Do You Boil Coffee or Do You Pour Boiling Water On The Coffee?

There are literally 100s of ways through which you can brew an awesome cup of coffee. There are different ground styles, mixing ratio, coffee strains, add-ons and so on that can affect the taste of it in a good way.

But what about boiling coffee on the stove and brewing it? Or should you only stick with adding boiling water on the coffee ground?

Definitely, this is the debate we want to put an end on with this article. We will tell you which way you should go, and how to bring the most out of that method for a perfectly refreshing coffee.

Stay with us till the end.

Why You Should Not Boil Coffee?

As the title of the article implies, we have to understand why we are not up to boiling a mix of water and coffee ground.

Traditional coffee recipes never call for a mix of cold water and coffee and then boiling it up on the stove. Because boiling the coffee will literally destroy the flavor and the compounds of the ground itself. There will be over-extraction and bitter taste in the coffee.

Boiling Cofee Vs Pouring Boiling Water- Which One is Recommended?

The answer is not so simple to put it in one word. You can do both if you want. But actually, you should not.

First of all, boiling a mix of coffee ground and water will ruin the whole taste of it. That’s only applicable to tea. So, you should go for the second option, which is adding boiling water on the coffee.

But there are some more conditions as well.

As long as the opinions of expert baristas are concerned, you should not always pour boiling water of 100-degree centigrade on the coffee ground. It’s better to stick to a few degrees lower temperature.

And what is that sweet temperature? Let’s find the answer is the next segment-

What Is The Sweet Spot of Boiling Water Temperature for Coffee?

As we’ve just said, a 100-degree centigrade boiling water is not the best thing to pour on the coffee ground. Although it’s the quickest and easiest method to brew coffee, you actually should stay away from that as long as you’re serious about the taste of the coffee.

The sweet spot of boiling water temperature is 95 to 96-degree centigrade(202 to 206 degrees Fahrenheit).

Why 100 Degree Centigrade(Boiling Water) is Bad for Coffee?

The next obvious question that might be popping up in your mind is- why you should not go for pouring water at a boiling temperature?

Well, there are very valid grounds after that. You see, having a good brew of coffee is all about how good the coffee extraction had been. If you pour 100 degrees boiling water on the coffee ground, the extraction will be so fast. And it will mix up a bitter taste in your cup.

Another point of the reason behind the debate is- the uneven extraction of coffee. Boiling water is so hot that it does not allow the coffee ground to be extracted uniformly. Result? Bad taste in the coffee.

How To Recognize The Perfect State of A Boiling Water?

Discussing all of the reasons and facts behind, we want you to recognize the right moment and right temperature to add hot water onto the coffee ground. There are two ways to do that-

First of all, you can use a kettle where the temperature is shown up. As long as it reacher the required temperature zone, you need to take that off from the cooker and pour it right onto the coffee.

Another quick hack is to wait for around 30 seconds after the water starts to producer bubbles. Those bubbles show that the water has reached up to its boiling point. And a 30 minutes break from that moment will let it drop the temperature by around 2-3 degree Fahrenheit.

If You Are At An Altitude

The temperature of the boiling point of water is around 100 degrees centigrade around sea level. So, the advice of adding water with a temperature below 100-degree centigrade is applicable. But when you are at an altitude of like 1000 feet, things will be changed to some extent.

Because of the change in air pressure, the boiling temperature of the water changes if you are at an altitude. There is a certain formula of calculating that. But for now, take this as an example- ‘At a height of 1000 feet, water starts boiling at 96-degree centigrade’.

So, if you’re brewing a coffee at a height of 1000 feet, it’s better to consume it with boiling water. That being said, the coffee won’t taste great, however.

Is There Any Better Way Than These Two?

Well, that’s a question with lots of possible answers. Some like to go with a filtered coffee prepared in machines, where some other love to stick to hand-brewed coffee.

The choice is completely yours.

But there are some aspects that you always need to take care off. As an example- there should be no compromise with the quality of the coffee ground. Also, the mixing technique should be with proper time and tool. That being said, you can add your own customized flavor or add-on to make it even better.

Bottom Line

Alright, so that’s a wrap-up. Let’s summarize what we’ve learned so far-

First thing first, boiling a mix of water and coffee is the worst possible idea you can ever come across. That ruins everything.

You should rather stick to adding boiled water onto the coffee ground. But not at the exact temperature at which it boils. You should give it some time to lower down the temperature to 96-97 degree centigrade, and then go for the mixing.

Happy brewing!

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