Jura E8 Review: Is It Worth The Money?

Jura E8 Review
Jura E8 Review

Are you thinking about buying a Jura E8? If you’ve been shopping around for a high-quality coffee maker for a while, it’s likely that you’ve come across this renowned machine. Maybe you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should purchase the Jura E8. Don’t worry, after you’ve read our definitive Jura E8 Review 2020, you’ll be well equipped to make the decision that right for you and your coffee drinking needs.

Coffee brewing has been an art for centuries; however, in this day and age technology has given us the ability to streamline the coffee brewing process.

For example, you don’t have to keep tireless grinding beans to get a supercharging espresso. As long as you have a machine like Jura E8, you can leave the worries like that to the machine itself.

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Seriously speaking, Jura E8 has been hailed as a state-of-the-art coffee maker since its debut and it has helped to redefine the term “one-touch convenience”.

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Jura machines

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$22.56 / month

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We’ve crafted an in-depth Jura E8 review for you, so let’s go through this article and meet at the end to see the final verdict.

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Jura 15097 E8 Espresso Coffee Machine, 28 cm x 35 cm x 35.1 cm, Chrome

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Highlighted Features

  • 8 programmable coffee strengths to choose from, along with 12 specialties.
  • An elegant chrome accent with a black finish. Comes with a completely black version as well.
  • The patented pulse extraction process allows for quick servings.
  • Pre-brewing and pre-wet system to enhance the taste even more.
  • The machine rinses itself after 10 minutes of idle operation.
  • The large 67-ounce reservoir facilitates continuous servings for a relatively long time.
  • Sleek build, that is integrated with a conically shaped design.
  • It has a convenient top-loading bean hopper.
  • Two scoop bypass doser that lets you enjoy a quick and convenient cup of coffee.


  • Removable 67-ounce water tank.
  • Manual selection between fine or coarse grind.
  • Fully automatic, with no manual open-ups.
  • Helpful and instructive display center.
  • Customizable automatic shut-off feature.
  • 18-bar pressure pump.
  • Has a built-in ceramic burr.


  • The footprint is too large for small kitchens.


Jura E8 Overview

The main thing that drew our attention to the Jura E8 is its Pulse Extraction Process. This is Jura’s own personal technology that is used to develop a fully flavored cup of coffee in a short period of time.

Let us break that down for you.

You may have seen professional baristas prepare a nice cup of coffee in 20 to 30 seconds. However, with household machines, that seems like quite an impossible feat. We thought so too before we saw the Pulse Extraction Process that Jura introduced in E8.

Using this feature, E8 can make a delightful cup of espresso in about 25 seconds. As the process forces the water to go through the grounds, the flavor also gets enough time to develop fully. So, you don’t have to compromise the taste of your coffee if you want it to be brewed quickly.

Well, that was the insider secret of the E8. Now let’s get a bit external.

On top of the machine, there is a bean hopper, which is 10 ounces in size. Its duty is to keep the beans fresh.

Right behind the hopper, there are more arrangements to turn those beans into grounds. A lever is located right of the bypass chute, which grinds the beans in 6 quick steps

I know what’s popping up in your mind right now – how good is the taste?

Well, the E8 is able to make strong coffee that energizes you in an instant. However, it also gives you the ability to control your strength as well. There are 8 pre-provided strength settings that adjust the dose of grains from 5 to 16 grams.

Jura has really been attentive to the details while designing E8. Its pre-heating function feature that wets the before brewing, is just another example of that.

What Else Can Jura E8 Do?

In addition to this, espresso is just the start. The Jura E8 is able to make cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, and even flat whites.

You can use a simple button press to choose any of these options without having to move your cup. The machine can also be pre-programmed to serve you as you wish.

Oh, and the reservoir, we definitely couldn’t forget that?

