Nespresso Evoluo: In-Depth Review & Expert Buying Guide

Sometimes, you want the coffee maker to be simple, yet effective enough to serve you a nice cup of espresso instantly. But with tons of operating options and buttons and so on, it becomes almost impossible with a $2000 bulky coffee machine.

If simplicity is what you want to go with, Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo is there for you. It’s presented by De’Longhi, the masterclass brand. And it checks every box of what we expect from a budget-friendly, yet effective coffee maker machine. The functionality is quick and simple, the size is compact, and the taste is up to par- that’s how can describe Nespresso Evoluo in a nutshell.

If you want a detailed insight, we’ve crafted these 2000 words post right for you.

Nespresso Evoluo Review
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How to refill Nespresso VertuoLine capsules?

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    Let’s get deeper into today’s Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo.

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    Who is this for?

    Nespresso Evoluo is quite simplistic, and yet convenient. We recommend this for lovers who-

    • Like the operation and control of the maker to be simple.
    • Aren’t in need of a handful of variations in grinds.
    • Would love to prepare out of pods instead of beans.
    • Looking for a maker machine which doesn’t break their banks.
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    Nespresso Evoluo Overview

    If you have an allergy to those bulky makers that are gigantic in size, Nespresso Evoluo may be the right choice for you. If you ask for our neutral opinion, this one is one of the simplest machines we’ve ever gone through.

    Before heading into the details of the Evoluo, let us tell you that it’s from the line of the VertuoLine series, which has got one more in the pile. But with VertuoLine, many users use to feel an issue regarding the temperature.

    Therefore, we got to see Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo, as a successor of the legacy. And we’ll talk about it all the way through.

    To make them with Nespresso Evoluo, all you have to go through is a couple of steps. Set the cup size, and press the button to deliver that right away.

    If we break down the steps in further detail, there are indicators that will help you out to deal with it. If you use Nespresso pods, you need to unlock the machine, open it, and put the pad insert the machine. Close the machine and lock it back. Now, press the button…..Tada! You would be ready within seconds!

    Another problem that Nespresso had worked out seriously fine is the installation. Where most of the maker machines ask for professional guidance, but the Nespresso Evoluo is just a plug-n-play. All you have to do is to get it out of the box, plug it in, and it’s ready to go. It’s that simple.

    Why Do We Recommend It?

    The Evoluo had got one of the simplest interfaces we’ve ever come across. It has got just one button. Yeah, just one.

    Firstly, you need to press the button two times. The time is to start the pre-heating, and the second time is to start pouring the. Keep an interval of around 15-20 seconds between the two presses.

    It can serve you different sizes, based on your choice of cup size. There are size variations like Espresso(1.35oz), Double Espresso(2.7oz), Gran Lungo(5oz), (7.7oz) and Alto(14oz). When a budget-friendly coffee maker machine like Nespresso Evoluo gives such fine options to choose from, that’s what we call a bang for the bucks.

    The water reservoir tank is a priority in the case of every automatic coffee maker machine out there, and the Evoluo is no exception. Fortunately, it comes with a built-in 54oz reservoir, which was pretty impressive for such a budget-friendly coffee maker.

    Along with the reservoir, the capsule container is also large enough to serve you up to 20 cups of coffee.

    You might be wondering about the variety of flavors in the coffee you get from the machine. Well, there is no programmable feature for that. But the machine has a built-in barcode reader, and it can read the barcode on the capsule or pod. And it can understand which flavor of coffee it is, and how to brew it up.

    And Also:

    There is also another liver, that we would like to mention. The role of the liver is to lock and unlock the machine for opening it up.

    We are highly impressed with the quick serving time of the machine. It takes only 15 seconds on average to serve you a nice cup of coffee. To finish the serving with a nice flavor, there is an Aeroccino 3 frother included. For single-serve coffee like latte or cappuccino, this will add to the taste and flavor.

    Highlighted features

    • Made of high-quality material with metal detailing.
    • Can make a wide range of single-cup sizes(1.35oz to 14oz).
    • Comes with a bonus Aeroccino 3 frother for a great finishing on the.
    • Compatible with all kinds of Nespresso capsules or pods
    • Not a model that suffers from any kind of junkiness.
    • Sturdy and detachable water reservoir and capsule container for more durability.
    • Creates a good taste of Nespresso with provided Nespresso pods.
    • Can choose the strength of the form, medium, and bold.
    • Requires a minimal amount of and effort.
    • Available in different colored finishes such as classic black, red, etc.


    • 5 different cup sizes to choose from.
    • Centrifusion technology for extracting from the capsule.
    • Recognized blend and strength from the barcode reading.
    • One-touch operation without any hassle.
    • 54 ounces water tank capacity for long serving time.
    • Weighs only 11 lbs, easy to move from place to place.
    • 7000 RPM centrifugal speed for perfect servings.
    • Removable water tank and container.
    • Saves power while not in operation.
    • Runs on 1350W power only, perfect for the household.
    • Comes with a complimentary welcome gift.


    • Compatible only with Nespresso pods.
    • Not too many flavor choices are available with Nespresso pods.

    What Is The Difference Between A Nespresso Evoluo vs Vertuo?

