Best Retro Coffee Makers

With the recent improvement in the architectural industry, we have seen a rise in modern housing. From the beautiful kitchen walls with a retro style to the fine touched floor that speaks volumes. Such architectural improvement goes hand in hand with quality kitchen appliances. Coffee lovers, for instance, would love quality retro coffee makers.

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Jura machines

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However, with the entire flashy kitchen, you wouldn’t want a machine that throws your entire kitchen décor off balance.

What Are The Best Retro Coffee Makers?

I will show you some of the best retro coffee machines present in the market. I will also tell you some of the unique features that make them stand out from the rest and, of course, help you identify one that will keep your kitchen stylish.

Here are a few examples of the best retro coffee machines.

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Our Top Picks

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  • DeLonghi Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

One of the long-serving brands in the coffee machines industry is the DeLonghi, it has produced several coffee machines, and it still delivers some of the best retro coffee machines.

They have yet again produced a quality retro coffee machine, the bar pump, and the cappuccino machine. This product comes with unique and stylish features that you will love whether you are a coffee lover or not.

Keep in Mind:

The first feature of this machine is that it uses both the easy serve espresso (ESE) pods and ground coffee. It also has a patented dual filter, which means that you can serve two cups at a time. This will come in handy, especially when you have a family and don’t want delays in the morning when making coffee for everyone.

Additionally, with the high tech used by DeLonghi, this product has technological advancements to ensure you have a top-notch Italian espresso any day, anytime at the comfort of your home.

Cappuccino lovers are also in luck since this machine has a Cappuccino system that enables it to blend the steam, air, and milk to produce a thick, creamy cup of cappuccino.


Another exciting feature of the Delonghi Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine is the two separate thermostats. With these thermostats, you can control both the steam and water temperatures independently.

You can also set your preferred temperatures of each separately for that dream coffee you have been yearning for.

Furthermore, the machine is self-priming hence ready to use and will therefore take less time before making other cups of coffee. It also has an anti-dripping feature to keep your kitchen tops clean and free from dripping water.

Dripping water is dangerous both to you and to the coffee maker. If water gets into the delicate machine parts, it may short circuit it and damage your machine. You may slip on the dripping water and fall.

In addition, the machine has a removable water tank making it very easy to clean. It is also made of stainless steel hence more durable than its plastic counterparts.[amazon box=”B00YCP6ZNU” template=”horizontal”]

  • Swan Nordic Espresso Coffee Maker

The Swan Nordic Espresso coffee-making machine is compatible with both the ground coffee and the easy serve espresso (ESE).

This is advantageous since you can make a wide variety of coffee drinks. If you are using a professional spoon and coffee presser, you can produce your own professional Barista-style coffee at the solace of your home. Nothing is as cool as having a taste of homemade Barista-style coffee.

A Must-Have Kitchen Appliance

This machine is a must-have kitchen appliance regardless of whether you love cappuccino, latte, espresso, or flat white coffee. The traditional milk frother lets you create a perfect drink that is thick and creamy.

The pressure steam control allows you to make your coffee in the perfect way you want. You can make refreshing iced coffee to cool you down on a hot afternoon.

The Swan Nordic Coffee maker also has a high performance of 15 bar pressure and a self-priming mechanism. This means that it is always ready for use and will make your cups of coffee in no time.

The Swan Nordic Espresso Machine also has a sizeable 1.2-liter detachable water tank. This tank holds enough water to allow you to make multiple cups of coffee.

You need not worry about making coffee for your extended family. With this machine, you will take the shortest time possible to make the most flavorful cups of coffee.

The ability to detach also allows for easy and thorough cleaning to ensure your kitchen hygiene is at its best at all times.

The Best Espresso Machine Under £100 | Swan Nordic Range Coffee Pump Machine Review.

Keep in Mind:

If you are a sensitive person who cares about presentations and kitchen aesthetics, this is the machine to go for. It is one of Swan’s on-trend coffee makers, and you can never go wrong with it. Suitable for making coffee in family gatherings or even cafes and restaurants.

The coffee maker is also very affordable for a retro aesthetic retro pump. To add to that, it has a 2-year warranty. You surely don’t want to miss this!

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Ariete vintage Espresso Machine

This is the most recent member of the Retro style. This coffee maker has an uncanny resemblance to a sewing machine. Nonetheless, it is one of the best retro coffee machines in the market.

The Ariete Vintage Espresso Machine has a removable metal base. This is beneficial as it makes the machine easy to clean and helps keep the coffee station clean.

It also has a high-performance 15 bar pressure or maximum efficiency. With this machine, you will be guaranteed a high-quality coffee anytime you want to have one.

The Ariete is made of high tech specifically to enhance your coffee-making experience. It has a 1.1 litre water container, big enough to enable you to make two or more cups of coffee simultaneously.  The container is also removable, thus, easy to clean.

The standby feature ensures that you can quickly start your coffee-making process any time you want to.  This, however, doesn’t mean that it will consume a lot of power thanks to its excellent energy-saving efficiency.

Lastly, the machine comes with a milk frother, two powder cups, and filter holder pods. I would plan on getting such a machine at my earliest convenience.

  • Russel Hobbs Retro Style Coffee Maker


One distinguishing feature of this machine is the Next-generation showerhead technology. This ensures that your coffee grounds are evenly saturated for maximum flavor extraction.

