In-Depth Guide to Making The Best Espresso With Your Machine

Pulling the best cup of espresso is art, and only a few know how to do it expertly. This does not mean that you as a coffee enthusiast are not able to make one for yourself.

A cup of espresso has become one of my companions during my late-night work at home.

One thing that I have learned over the years is that to make the best cup of espresso you have to follow the right procedure as with a slight miss up, you mess everything.

To get the best of the espresso gather your equipment including the espresso machine, grinder, scale, portafilter, tamper, filtered water, fresh coffee, a cup, and a timer.

Brew The Best Cup of Espresso
Brew The Best Cup of Espresso

All of this equipment compliments the other, and it may not work well without the other. Something you should note is that every step of making the best espresso matters a lot as a slight mistake and you blow the whole process and taste of the coffee.

Before you start making the espresso it’s good to preheat your coffee machine by running a blank shot of both the cup and the portafilter, when I talk of the black shot, I mean running water through the cup and the portafilter without the use of the espresso. When you are done running a blank shot, then you are good to run the real thing already.

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How To Make Espresso With Machine 2020

The Best Cup of Espresso
The Best Cup of Espresso
Grinding Coffee
Grinding Coffee

There is nothing as mesmerizing as a fresh coffee grinded right at the moment for you. The freshly ground coffee has a unique taste no matter the type of brew method you use to make one.

Therefore, it is good to grind fresh coffee beans every time you want to make coffee at home or the office. The grinding process is very important as the texture will determine the quality of the shot you are going to make.

When the grind is too coarse, the result of the shot will be under-extracted tasting sour, watery and weak. When it is also too fine, it acts to be over-extracted, and the taste will be weird as well burnt and bitter.

For you to get the right also perfect grind you have to make it be like the granulated sugar for the best taste. But this will require you to set your grinder in place with your granule preference.

  • Amount of Coffee

The amount of coffee you are going to grind and make matters a lot as I will determine the outcome of the espresso. The dose should be according to your preference and taste. The common amount of coffee you could know is 8-10 grams for a single shot, or you may have to go for the double shot of 14-18 respectively.

The most common is the double shot since most people use it to make their espresso. Though double shot may be mostly used by many before you do so confirm with your machine the dosage, it is appropriate to use.

  • Tamping

Tamping is as crucial in espresso-making as it makes them be uniform by leveling to ensure consistent water is nixed well through the coffee. For you to make the best equally consistent coffee, you have to use the best tamp method for it.

How To Make Espresso With Machine 2019 2020
Hold your elbow at 90 degrees and place your portafilter at the surface level and pressure it until the coffee has a polished look. Press down properly and hard until the tamper stops moving when you feel that the grinds have started to resist you, you are on the right track.

One thing to you should note is that you have to make sure that it is pressured well for the water to be well distributed or else the water will move fast through the beans and make your coffee taste bitter and very thin for your liking. Therefore, apply the right pressure on the tamper to get the right taste and distribution of the consistency.

Alternative coffee brewing methods
Alternative coffee brewing methods
  • Brew The Coffee

Brew The Coffee
Brew The Coffee

This step is the last and the one with the most importance. You will have to place the portafilter on the coffee machine’s head. Also, place the coffee cup that you have already preheated beneath.

Now you have to take your time and time the right amount of time for the shot to be ready.

This is a crucial part of making the best espresso as it is the last part of the procedure. If you have pulled a great shot of the espresso, you will be able to know by the way the coffee will appear at the top.

You should be able to see a rich dark brew with a light golden-colored cream at the top. The right indicator of the quality of shot you have pulled is the cream at the top of the cup.

When you have followed the above instructions to the latter, then you are I for the best shot ever. You should look out for the change that happens to your coffee as you make it. It should turn from dark to golden brown. One thing you should know is that it should take you 30 seconds shortest time for you to make.

Final Word

If you do not know how to make one, but you wish you could be able to make one for yourself, then observe as the barista at your favorite coffee shop does it and then follow the procedure when you’re alone and try to make one. There is no way it will take you forever to learn as with the right information and guidance you can practice and make it expertly.

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