How to Refill Nespresso Capsules

Nespresso lovers looking to learn the easiest way to refill Nespresso capsules gather round. We have great news; we have drafted an easy guide on how you can refill your Nespresso capsules with ease! Keep reading this article to find out

Nespresso capsule refill aside, we have also covered exciting things you should know, including a list of the best Nespresso capsule brands out there. Less talk, more action. Let’s get down to it.

Create Nespresso Refill Foils Step by Step

Create Nespresso Refill Foils (1)

Step 1 – Create the Template

Cut out four 3-inch diameter circles from a sheet of thick paper, thin plastic, or cardboard to use as your template. Get a large cutting board

Step 2 – Create the First Layer

Place one 14×10.25-inch sheet of
Reynolds regular foil on the cutting board (either Reynolds foil sheets or cut your own sheets) shiny side down, with a layer of Glad Press’N Seal on top.

Create Nespresso Refill Foils (3)

Step 3 – Stack 5 Layers and Press

Stack 5 layers of foil and Glad Press’N Seal on top of each other. Trim the excess Press’N Seal off the edges with a utility knife or a paper slicer. Press the 5 layers down

Step 4 – Lay the Templates in a Row

Lay the four circle templates in a row across the top of the stack, side by side with a small amount of space between them.

Step 5 – Draw 12 Circles

Making sure the Glad Press’N Seal side is up, draw a circle around each of the templates with a pen. Repeat two more times to draw 3 rows of 4 circles on the stack of foils for a total of 12.

Create Nespresso Refill Foils (6)

Step 6 – Cut the Circles Out

Cut a square around each of the circles, then finally cut the circles out, using the template you made earlier to guide your cutting

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Refill Nespresso Capsules Step by Step

Refill Nespresso Capsules (1)

Step 1 – Mark the Foil

Place the inner pod directly in the center of the foil just slightly over the edge of a countertop or table and mark the foil by pressing up gently – this helps you center the pod later.

Refill Nespresso Capsules (2)

Step 2 – Add the Coffee

Place the foil aside and then simply fill the inner pod with your preferred coffee mix. You should leave a little bit of room as it’s not necessary to fill it to the rim. 

Step 3 – Tap the Pod

Then tap the pod with a spoon gently a few times to allow the coffee grounds to sift and settle in the pod. 

Refill Nespresso Capsules (4)

Step 4 – Attach the Foil

Take the marked foil from step1 and cover the pod with it.

Refill Nespresso Capsules (5)

Step 5 – Seal the Foil

With the foil now attached on top, place the pod upside down on a surface and seal the foil on the pod by pressing it tightly along the edges.

Refill Nespresso Capsules (6)

Step 6 – Add the Outer Pod

In the final step, place the inner pod inside of the outer pod that contains the barcode and then you’re ready to start brewing.

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Disclaimer: This guide was created according to the following videos:

Best Nespresso Capsules Today

Now that you have learned how to refill Nespresso capsules, we can move on to the best capsule flavors available today.

First on the list is the Nestle Original Line Nespresso Capsule that comes in five different flavor variants, each more delicious than the last. The flavored Nespresso capsules are fully recyclable and available in different ranges from bold to mild. Trust us; you are sure to find a flavor variant you love!

These Nespresso capsules are perfect for use with Nespresso machines; however, they do not work well with VertuoLine machines.

Why We Love It

Each pack comes with five different iconic flavor variants, ten of each. Thus, for a fair price, you can enjoy this delicious goodness.


  • It is made from the best Arabica beans out there
  • Lovingly roasted to release a burst of delicious fruity and malty flavor profiles
  • Really intense flavor profile (9/10 intense taste)
  • The capsule pods are fully recyclable
  • Beans are sustainably harvested What We Don’t Like
  • Slight bitterness is acquired taste


  • All capsules contain caffeine
  • Incompatible with Vertuoline machines
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Are you craving a cup of delicious Nespresso? Peet’s coffee Nespresso Capsules is all you need. It is made from the finest Arabica beans and is fantastic for lattes. Each pack has 40 capsules and a total of 4 flavor profiles, all strong and bold.

Thanks to the unique design, you can use the capsules with several machines. In support of the recycling movement, you can mail back your used capsules to the company and recycle them. 

Why We Love It

We adore the fact that Peet’s supports recycling; all you need to do is send back your used coffee capsules and viola! Let’s explore the pros and cons.


  • Each pack has a variety of four bold flavors; 40 capsules in all
  • Made from the finest Arabica beans
  • Capsules are completely recyclable
  • Perfect for lattes
  • Compatible with a range of machines


  • The flavor profile is too strong for people who prefer mild Nespresso
  • It cannot be used with VirtuoLine machines
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Real Coffee Nespresso capsules are fully recyclable and come in an ultra-large pack of 100 flavors. Unlike the other two Nespresso capsule brands mentioned previously, this one comes in only three flavor variants, all of which are delicious. Since the flavors come in different intensities, finding one that suits your palate shouldn’t be that hard.

