Making An Espresso With A French Press: Step-by-Step Guide

Enjoying your warm cup of Espresso on a cold morning or later in the evening after a busy day can be therapeutic. Many coffee-making machines do the job right. However, have you ever considered what would happen if you craved freshly brewed coffee yet you have no machine? Do you know how to make Espresso with a French press? 


To make Espresso using a French press, you must have finely ground dark roast coffee beans. Add them to the French press, then add some hot water. Avoid stirring as the grounds may fall off the suspension, ruining any chance of you making flavorful coffee. Press down the plunger, then pour your coffee into a cup.

If you wish to know more about a French press and how you can make an espresso using one, then read on. 

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Can One Brew Coffee Using A French Press?

You can use a French Press to make your favorite drink in the absence of a coffee machine. You can ground the coffee beans and use a French press to get the desired taste and texture. French Press coffee tastes just as good as any other machine-made coffee. It allows any coffee lover to brew their coffee at home to their preferred consistency and taste.

The Pressers are readily available in leading stores and are cost-effective compared to other states of the art machines used for coffee brewing. A French Press is ideal for home use since you can make two or more espresso cups depending on the quantity you need.

Benefits Of Using French Press To Brew Espresso

Using a French press comes with some benefits. Listed below are a few pros of using a French Press.

  • Using a French Press enables you to determine the strength of the brew: Being accurate in your measurements allows you to keep notes of your different brews and make the necessary adjustments in the subsequent brews to suit your taste.
  • This method reduces wastage since you only make small amounts of Espresso: The French Press allows you to make one cup of Espresso at a time. This limits the amount of Espresso you can make. It enables you to make the exact number of cups you require at a specific time.
  • It’s a healthy method for brewing coffee as no plastic components are used in the process.

How To Make Espresso With A French Press

Making Espresso with a French press is easy, and you will enjoy the process. You can even go ahead and compare coffee made from a coffee-making machine and made with a French press.  

To make an espresso using a French press, you will need:

  • French Press
  • Measuring spoon
  • Stirring stick
  • Two tablespoons of fresh coffee beans 
  • Water


  • Lift the lid out of the pot. The top part of the French press comprises the lid and a rod that screws into the mesh filter. The mesh filter and the plunger are used to press down on the coffee grounds and water. The filter separates the grounds from your beverage for drinking. This should be pulled up when you remove it.
  • Boil one cup of water to 185-205 degrees F or 96 degrees using a stovetop kettle. Water temperature will determine the quality of the Espresso made hence the need to ensure you use it at the right temperature. 
  • Grind your coffee beans finely to allow more flavor to be extracted once the particles meet up in hot water. Add half the water into the French press and allow it to steep for one minute. Adding part of the water helps open the grounds up for the flavors to come out.
  • Add the remaining water to the press and stir. Stir using a long-handled spoon to prevent clumps, plus it also adds a nice froth consistency. 
  • Push the lid assembly down until it just rests on the water. This helps seal the press to avoid any heat loss that could alter the flavor of the mixture. 
  • Let the mixture bloom for 3 minutes to get steep coffee. You may let it steep a little longer for a strong brew until the coffee is very dark. 
  • Avoid pressing the plunger as the coffee grounds are steeping. Take off the mixture for the final stage of espresso-making using the French Press.
  • Press down the plunger on your French press with slow, steady movement. Once you plunge halfway, raise the plunger to the top before plunging all the way to finish the press.
  • Allow the brew to set briefly before pouring. 
  • Pour out the coffee from the French press into a cup and serve immediately.

Making coffee with a French Press is an art and should be done correctly. There are a few tips to consider when using the French press. These tips will help you make tasty cups of coffee. 

They include: 
  • As you heat the water using the kettle, warm the glass container of your French press by swirling some hot water in it. This is to prevent a crack on the glass from the sudden temperature change when you add boiling water.
  • Use espresso beans for your grinding. Commercial roasters have an espresso bean that gives you the taste and constituency you may be looking for. This type of bean is highly effective as it is roasted to bring out the espresso flavor.
  • Use a top range grinder that allows you to make adjustments until you get the perfect size to give you optimum flavor and won’t pass under the filter. This is a crucial step as it determines how close you will get Espresso after all the work that follows. The number of coffee grounds you put in should be as per your preference. The general guidelines for making Espresso recommend using 20g of fine coffee grounds per cup of water.
  • Use a clean cloth or a coffee filter when pouring the coffee to catch any very fine sediment. Avoid running the coffee through a paper filter, as this will slightly alter the consistency and flavor of the drink. The paper may transfer an oily essence as the coffee steeps through.
  • Allow the coffee to steep for 3 minutes or slightly longer. The length of steeping time controls the extraction. The coffee will be under-extracted and sour when the steeping time is too short; while steeping for too long, the coffee will be over-extracted and bitter.

A French press is an excellent addition to your kitchen gadgets. What’s more, a French press is also portable so you can carry it with you and have your coffee anywhere you want.

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