Is Coffee Bad for Your Stomach? Coffee Won’t Irritate Your Stomach

No matter what you’re posting (food/drinks) through the mouth, it ultimately will go to the same mailbox that we call the stomach. Your favorite pastry, noodles, smoothies, etc. – you just name it, the track ends to the same place.

But not all food gives you the same reaction. Some food or even drinks are harmful to your whole body. Keeping that in mind, you can ask yourself is coffee bad for your stomach since you’re a coffeeholic?

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Usually, coffee shouldn’t cause any major issue to the stomach, but yet it depends on how and when you’re taking it.

The right way of consuming has never caused much of a problem to its lovers. But I can’t say the same for those who don’t do it that way. Let’s dig a bit deep on that.

Is Coffee Good for Your Stomach?

Yes, your daily caffeine intake can cause some issues with your stomach. From a general perspective, you’ll get three reasons that can make it that way. So, before you find out yours, let check them all out. After all, the solution depends on that.

Caffeine and Your Stomach

Didn’t get it from the headline? Okay, let me break it down to you. It’s nothing new to you that caffeine can stimulate your body’s digestive system, though you may not like the process. But still, it helps the things on their way out of your body. It works just like any other natural laxative. Maybe not in a similar way, but it does.

It speeds up the digestions process, no matter what goes in. You might get the ‘not so good’ feeling while it’s working within, call it a little discomfort. But it also makes the body produce more acid, though that’s only when you’ve taken too much caffeine in. That excessive amount of acid can cause you some pain.

Acid Sensitivity

Though coffee is considered as one of the acidic drinks, the extent of the acid is not that much on it. If you judge it from a ‘pH level’ perspective, then you’ll agree on that as well. The Neutral’s pH is 7 and black coffee comes with 5.7. Coca Cola has it of 2.5 and Lime with 2.2.

So you can see that it might not be the lowest, but it’s not the highest either. This means the levels are not above the head and nothing that a stomach can’t keep up with. But I can’t say the same if you’ve got any specific acid sensitivity.

Still, I’ll say the acid is nothing bad. It’s just your stomach isn’t so friendly with it. There’s also a possibility of the caffeine triggering your body to generate too much acid. But it’s a different case than the acid sensitivity.

Skipping the Breakfast

Every food and drink has its own pattern or timing of it being consumed. If you violate that, there’ll be issues, and you might not like them. Stomach ache is kind of a result of something like that.

Coffee is a drink full of more than a thousand chemicals. So, you can call it many things, but a light drink is not one of them. That’s why you need to be careful with its consumption too. As it’s a strong drink, your stomach has to be really prepared to deal with it, and keeping it empty can’t be defined as a preparation.

So, never think of keeping the stomach empty while drinking coffee. Otherwise, there’s a higher possibility that your tummy might not cooperate. As it’s a natural laxative, what will it help to digest if nothing’s there? But the effect will start taking place in the stomach. Yes, I’m talking about the over-production of acid.

What Decaf Coffee Can Do to Fix Upset Stomach?

There’s a possibility that moving to decaf might be able to help you with the upset stomach. But that is only when caffeine is causing the pain. It’ll still help you out with digestion as it comes with coffee acids that are considered to be helpful in producing stomach acid.

But you better not involve milk, sugar, cream, or other sweeteners to it. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee that it won’t cause you an upset stomach once again.

Can Additives Cause Stomach Ache?

The ugly truth – Yes, they can. Don’t call caffeine or coffee acids the only villain in that story — count additives in too. Maybe you’re a fan of coffee that has everything – the milk and sweeteners or sugar. But unfortunately, they probably won’t be doing much of a help in keeping the digestion balanced.

But on the contrary, you can say there’s a good chance of it ending up in upsetting your tummy. Some people even go a step ahead and mix ice cream, fresh cream and excessive milk in it. That might look like a tasty Everest, but in no time it can turn into a Volcano!

Way to Get Rid of the Stomach Ache from the Coffee

When you’re in pain, you literally have no other way but finding a way to get rid of it. So, if the coffee you’re having is causing pain in the stomach, then try to follow some simple things to get rid of it. Let me share some with you.

Drinking Herbal Tea

Don’t worry. Herbal tea doesn’t contain any caffeine, so it surely won’t be adding any extra pain. But it definitely can help you with the coffee acids that are causing the irritation. Turmeric ginger or Lemon ginger supposed to be helpful in reducing the inflammation. It’s effective in relieving heartburn too.

Drink Water

As coffee causes dehydration, fill that gap up with enough water. Since it’s a natural and clean beverage, it can be helpful in flushing out irritating elements from your system. It’ll also reduce your stomach’s discomfort.

Eating Healthy Snack

Some of the vitamins and other properties in certain foods can counteract the caffeine. So, try to eat foods like oatmeal, yogurt, bananas, melons, or green vegetables to deal with stomach acid issues. Next time when the caffeine will try to give you a hard time, grab one of these, and eat it up.

Aloe Vera Juice

Having anti-inflammatory properties in a drink or food can be really helpful in stomach aches from coffee. As Aloe Vera is high on that, you should give it try when your coffee doesn’t cooperate with the stomach.

Moreover, it has tons of other vitamins-minerals as well. With its detoxifying effect, the stomach will feel much more eased up on the pain.

Final Words

I’m no one to answer you on the question “is coffee bad for your stomach or not. Because it’s on how you’re going to keep it, the bad or the good. It reacts only to the way you’re consuming it. If you know how to not let it cause pressure over your tummy, there shouldn’t be any pain in a while.

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