How Many Shots of Espresso Is Too Much? You Answer Is Here !!

Espresso has lots of fans lining up every day for a cup before going to work. To some, it’s a routine, and to others, it’s a way of starting a day, let’s say a ritual (it’s a must).

As much as we are in love with coffee, we have to know that too much caffeine is hazardous to health when taken too much. There are lots of things we have to know, including how many shots of espresso is too much.

First, we have to understand the measurement of a shot. Let’s say how much is considered a shot of espresso. A shot of espresso is one ounce (fluid), while a double shot is two ounces. Well, an ounce is up to 30 ml. The volume is the espresso shot volume that passed via the espresso (water)

We all ask how much coffee is too much to take for most huge coffee fans and a caffeine-like myself. It’s always there being concerned about how much is too much. But at the end of the day, we forget about it and take a cup after coffee. Getting addicted to caffeine is one of the negative effects we get? It makes your body weak without taking it after some time and also lack of concentration.

From research carried out, drinking up to five shots of espresso a day is okay. Thanks to the European Food Safety Authority’s trusted body, we can take up to five shots a day. The previous studies show that taking caffeine of 400milligram is not in any way a risk to your health. A single espresso shot contains around 80 milligrams of caffeine, the same as a standard energy drink. If you keep on drinking espresso that contains more than

400g of caffeine per day, then you are heading to addiction.

To avoid addiction and the risk that comes with it, it’s sometimes good to drink less. If you are feeling tired and weak, take a nap and relax in your bed for a while. It’s an excellent way to relax naturally without stimulating the body to relax. When you are relaxed, your mind works well when back to work.

Coffee has a way to make one feel relaxed and with great concentration. That’s why most people take coffee every morning before going to work. The busy office work sometimes goes to our heads that a shot of espresso works the magic. It’s okay to take a few cups at different intervals a day, as we have seen. In this way, the espresso helps boost body energy and concentration while working.

Don’t just take the coffee cup after cup. Make sure you have a stop when required to avoid getting addicted and having an overdose.

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