Is Coffee Bad for Your Skin? Here Are Your Complete Answers !!

Is Coffee Bad for Your Skin?
Is Coffee Bad for Your Skin?

I know you consider coffee as your love, maybe your first one. You’ve never thought of spending a day without this liquid recharger of yours. After all, it’s the nitro to your engine! But let me ask you something. Is coffee bad for your skin? Do you think it’s not? Well, my friend, as far as I know, no coin came with one side.

So, fasten the seatbelt of your brain to take some shocks and they all are about your BOOSTER – the coffee. Don’t worry! Remember, I said two sides of the coin. So, if I’m telling you the cons, then I won’t leave without the pros for sure.

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Is Coffee Bad for Your Skin?

Negative Impacts of Coffee Over Your Skin

People literally love coffee. Otherwise where all those 2.25 billion cups are going every single day?! But loving something doesn’t mean it’ll spare you from the harm it can cause — count coffee on that list.

I’m here just to tell you what your beloved coffee can do to your skin. So, let’s focus on that part of the damage it’s causing.


The relation between coffee and dehydration is not a new topic in the town. Many times it has been claimed that caffeine is quite effective as a dehydrator. Just the way you see in the case of alcohol and sodium.

The dehydration in our body can appear on our skin. Maybe you’re a coffee-lover, and at the same time, you want to have hydrated skin too. But now it sounds a little tough to hold them together.

Acne and Coffee

Coffee inherently comes with the capability of influencing cortisol. In case you don’t know what cortisol is, it’s the name of the stress hormone. Once these hormones get released, they can trigger acne on your skin. They can play a major role in pumping out insulin.

The problem is, the insulin ultimately will make your skin produce excess oil. Not only that, but also they’ll cause overproduction of new skin cells along with increasing the inflammation level of your body.

Actually, coffee can’t directly cause acne on your skin. The caffeine in it is related to stress. As we all know, what kind of relationship stress does have with acne. The sad part is, having a cup of coffee before any stressful event can boost up cortisol by 211%.

Coffee Ingredients vs Your Skin

Who doesn’t love to have their coffee with a little sugar, milk, or cream? But they are also among the reasons why your skin and coffee are not friends. As the key ingredient in coffees, maybe you often don’t want to miss them. But unfortunately, these are what make your skin prone to breakouts.

If you’re a latte lover, I’m guessing you love the milk in it too. After all, they’re what makes the coffee so good. But if you hate acne on your skin, especially around your jawline and mouth, then I have bad news for you. The milk is on the suspects’ list that can cause them.

Now let’s come to your best friend, the sugar. Sugar has always been on the list of notorious ingredients that can cause tons of health issues. So, there’s nothing to be surprised about if that can do the same thing to your skin.

Have you ever heard of Glycation? It’s a kind of natural chemical reaction that takes place in your body when you consume too much sugar. The insulin in your body has a certain limit on handling the sugar level in your bloodstream. But once it exceeds that limit, Glycationcomes to existence as the result.

Glycation has a negative impact on collagen and elastin, which keep your skin ‘springy’. Sugar weakens these proteins, and that ultimately results in the impairment of the important skin building blocks. So, if you hate aging, then sorry to say, but that’s going to make the signs of your aging more apparent.

Along with that, say goodbye to your skin’s hydration and elasticity. By the way, have I told you about the wrinkles? After all, they’ll be there with sagging and dull skin.

How to Make the Coffee Skin-Friendly?

Maybe you can’t reverse the damages that have already been done by your favorite coffee. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take the coffee back to its good side. Let me tell you how that’s going to be possible.

Limit the Cups

Don’t increase the number of cups anymore. If you’re already consuming more than 400 ml, then it’s high time to take that number down. Generally, it takes 4-5 cups to make it up to 400 ml. But if you really want to save the skin this time, limit that with one or two.

As excessive coffee leads to boosting stress levels. So, minimize the consumption to keep that within the limit. Less coffee means less release on cortisol, and less cortisol will lead to less acne.

Cut the Milk Off

It’s time to forget your love for the latte. The milk is doing no good to your skin and I’ve already told you how they’re damaging it. Now you decide which one you’re going to hold on to, the skin or the milk on your coffee?

Get Rid of the Sugar

Here comes one of your biggest enemies, the sugar. If something can damage your skin more than almost anything in a coffee, it’s the sugar. So, get rid of that if you don’t want to look older than your age.

How Coffee Is Healthy for Your Skin?

Remember? I told you I won’t be leaving without telling you the pros. Here they are:

Cellulite Reduction

Are you looking for something that can reduce the cellulite in your body? Then let a cup of coffee help you with that. There’s a high probability that coffee can dilate the blood vessels under your skin and improve the overall blood flow. These can lead to cellulite reduction, just the way you wanted.


Don’t get me wrong on this, but I’m not talking about drinking coffee to get your Anti-aging benefits. If you’re eager to decrease the appearance of the sunspots, fine lines, or redness on your skin, then applying coffee on your skin directly may help you there.

Skin Cancer

Coffee is considered to be a great source of vitamin B3 (niacin). Skin Cancer Foundation says niacin can be effective in preventing Nonmelanoma skin cancers. So, it can be your firewall against that specific cancer.

Dark Circles

Who doesn’t hate them? I guess you do too. Coffee can be an effective treatment for those stubborn dark circles right under the eyes. Making a certain mixture and applying them can be helpful to get your eyes back the way they were.

Final Words

Let’s not jump to the controversy that is coffee bad for your skin or good. It’s all on you how you’re going to get it utilized. If you’re more into just the taste and overconsumption, then the cons will chase you down.

But if you can be a little concerned about that, it shouldn’t be a problem to get the best out of it. Now it’s your call, mate. Take it or leave, it’s all on you.

Meta- Is coffee bad for your skin? Guess what? We’re answering the question for you in a more detailed way.

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