How Much Ground Coffee Should You Use Per Liter of Cold Brew Coffee?

Brewing coffee at home sounds sweet. But when you’re up to prepare one for yourself, there are many facts that you need to keep an eye on. And without any doubt, the ratio of ground coffee to water is at the front line of the list.

Now, one question we’ve seen beginners be confused about many times. And the question is- “How many grams of ground coffee do you personally use per liter of cold brew coffee?”

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And in today’s post, we decided to explain the answer in detail.

But that can be answered in one sentence- you might think. Well, we could do that for sure. But we thought it very important to know the perfect ratio of coffee ground and water when a beginner is attempting to prepare cold brew coffee.

Glass of cold coffee latte with ice cubes up close
A glass of cold coffee latte with ice cubes up close

 Cold Brew Coffee Ratio Grams 

Taken that for granted, let’s go through the post-

What Do You Need to Know?

Before we go deep into the discussion about how many grams of ground coffee you should use in a liter of water, let’s do some pre-discussion.

If you’ve been making coffee by yourself for a while, these might sound quite familiar. But for a first-timer or beginner, it’s like a cold brew coffee making 101.

Here you go-

Usually, Coffee is 99% Water
As you can see, coffee is 99% of water, and 1% of the other ingredients. You can also say it by a ratio of 1:18, but that has a lot of debate under the hood.

Having said that, you have a lot of customization options when you get into the ratio of espresso.

In Case of Water, Millimeters is Equal to Grams

To under the ratio of coffee ground and water, you need to keep in mind that- in the case of water, 1 millimeter is equal to 1 gram. Although, it’s not scientifically correct. But that’s how we take it under consideration.

As an example, if someone says to mix 25 grams of coffee grains in 100mm of warm water, that simply means a 1:4 ratio in terms of weight(gram).

1oz is about 30 milliliter

Although, it’s a known fact. But 1 oz is equivalent to 30 ml. And in America, the average cup size is from 8oz to 12oz. So, when you’re talking about 8-12 oz of cup size, we’re taking a range of 240ml to 360ml into consideration.

How Strong Cold Brew Coffee do You Want?

The ground coffee: water ratio majorly depends on the personal choice of coffee strength. The ideal one that coffee shops use to service is not so concentrated. And that’s what most coffee lovers prefer as well.

This type of coffee is very light in strength and color. If brewed well, it tastes quite like a team. The flavor is fruity and aromatic.

If we move one step further, we have the medium strength of coffee, which is reddish-brown in color. It’s quite pleasant in taste and will give you a strong caffeine kick.

If you want to get further in strength, it won’t be any more cold brew coffee. And such kind of strength is hardly kept up with cold brew coffee.

How Many Grams of Coffee Ground I Should Add in 1 Ltr?

Right at this point, we’re answering the question which is asked at the title of the post. Usually, we prefer using 70-80 grams of coffee in 1 liter of hot water, to stay standard with the strength of the cold brew coffee.

To make it simple for you, here is a chart that we’ve developed-

  • With 1000 ml(1 Ltr) of water, you should be using 70-80 grams of coffee.
  • With 500 ml(0.5 Ltr) of water, you should be using 30-40 grams of coffee.
  • 700 ml(0.7 Ltr) of water, you should be using 50-60 grams of coffee.
  • With 750 ml(0.75 Ltr) of water, you should be using 55-65 grams of coffee.
  • With 1250 ml(1.25 Ltr) of water, you should be using 90-95 grams of coffee.
  • 1500 ml(1.5 Ltr) of water, you should be using 110-118 grams of coffee.

Now, these calculations are made for ideal situations. Based on your personal choices, the density of coffee can change. Also, there are many kinds of toppings that are added to cold brew coffee. Which was not counted in the calculation.

Before We End

The units of coffee ground were taken into grams, which is conventional. But we’ve taken the unit of water containment into milliliters, which is not conventional all the time.

Often, oz is used as the unit of measurement when it comes to coffee. As we’ve told you at the very beginning of the article, you should be converting from ml to oz accordingly. In that way, you’ll get the required amount of coffee ground for each cup of coffee.

Bottom Line

You always have the liberty to brew cold coffee as per your own taste. But if you are completely new to this stuff, this article can be a starter kit. Hopefully, you’ve gathered the essential information from it.

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