What Are The Benefits Of Using French Press vs Drip Coffee?

Back then, only baristas used to know how to make a cup of coffee worthy of a king. But in 2020, the scenario seems to alter a lot. Because of the newest coffee maker machines everywhere, everyone knows what type of coffee they need, and how to make one by themselves.

One of the biggest controversies that had arisen today is about two widely popular coffee makers- French Press and Drip Coffee maker. And today’s article is about to put an end to the debate.

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Before heading deep down, let us tell you that- both of them have their unique value for different applications. The differences make different sense which varies from person to person.

Let’s dive into the details-

What Is A French Press Coffee Maker Machine?

Benefits Of Using French Press vs Drip
Benefits Of Using French Press vs Drip

French press coffee maker was first patented by an Italian inventor back in 1929. Since then, the design had faced a lot of evolution, and what we can see in 2019, is completely different than what it was in the early 1900s.

French press machine consists of a container made of stainless steel, a handle, a cylindrical piece made of stainless steel, a portable plunger, and a steel-made cover.

The physical appearance is quite like a teapot of a coffee pot, at least for people who will see it for the first time.

What Is A Drip Coffee Maker Machine?

In dip coffee maker machines, you have to use a paper filter at the beginning of the process. Putting the paper filter on it and choosing the ground, you have to fill up the reservoir with an approximate amount of water.

As you are done, the water will flow across the aluminum tube which is inside the heating zone. Then, the water will start heating, as soon as you press the ON switch. The heating technology will bring the water to a boiling temperature.

Right after the water is done boiling, it will enter into a second tube. While flowing through the dip area, this boiling water will be taken through coffee grounds, which was pre-prepared.

As an end result, you will get a delicious cup of coffee, ready into the coffee cup you’ve placed at the dispense point.

Benefits of Using A French Press Coffee Maker

There are several benefits of using a French Press coffee maker. Here are the significant ones-

  • The Perfect in Taste

You can tell whether a cup of coffee is made through a French Press or not, just by tasting one sip of it. The French press has a special quality to prepare a super delicious cup of coffee, based on one’s personal preferences of taste.

  • The Coffee Grounding Time

As a user, you can custom-select the amount of time of grounding the coffee. And it widely affects the taste and quality of the coffee itself. Also, you can decide the type, size, temperature of the water, and many other variables with a French Press coffee machine.

  • It Retails More Natural Oil From the Coffee Beans

A distinct benefit of much French Press machine is- it extracts more natural oil from the coffee beans you provide it with. This definitely makes the coffee more delicious and healthy.

  • It Keeps The Robust Natural Flavor of the Coffee

Another significant benefit of a French Press coffee machine is, it doesn’t use a filter as drip coffee makers do. So, the natural ingredients(both micro and macro) get to pass through the grinding process and provide you with the best form of its taste.

  • It’s Portable

Although not many people talk about it, the portability of a French press machine is one great advantage of it. You can literally take it with you while traveling. As it doesn’t require an electric connection, you can operate and create coffee out of it literally anywhere.


Drawbacks of Using A French Press Coffee Maker

Apart from the benefits, we would like to list a few tiny drawbacks that you would get to face while working with a French Press-

  1. It takes quite some time to prepare a perfect coffee shot. With automatic machines like drip coffee makers, this is not a problem you will face.
  2. The more manual operation involved.

Benefits of Using A Drip Coffee Maker

Here are the sole advantages you will receive with a drip coffee maker machine-

  • It’s Fully Automated

First and foremost, drip coffee maker machines are fully automatic. All you have to do is to put the coffee beans inside and press on the switch.

  • Ease of Use

As another consequence of the automated process of the drip coffee maker, using it turns to be super easy. Even a first-timer can come with complete operational knowledge in the first place.

  • The Brewing Time

The brewing time in a drip coffee maker is pretty much faster than a French Press machine. Where a French Press machine takes more than 5 minutes to serve a perfect cup of coffee, a drip maker takes3-4 minutes.

  • Number of Servings

Apart from the ease of use and the automation, the number of servings a drip machine can come up with is also more than a French press. It can usually serve 4-12 cups of random sizes at a stretch.


Drawbacks of Using A Drip Coffee Maker

There are also some drawbacks to using a drip coffee maker. Here is a quick list-

  1. No Contol Over The Brew

    The process of making a cup of coffee may be fast with a drip machine, but you don’t have any control over the brew. But if you can go for completely automatic, pricier machines, that can give you that liberty.

  2. Budget

    As there is a completely automatic process inside drip coffee makers, the price seems to be higher than in French Press machines.

Bottom Line

So, that was the comparison between the French Press coffee maker and Drip coffee maker machines. Both of them have their own list of merits and demerits. Based on your choice of coffee grind, budget, and functionality, you can choose one between these two.
In case you are looking for a French Press, there is a nice one discounted here.

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