanced controllability compared to A1, so it is not surprising that it is the more expensive option.

If you’re looking for a cheaper model that still has automated functionality, the Jura A1 should be your go-to choice.

Customers feedback

‘I’ve had the Jura A1 for a week now and I’m super happy with how it has been performing so far.’

‘The startup is pretty quick and it also brews coffee extremely fast. I can easily program it for any cup size starting from 3oz and 8oz. Seems pretty fine for me.’

It gives you the option to customize the hardness, the flavor, and the size of course. Pretty sure its the best coffee maker I’ve ever owned

The FAQ (Frequently Ask Question)

Q Can the Jura A1 take pre-ground coffee?

  • Yes, the Jura A1 takes both coffee beans and pre-ground coffee.

Q  Is the water tank of Jura A1 removable?

  • Yes, you can remove the water tank whenever you need to.

Q Can it automatically switch to power-saving mode?

  • After a certain time period, the Jura A1 will switch to its power-saving mode and then eventually.

Q  Is it able to take any manual instructions?

  • To achieve finer or coarser grind levels you can adjust it accordingly.


We know that the Jura A1 is quite expensive if you compare it to other single-cup coffee machines. However, think about the contemporary aesthetics and durable build quality that it features. On top of that, add the state-of-the-art touch technology and convenient automation and you’ll quickly realize the Jura A1 is more than worth its asking price.

Thanks for checking out our definitive Jura A1 Review.

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