Jura E8 has a sizable 67-ounce reservoir that can keep up with even the heavy workloads of continuous production. The next adjacent part of the reservoir is the boiler. There is no way that we can deny the importance of a good boiler. So, now the question is – how good is the E8’s boiler compared to the competition?

Well, the E8 has an aluminum-made boiler that is lined with stainless steel. Its thermoblock technology makes it fast compared to a lot of its competitors; however, it is not as fast as a dual boiler machine could be.

So, you can technically call that a drawback of Jura E8 but remember that dual boiler machines will cost more.

In most cases, you are required to clean your coffee maker once a month, from top to bottom.

Now, we’re not recommending that you shouldn’t clean the E8 on a regular basis, but a lot of your efforts are already taken care of by the machine itself. Most notably, there is an automatic rinsing system that cleans the machine after 10 minutes of inactivity.

What Is The Difference Between A Jura J8 and the Jura E6?

The E8 and E6 are two of the most popular Jura machines on the market today. If you’re if you are confused about which of the two you should choose, this section is a must-read for you. Let’s take a quick look at the core differences between these two models.

  • The Programming Ability

In Jura E6, you get 7 different programmable specialties. The list includes hot water, cappuccino, foam, frappuccino, espresso, and latte macchiato.

The Jura E8 comes with a bit more in that sense: there are 8 different levels of strengths, 6 levels of aroma, and 4 additional pre-set drinks. The pre-set drinks include flat white, hot water, and ristretto.

  • The Capacity

When we talk about two different models, there is usually some difference in the reservoir capacity – no matter if they are from the same brand – and that’s true with the E6 and E8 as well.

The E8 is slightly larger than E6, with the capacities being 67 ounces and 63 ounces respectively. However, if you think from a broad sense, this difference isn’t that noticeable.

The capacity of the bean hopper is 10 ounces in the case of E8, while the E6 has a bean hopper size of 9.9 ounces; that’s also pretty close.

  • The Grinding Settings

Both of the grinders are fairly similar apart from one notable perspective, the E8 has a pre-grinding technique that allows an integrated bypass for the pre-grinding process.

If you want to have the same kind of grinding in E6, you have to use another built-in grinder instead.

  • The Cappuccino System

If you are a cappuccino lover, the single-touch cappuccino system will be a plus for you. It will allow you to dispense an instant cappuccino from a separate spout.

On the other hand, there are no separate spouts in E6, both of them are in the same place. So, if you would like to have a cup of cappuccino without any hassle, the E6 won’t be a good option to do that.

Model Jura E8 Jura  E6
Line of Jura 2.0 Jura 2.0
Compatible Pods Only the carafe & cup pods, mugs of 2.0 line Only the carafe & cup pods, mugs of 2.0 line
Brew Volume Intelligent pre-brew aroma system 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,22,26,30 oz
The capacity of the Water Reservoir 1.9 Liters  1.9 Liters
Bean Hopper (grams) 280g 200g
Grinds Bin (portions) 16 16
One-Touch Cappuccino Yes Semi

Customers Feedback

‘The E8 is a smart coffee machine, and we liked the way it makes hot coffee and lattes. We are enjoying our time with it now, and will definitely purchase from Jura again in the future.’

‘The E8 is so quiet and we have been looking for something like this for a long time. It just gives me the perfect cup of coffee that I need to match my mood.’

FAQ (Frequently Ask Question)

Does the automatic process perform a deep clean?

  • Not a deep clean, in the traditional sense. It just keeps the machine hygienic for short-term usage without any manual interruption.

Is there an automatic shut-off time?

  • Yes, there is and you can also adjust this time.

Can I receive hot water at a different temperature?

  • Yes, you can dispense hot water at three different preset temperatures.

The Verdict

We know that the Jura E8 that a lot of the commonplace  AUTOMATIC coffee makers on the market today. However, this is definitely one of the times where you get what you pay for and Jura keeps true to its value all of the time. Hopefully, this Jura E8 review has helped you decide if the Jura E8 is right for you.

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