Why We Love It

We find it incredible that Real Coffee Nespresso capsules are fairtrade and organic certified. Another plus is that the plastic capsules are designed to be recyclable. Of course, the fact that the capsules offer different levels of bold flavor profile also doesn’t hurt.


  • The capsules are completely recyclable
  • Comes in a large pack containing 100 capsules
  • Each pack has three capsule flavor profiles
  • Flavor intensity varies across the capsule types to suit different palates
  • All the Nespresso capsules are fair trade certified


  • All the capsules are fully caffeinated; no decaf option
  • Not compatible with VirtuoLine machines
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Looking to enjoy a cup of Nespresso bursting with smokey flavors and an undertone of bitterness characteristic of dark chocolate? Then try the Nespresso Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano. This Nespresso capsule is excellent for lattes. Yes, it is tasty enough that you can enjoy it alone, but you can add a bit of milk or cream if you so desire.

Each capsule is delicious and has a unique burst of flavor that releases a sweet fruity aroma when brewed. With the unique flavors and options available, it’s no surprise that this Nespresso capsule made our list.

What We Love About It

It is tasty enough to be enjoyed without cream or milk; the powerful flavors are a delight to your tastebuds anytime, anywhere. Also, the fact that this Italian Nespresso capsule is available in decaf packs is another plus.


  • Composed of robust, flavorful capsules
  • Great for lattes
  • It comes in decaf and can be enjoyed alone
  • Perfect for individuals that love stronger Nespresso flavors
  • Designed to work with OriginalLine machines


  • Shipping can be a bit erratic
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Want to enjoy a delicious cup of Nespresso on a budget? Try out the Delicitaly Pure Italian Food Nespresso made with the finest Robusta beans made to replicate the Neapolitan standards. Each ultra-large package holds 100 units of Nespresso capsules that release their delicious flavor into your cup.

The bold flavor is the major attraction for most consumers; that and the rich, pleasing aroma that accompanies each brew. Sadly, some people find the flavor profile too strong for their palate.

Why We Love It

Delicitaly Pure Italian Food Nespresso Capsule is highly budget-friendly. Budget-friendly pack that ships with 100 units, each filled with washed Robusta beans in the Neapolitan tradition, with a taste that makes them perfect for strong espresso drinks.


  • It is budget-friendly and suitable for making lattes
  • Each pack contains 100 capsules made from Robusta beans
  • It makes a really tasty cup of Nespresso manufactured to meet Neapolitan standard
  • Made from dark roast beans and manufactured in Italy
  • The dark ristretto leaves you with a strong cup of coffee


  • Some individuals find the taste a bit too intense
  • The capsules are not compatible with VirtuoLine machines
  • Come in only one flavor type
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Café La Llave Nespresso Capsules are budget-friendly Nespresso options for customers looking to enjoy a cup of decaffeinated coffee. The flavor profile is simply irresistible and features different intensity levels. We love that the company also caters to lovers of strong caffeinated Nespresso. 

The best part is that they are compatible with several Nespresso original machines. Yet another exciting thing about this Nespresso brand is that all their products are manufactured in the USA (Los Angeles, to be precise) and offer consumers a mail-back recycling option.

Why We Love It

It is made in the USA and caters to both decaf lovers and lovers of caffeine. Regardless of the flavor profile you choose, you are in for a treat. The flavors are bold and delicious!


  • Compatible with OriginalLine coffee machines
  • Tasty and super delicious decaf Nespresso capsule flavors
  • Roasted and packaged in the USA
  • Come in multipacks of 80 units
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only ships a maximum of 80 Nespresso capsules per package
  • Incompatible with VirtuoLine machines
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Bonus Tip: Important Features to Consider When Buying a Nespresso Capsule

1. Type of Machine

Nespresso machines can either be OriginalLine or VertuoLine, and most times, capsules are designed to work with only one type. Thus, you must select a Nespresso capsule that fits your machine.

2. Taste and Flavor

Capsules made from dark roasts tend to offer you bolder tastes, while those made from light and medium roasts have less intense flavors. Select a capsule that best suits your palate.

3. Recycling Program

Some Nespresso capsule manufacturers offer consumers unique mail-back options for convenience. These offers usually have the manufacturers offering free shipping in return for the used Nespresso capsules. 


Buy a pack of your favorite Nespresso capsule brand and enjoy a cup of delicious Nespresso today. Oh, and after you use up the entire capsules, use the step-by-step guide in this article to figure out how to refill the Nespresso capsules. 

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