Is Coffee Good for Your Health?

Coffee and Health
Coffee and Health

It’s a cold morning. The temperature is so freezing that even all the courage in the world will run short for going out. So you thought of lighting the fireplace and have some warm, cozy time on your favorite rocking chair. Do you know what is missing in the whole picture? A cup of hot coffee!

Apart from that imagination, do you even think about what it does to you? I mean like, is coffee good for your health? After all, you’re sipping on hundreds of cups every year. Let’s have a glance over what our liquid recharge actually does to our health.

Why Coffee Is a Friend?

You’re not the only one who is deeply in love with this amazing beverage. Billions of people are also on that list. Otherwise, why 2.25 billion cups of coffee would’ve been consumed every single day?

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But why do they drink it?Just because they hate that drowsiness or there’s more to it? Honestly, there’re tons of benefits tohaving it. But it all starts with being the energy booster as always. Let’s have deeper details on all of it.

Boosting the Energy

There’s a reason for calling coffee as the liquid recharger. It has gotcaffeine, which is amazingly effective in improving energy levels. It’s also the same reason why your tired vibe runs away right after having a cup of coffee.

Minimizing Liver Cancer Risk

According to the researchers, it has been proven that consuming coffee from one to three cups per day can minimize the risk of developing liver cancers up to 29%. Interestingly, the ratio of minimization can be increased with the increased consumption level.

Burning Fat

Caffeine is considered to be an effective element that is being used in many fat burning supplements. As coffee contains it inherently, it also helps in burning the fats of coffee drinkers. Moreover, it can boost up 3-11% of the metabolic rate as well.

Lowering the Pain

Going through a hell of pain after working out is more than common to every gym-freak. But having 2 cups of coffee can cut that pain in the muscles up to 48%.

Protection Against Liver Cirrhosis

Millions of people in this world are suffering from liver complications all over the world. Liver Cirrhosis is one of those common liver issues as well. But having coffee regularly has been proved as a highly useful method of protecting the liver from the disease.

Improving Physical Performance

Taking a cup of coffee one hour before working out can improve both of your timing of exercise and its intensity. Not only that, even taking it before any other physical activity will help you out with the performance level.

Minimizing the Chances of Type 2 Diabetes

Depending on the consumption level, one can have lower chances of getting infected with type 2 diabetes. It has been said that the consumption of 6 cups or more of the coffee can cut off 22% chances of having the disease.

Protection Against Alzheimer’s Disease

The good news for coffee lovers is it can protect them to a certain extent from Alzheimer’s disease. This neurodegenerative disease often affects people with the age of 65 or more. Some of the studies have shown that consuming coffee can reduce the chances of having this disease up to 65%.

Protection Against Parkinson’s Disease

If you make a list of neurodegenerative conditions, then Parkinson’s will be one of the top two right after Alzheimer’s. The good news is, coffee lovers are quite safe from this one as well. With your coffee consumption habit, you can reduce its possibility to 32-60%.

Fighting Depression

Do you know how many people in the world are suffering from depression? It’s more than 264 million. Thanks to the coffee, it can help you even against the depression as well. Just 4 cups in a day can minimize 20% of your chances of falling into depression.

What Can Excessive Consumption of Coffee Do?

Nothing remains good when it crosses the limit that is keeping it on the good side. The same goes for coffee as well. But what can it actually do if you take too much of it?

Raising Blood Pressure

One of the most common issues faced by caffeine lovers is the rise in their blood pressure. Even with a consumption level of 250 ml per day influences the blood pressure negatively by raising it.


If you’re taking 350 mg of caffeine every day through your coffee, then congratulations! You might be on the waiting list for the arrival of insomnia in your life, though I don’t know if you’ve already got it.


Maybe having coffee every now and then is kind of normal to you. But that is also the same thing that can lead you indigestion. It happens mostly when you drink it with your empty tummy.


The relationship between coffee and dehydration is nothing new. Excessive consumption of coffee can cause frequent urination and loss of fluid at the same time. So, if you won’t take enough water, there’s a high chance of increased dehydration.

Teeth Issues

Coffee is not the best friend of your teeth’ enamel. You can actually call it quite the opposite of that. It can weaken the enamel and can cause damages to your teeth. And it can even put stains on them too.

Skin Problem

Too much coffee and its additives have always been a great problem for skin health. It can lead to acne on the skin and can also make it super dry.

Who Should Avoid Drinking Coffee?

Indeed coffee is a great drink and comes with tons of benefits. But does it mean everyone can or should take it? The answer is, No! Some people should strictly avoid or control the consumption of this beverage. Now the question is – who are they? Here is the list then –

Pregnant Women

Any pregnant woman should strictly avoid having coffee. The reason is, it is capable of increasing a person’s heart rate along with the blood pressure. But during pregnancy, these two can never be good for a woman. Moreover, it leads to dehydration as well, which is also not a recommended health condition.

Anyone with anxiety Issues

If you have an anxiety issue, then coffee is not the liquid I’d recommend you to have. It can lead you to high blood pressure and even to insomnia as well.

Slow Caffeine Metabolism

It has been proved through certain evidence that some people metabolize caffeine slowly. Therefore, it increases their risk of having heart attacks if they maintain a continuation of consuming coffee.

Final Words

Is coffee good for your health? I’d say it has more positive sides than negative ones. But yet, you can’t avoid those drawbacks either.

Overall, coffee is one of the finest beverages that can fill up the human body with tons of positivity. But at the same time, the wrong consumption pattern can do the opposite as well.

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