Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Pods and Capsules

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee is a new innovative machine that is quite different from the Vertuo Original model, introduced earlier. This model not only brings a larger brewing space but also offers coffee brewing with centrifugal force.

This allows the coffee machine to produce better-tasting coffee. These pods can produce a unique tasting coffee each time you turn the machine on. It is why the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee machine is so successful in the global market.

What’s more, the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Pods and Capsules offer a different brew each time you come to use it. You can use the barcode mentioned on these capsules to brew each cup differently.

We are going to talk about some of the best Nespresso Vertuo Coffee pods and capsules in this detailed article, so ensure reading till the end.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Pods: What Makes Them Special?

Vertuo coffee pods for the Nespresso machines are available from the brand itself. While that may seem upsetting, you should know that Nespresso offers one of the longest ranges of coffee pods and capsules for its customers.

We have divided the coffee pods and capsules into sections and categories so that you can view each category according to its special characteristics.

Here is an overview of the capsules we are going to review in this article, along with their features:

Barista Creations

  • Flavored coffee
  • Adds a bit of interest

Gran Lungo

  • Shorter
  • 150ml Coffee
  • For Smaller Mugs

Master Origin

  • Single
  • Origin coffees
  • Designed to be best-in-class


  • 230ml of drink
  • designed to fill a typical coffee mug

Nespresso Coffee Pods: Choose the Best Option

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Special Reserve

Blue Mountain

The first pick on our list is a coffee pod that you would want to save for a special occasion. Nespresso claims that this 150 ml capsule has an exotic woody notes mark. Jamaican Blue Mountain is one of the best-known coffees for consumers around the world. It has a smooth taste and finishes without the after-taste of coffee that some coffee consumers do not admire.

We suggest that you use this capsule with a split roast. It will help develop a deep intensity into the capsule without compromising the original taste of the pods. You may also feel a woody spicy taste with the Blue Mountain coffee capsule.

Coffee lovers that do not like extremely dark coffees may also enjoy this capsule as it has a balanced taste and aroma. We understand that it is a little expensive and isn’t an everyday picking for most coffee lovers. However, it is still something you should have stashed for a special occasion.

Gran Lungo


Arondio is a good coffee blend that is more on the balanced side. Nespresso claims that a medium roasted blend with distinct cereal notes brings the best taste out of this capsule. However, we believe that the mid-intensity capsules are an ideal pick for most Nespresso machines. It is mellow enough to avoid overpowering the mix and has a wider range of flavors with the Arondio coffee pod.

The capsule also uses Colombian Arabica, which produces a mild cereal-like taste in the coffee. This makes it an interesting blend for coffee consumers that love trying new flavors.

The aroma of this coffee capsule is sweeter on the nose, making it ideal to mix with bolder cereal tones. You may even experience a unique fruity flavor with the Arondio coffee capsule. Finally, Arondio offers a hinge of bitterness and acidity, which coffee enthusiasts will be delighted by.


The Aflorazio is a delicate coffee with a touch of musk that comes off unexpectedly according to Nespresso. It is a refined and delicate blend, which fills the indoors with a mouth-watering and relaxing aroma during the brewing process.

It also has a mix of unwashed Ethiopian Arabicas, with medium and light roasts. You can long roast this capsule to bring out this amazing coffee capsule’s actual taste. You can experience everything from musky earthy tones to lighter blueberry tones during your sips with this coffee pod.

This makes Aflorazio the perfect pick if you are looking for a lighter coffee option with tons of flavors packed.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Pods and Capsules


Nespresso claims that the Fortado has a bitter cocoa powder taste and a hinge of oak wood tree that reinforces the overall flavor. Fortado utilizes a balanced mix of India Robusta with medium-roasted South and Central American Arabicas to produce a unique flavor. It has a high-intensity rating with its powerful taste.

It is not the choice for customers who want a subtle coffee to go with their daily needs. Fortado comes in a 150 ml size, making it an excellent option for smaller coffee cups. Just know that this coffee capsule has a high intensity, which may not be ideal for sporadic coffee drinkers.

Master Origin

Master Origin and Master Origin Mexico

The Master Origin coffee capsules are relatively larger coffee capsules with 230 ml mugs. Nespresso claims that this coffee blend is more on the sweeter, fruity side of the taste spectrum. It also has balanced acidity coupled with a red berry aroma throughout the coffee taste.

This makes the Master Origin a sweet, calm blend, which can even make it a little too subtle for some taste buds. Know that there is some sweetness to this cup, so you should only go for this option if you are ready for a fruity, milder coffee pod option.

The Master Origin Mexico on the other hand has a more blunt taste. It is probably because the Master Origin Mexico flavor uses a picked Arabica and double-washed Robusta.



The Solelio is a smooth and gentle coffee option for people who are looking for a well-balanced, light morning coffee. We know that getting a good quality coffee with a mellow taste is a little difficult but the Solelio coffee offers this option. It uses a blend of Kenyan or Colombian Arabica beans in its composition.

The Colombian part of the coffee provides it with a light, fruity character, whereas the Kenyan part needs to be long roasted to reduce its acidic flavor. The coffee starts with a sweet taste that slowly deepens in tone.

This makes the Solelio (230 ml) an ideal pick for daily morning coffee. It is strong enough to get you out of bed but does not make your mouth taste bitter.

Nespresso Original vs Nespresso Vertuo: What is better?

Nespresso machines are one of the top-rated coffee machines that you will find in the market. They are known for their superior quality and excellent functionality.

The Nespresso Vertuo is the latest installment in the Nespresso line. We are going to do a comparative analysis between Nespresso Orignal and Nespresso Vertuo for your understanding.


The Nespresso original has a wider range of capsule options as compared to the other machine variants. Since the patent on the cup-shaped capsule no longer exists, they are available from several third-party suppliers as well.

The Nespresso Vertuo capsules, on the other hand, come from Nespresso only. However, nothing matches the quality of Nespresso’s capsules, still making the Nespresso Vertuo Machine a superior option.


Several reviewers claim that while the Nespresso Original leans more towards the Espresso taste, the Nespresso Vertuo offers a wider spectrum of flavors for consumers. Additionally, the original Nespresso capsules come with a single capsule, which may affect the potency of the coffee drinks you prepare. For example, larger coffee cups prepared with Nespresso Original are more dilute.


The Nespresso Vertuo Capsules come in three different sizes depending on the kind of coffee intake you want to have. This means that all your drink sizes can be just as powerful if you find what you want. Moreover, the Nespresso Vertuo also produces a thicker layer of crema, contributing to the taste and quality of the coffee brewed.

Extraction System

The extraction systems in both the Nespresso original and Nespresso Ventuo are different. The Nespresso original uses a pressure-based system. However, it is not visible from the outside. You can add hot water from the top to the original water, while the machine brews the coffee for you.

On the other hand, the Vertuo model uses a spinning system branded as “centrifugation”, because it uses centrifugal force to brew coffee. It can spin up to 7000 rpm to infuse water before it gets into your cup. Moreover, the new Nespresso Vertuo is also quieter during the coffee brewing process.

Hot Coffee

Bottom Line

Nespresso Vertuo is the latest installation from Nespresso, known for its innovation and options in coffee pods and capsules. We have listed some of our personal favorites in this detailed review, based on their taste category. We hope this helps you choose the right pods and capsules for your next drink. Let us know what you think about these flavors and which of these flavors you like the most.

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