Moreover, the clever gauge on the coffee maker indicates the coffee brewing process when you are brewing your coffee. This gives you time to finish up other tasks while your coffee is brewing.

Another feature of the Russel Hobbs Retro Style Coffee Maker is the pause and pour-ability. This feature allows you to pause the brewing process before it is complete, that is, if you don’t want a wholly brewed coffee.

To do that, you have to remove the carafe at any point during the brewing process. For the brewing process to resume, you can replace the carafe after 20 seconds.

Russell Hobbs CM3100WTR Retro Style Coffeemaker Review

In addition:

The backside face of the Russel Hobbs has a water level indicator window and level lines. These two features show the exact amount of coffee to be brewed with the available water in the coffee machine.

Additionally, the glass carafe has a reasonably large size capacity to hold up to 8 cups of your favorite brew.  You can therefore enjoy great coffee with your partner or friend. Moreover, the elegant and stylish design of this machine enhances the overall look of your kitchen.

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Smeg Drip Coffee Machine Retro Style Espresso Coffee Maker

One distinguishing feature of this machine is the Next-generation showerhead technology. This ensures that your coffee grounds are evenly saturated for maximum flavor extraction.

Moreover, the clever gauge on the coffee maker indicates the coffee brewing process when you are brewing your coffee. This gives you time to finish up other tasks while your coffee is brewing.

In Addition:

One of the unique features the Smeg Drip Coffee maker has is the automatic start mode. This feature allows you to program your coffee maker to start at a set time.  This saves you time, especially during busy mornings.

The Smeg Drip coffee maker also comes in various brilliant colors such as red, black, cream, and pastel blue.  You have the option of choosing whatever color suits your kitchen theme.

To ensure its safety and yours too, this machine is made of a sturdy carafe glass jug and anti-slip feet. This feature provides the utmost comfort when you’re using it.

The sturdy carafe glass jug is made of solid material to enhance durability. You need not worry about replacing it over and over again.

It has a 1.4-liter capacity water tank, large enough to make up to ten cups of coffee. This machine is perfect for you if you have a big family. The machine will also come in handy if you are hosting a large group of people who love coffee as much as you do.

Smeg 50's Style Coffee Maker Preview

In Conclusion:

If you want a cozy kitchen appliance, this is the machine to choose from. It comes with an exquisitely elegant design that will undoubtedly add flavor to your overall kitchen outlook. Furthermore, it has LED easy-to-read displays simple enough for you to read, especially from a long distance.


Finally, the machine comes with an aroma intensity selector. With this selector, you can choose the type of coffee flavor that you fancy. For instance, if you want your coffee strong and caramelized, all you have to do is key in your preference.

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  • KitchenAid Nespresso Candy Apple Artisan Coffee Machine

Kitchen aid Nespresso has a super high performance, thanks to its 19 bar high-pressure system. This will guarantee you a high-quality coffee.

More remarkable even is that this machine does almost all of the work for you, therefore, reducing the hassles you would have gone through to make coffee. With this machine, you don’t have to input settings and observe the brewing process.

In Addition:

Additionally, it has six pre-programmed cup sizes and a descaling mode. All these features ensure that your coffee-making experience is seamless.

It also comes in a variety of sleek finishes and vibrant colors. All of these colors can work to enhance the overall look of your kitchen. The colors include; candy apple, onyx black, medallion silver, frosted pearl, and almond cream. You cannot miss a color that will blend well with your kitchen décor.

The machine also has six settings, from strong and robust ristretto to lungo. Interestingly, the machine can shift from one setting to another in 30 seconds or less.

First use: How to use your Nespresso by KitchenAid coffee machine for the first time

In Addition:

Moreover, it has a fast heating ability; it can heat your coffee in under thirty seconds, thereby saving you time. When it comes to energy-saving features, this product has an auto shut-off feature that will shut it off when you are done brewing your coffee, saving on overall home energy consumption.

Lastly, the KitchenAid Nespresso Candy Apple Artisan Coffee machine comes with an Aeroccino three-milk foamer with a one-touch operation. This can be used for either a hot or a cold froth.

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  • Whitbread Wilkinson Pantone Coffee Maker

The Whitbread coffee maker has a unique design and a stylish Italian look and feels to it. It doesn’t look like your typical coffee machine. Instead, the machine looks like an electric kettle.

It is made of cast aluminum. It is light in weight, weighing only 1 pound; therefore, you can easily lift it up. You can never go wrong with this

Whitbread Wilkinson Pantone coffee maker can make up to three cups of coffee. It takes an average of about four minutes to brew your coffee, thus saving your time ultimately. It is also very compatible with gas or electric stovetops.

This coffee maker is available in two colors, shoot green and a regular vintage blue.

If you are looking for a perfect machine with color vibrant enough to brighten your morning, then this is it.

If you need to replace any part of this machine, the spare parts are readily available online. They can also be in your nearest electronics store.

In Conclusion:

When shopping for a coffee maker, consider the ones mentioned in the list above as I highly recommend them. Keep in mind, to look for qualities such as the amount of space it takes and the power it consumes. The coffee maker you choose also needs to be energy efficient.

To sum up, a good cup of coffee is not a guarantee unless you have a quality coffee maker. Luckily, there are several varieties of coffee makers to choose from, depending on your taste and preferences.

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