    Both Vertuo and Evoluo are compact coffee makers from the line of Nespresso. But if you’re in a dilemma about selecting one from these two, here we’ve noted down the differences for you-

    • The Manufacturer

    Although, it’s not that much of a visible difference. But as a serious buyer, you should be aware of the fact that these two models are from different producers. Nespresso has a deal with both Breville and De’Longhi. So, Nespresso Vertuo is represented by Breville, and the Evoluo is by De’Longhi.

    • The Reservoir

    On impression, the difference between the two reservoirs seems pretty clear. The VertuoLine contains a reservoir or 40oz capacity. On the other hand, Evoluo has a 54oz water reservoir. Certainly, you can enjoy more cups from Evoluo compared to VertuoLine.

    • Motorized Top Part

    In VertuoLine, there is a motorized top part that is absent in Evoluo. The benefit of the motorized top is- you can get more frequent dispense at a stretch. That might be helpful if you’re thinking of buying a coffee maker for office or commercial spaces.

    • Coffee Temperature

    One of the main reasons behind Nespresso’s attempt to launch Evoluo is the coffee temperature. In earlier models like Evoluo, the coffee was served at a slightly less temperature than what it should be. For many of the users, that came to be a serious issue. Therefore, the manufacturer had overcome the problem in Evoluo. And that’s one of the secrets behind Evoluo’s massive success.

    What Is The Difference Between a Nespresso Evoluo vs Vertuoplus?

    Both Evoluo and VertuoPlus are capsule coffee machines that have created quite some hype in recent years among coffee lovers. Both of them are easy to operate and able to supply constant coffee servings.

    That being said, there are a few differences that we would like to show you-

    • The Reservoir and Motorized Head

    The main difference between Evoluo and VirtuoPlus is in their design. The VirtuoPlus has a moving water tank, which is not present in the Evoluo.

    Also, the VertuoPlus has got a motorized head, which is not present in the other model we are talking about. At glance, the motorized head might not seem convenient enough. But when you use the machine on a frequent basis, that’s where it will come up in help.

    • Automation

    The VertuoPLus has many positive aspects to praise about. But the automation is not one of them. It lacks automatic making, and it’s present in Evoluo. In fact, that’s one of the main facts that made Evoluo a highly demanding model.

    • The Reservoir

    The reservoir capacity is not a difference between these two models. In fact, they are the same in terms of reserving capacity. In both of the models, you get to store 40 ounces of water.

    • Preparation Technology

    Another similarity between these two models is centrifusion technology. So, you get to see the same kind of grinding and flavor in both of these models. Also, in both models, you get to use two kinds of capsule sizes- small and large. In both of the models, you can insert and eject capsules in the same manner.

    How Do You Clean, Setup, and Maintain Nespresso Evoluo?

    Once you will end up with Nespresso Evoluo as your serving machine, you will have clear instructions on how to clean and maintain it. But if you’re curious about it now, here are the steps-

    Steps of Up

    Here are the steps to go with the cleanup-

    • Step 1: Make It Ready

    Push the button and turn the machine on. When the is blinking, it means the machine is heating up. As soon as it gets steady, it means it’s ready to be operated.

    • Step 2: Clean and Unlock

    Open up the machine head part, and take out the capsules and pods that are used inside. Now, close the machine and take the lever in a position.

    • Step 3: Intake Nespresso Descaling Liquid

    Empty up the cup support, and clean up the capsule container as well. Now, take the descaling liquid from Nespresso, and fill up the reservoir water with it.

    Now press the button for at least 7 seconds, and it will enter into the descaling mode.

    • Let The Descaling Finish

    It will take around 45 seconds before entering into the descaling process. The will blink until it enters into the descaling mode.

    Follow the instruction, and lock the machine by turning the lever to the left side. Now, hold the button at the unlock position for 7 seconds.

    Now, the descaling will start. Wait until it’s finished. Keep a large container at the spout.

    • Exit The Descaling Mode

    Now, it’s time to exit the escaping mode. For that, hold the button for 7 seconds, until the stops blinking.

    Now let the machine dry itself for around 10 minutes. And use it over again for brewing.

    Customers Feedback

    ‘We had a couple of machines that cost over thousands of bucks each. A couple of years of a lifetime was expected. But it all ended up in crap. Now after getting Evoluo, we’re pretty much happy.’

    ‘Sleek, compact, and budget-friendly- that’s how we can define the Nespresso Evoluo. We’re a couple with a tremendous thirst. And we’re loving this machine in every way.’

    ‘At first, I was in a little dilemma about the descaling process. But I found clear instructions with video on the company website. Everything seems fine so far.’

    FAQ (Frequently Ask Question)

    Does this machine include a frother with it?

    • Yes, it has a frother.

    How complex it is to operate this machine?

    • There is a simple one-touch button that operates every task you can ever get with this machine.

    How can it recognize the blend type I would like to have with me?

    • There is an automatic blend recognization which works through reading the bar code of the blend from the packaging.

    The Verdict

    So, it’s time to up. Hope you’ve enjoyed the Nespresso Evoluo review and found valid points to make a purchase decision. Our verdict is, if you’re in search of a budget-friendly espresso maker with fast serving, Evoluo would be a bang for the bucks.

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