How To Make Espresso With A French Press: Step by Step Guide

Many people like to have an espresso in the morning as they rush on their daily schedules, but how do they like their espresso made. Some people want to get it to from their favorite coffee shop, but others prefer to make it themselves. It is so much easier to make an espresso right from your home using a French press.

It’s easy to make espresso as it involves grinding the coffee beans well and using the French press to brew according to your taste and texture. If you like to have more flavors in your espresso, you can as well add foam or cream for it.

French press with coffee
French press with coffee

How To Make Espresso With A French Press 2021

  1. Prepare your coffee beans to grind

When you want to start to make an espresso using the French press, you first have to get your beans and grind them for use. You will have to get coffee beans that have been roasted according to your taste and something you usually use. If you are new to it, you can get an espresso coffee bean. The bean is often consistency and can bring out the flavor and taste of an espresso. Get your ground coffee to the texture that you like to enjoy even more when you take your espresso. This is good according to other users to have coarse coffee ground.

  1. Heat French Press With Warm Water

When you are done with collecting your ingredients and grinding the beans, you have to heat the French press with warm water now. It has always been recommended that one should have a portafilter in an espresso machine while heating up. Since the temperature is an essential part of making quality espresso, you will have to fill the French press with warm water. It will take a few minutes to preheat and enable to you create warm espresso. This way you will have a well balanced and quality warm espresso at the end of the pressing.

  1. Heat Water

Though you will have to preheat the French press wit war water, you still have to boil water to make coffee. Take your stovetop kettle and heat your water in it. When preparing the water, makes sure you have passed warm water on the glass container of the French container. When you pass the warm water in the glass, it ensures the glass does not crack from the change in temperature.

  1. Add the coffee Grounds Into Pre-heated French Press (90 words)

After preheating the container glass of the French press, add the coffee ground in it. Since the coffee ground is probably very fine, you add the amount of the ground to double and put it in the French press. But if you are using a coarse coffee ground, you may as well use the usual amount and proceed. The ratio should be  2 tablespoons of coffee for every 1 cup of water. This will make the espresso to be tastier and of better quality.

  1. Pour A bit Amount of Water

The amount of water placed should be enough according to the number of cups your French press serves. After you have added the coffee ground to the French press, you have to pour water into it. You will first have to fill the water halfway and start to brew and keep on adding a bit to fill it up. You will notice that the French press will release its oil for more flavored taste. It will depend with you whether you want to fill ether water to the bream or just halfway. Whether you fill the glass with water or not, it will still produce an espresso, but the taste will differ.                      

  1. Add French Press Lid – Never press down right now

Adding your round and water is just the start of brewing the espresso coffee with the French press. While the coffee is brewing, it is up to you to decide whether to close the French press with the lid or not. If you would like to have a stronger coffee allows the coffee to brew for a few more minutes by giving it enough time. When looking for quality over quantity, close the French press with the lid to block the heat from escaping for the best quality espresso. This is an essential part of making the best espresso on the continent.

  1. Now Push down the grounds Slowly

When you have done brewing and the due process, it is not time to prepare to serve the coffee. You have to push down the grounds on the glass container slowly before filtering. After you have done then make sure to filter in your cup. This allows all the ground that have remained are well placed at the bottom of the ground for easer filtering.

  1. Pour

When the coffee is ready, filter your coffee or pour id through a clean cloth and remove all the particles. When you pour your coffee using a paper filter, the consistency of the espresso and flavor will be altered. This is because the paper will hold some of the ht e drink texture on it hence lacking in yours. Also, the paper is likely to pass the essence of oil as the coffee steeps through. Therefore, it is good to get a filter that is good with holding the residuals without altering the taste and the flavor of the coffee.

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