Best Picks for Nespresso Capsules for Latte

Nespresso capsules are the in thing right now. They help you make great tasting lattes and cappuccinos without stress. However, the problem most people face is finding the best Nespresso capsules to buy.

You are in luck. In this article, you will find some of our favorite Nespresso capsules and tips on what to look out for when selecting Nespresso capsules. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

How to refill Nespresso VertuoLine capsules?

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    Why Use Nespresso Capsules?

    Nespresso capsules come in a plethora of various flavors and kinds to suit various coffee types. The aluminum capsules used by Nespresso are hermetically sealed and long-lasting. Each Nespresso capsule is unique in its way, depending on the machine and pressure used.

    Because each Nespresso capsule is unique, it makes no difference whether it has a sharp or flat tip because it is perforated in the machine. The capsule is constructed of aluminum to keep its flavor and freshness for as long as possible.

    Best Nespresso Capsules for Latte Review

    When considering the best Nespresso capsules to go to, a lot of factors should be considered among these being compatibility within the Nespresso machine being used, the intensity of the coffee being made from the capsule. We will delve into this in later parts of the article for now let’s see the best Nespresso capsule picks and why.

    What We Love 

    It’s a well-balanced but robust espresso mix for the Nespresso VertuoLine machine. The capsules have a unique barcode that is scanned by the Vertuo machine, ensuring the right temperature, amount of water, and thus a cup of coffee is prepared. As a result, it is not compatible with Nespresso Original Line machines. 

    The Nespresso Altissio capsule is darkly roasted, yielding a rich espresso made with Arabica beans from Costa Rica and South America. If milk is added, it will complement the rich coffee taste.

    The AAA Sustainable Quality Program, which empowers farmers and preserves the environment, applies to all Nespresso Altissio capsules. The capsules are composed entirely of recyclable aluminum, providing great protection for the contents.

    Nespresso Vertuo Altissio


    • It is compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine System
    • It has an intensity level of 9.
    • Has a dark roast
    • Origin of coffee is Costa Rican Arabica and South American Arabica Robusta
    • There were 50 capsules in total. 
    • It’s great for waking you up and keeping you awake. 
    • It has a tinge of Robusta that is balanced with creamy cereal overtones
    • It’s bold without being overbearing.


    • May be too intense for some coffee lovers.

    What We Love 

    Real coffee lovers enjoy the intense flavors that the Nespresso Diavolitto capsule produce. This capsule has a very strong and pungent flavor profile. It’s a dark roast with an intensity rating of 11. The drink’s velvety smoothness is enhanced by aromas of wood and leather. 

    The Latin American Arabica in the contents offers oak and leather aromas, while the Guatemalan Robusta smooths out the blend and adds creaminess. The flavor is robust and dark, while some drinkers may find it excessively dark.

    For those who like a strong coffee over an espresso or latte, the capsule can be used twice for a full cup of coffee. Otherwise, a smooth conventional latte can be made with a milk frother.

    Nespresso Diavolito


    • It is compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine System
    • It has an intensity level of 11.
    • It has a dark roast
    • Made from Central & South America Robusta beans with Brazilian Arabica.
    • It contains about 50 capsules
    • It has a very strong flavor for those who like dark roast coffee
    • It is quite bold and intense


    • Really strong and intense flavors

    What We Love 

    Nespresso Decaffeinato is perfect for those who want a thick blend without caffeine. These capsules, like all others for the Nespresso VertuoLine, include a barcode that instructs the machine what temperature and water to use to prepare the perfect cup.

    The dark roast has a 7.5% strength and is made from a blend of Brazilian and Colombian Arabica and Asian Robusta. Even though this capsule has no caffeine, it has a powerful flavor similar to the caffeinated blends and produces a superb latte.

    Enjoy the blend cocoa and fruity flavors when you brew this coffee. The best part is that it leaves a sweet taste and creamy texture when you add milk.

    Nespresso Decaffeinato Intenso


    • It is compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine System
    • It has an intensity level of 7.
    • Has a dark roast
    • The origin of coffee is Asian Robusta beans with Brazilian and Colombian Arabica.
    • Contains about 50 capsules
    • It also releases cocoa and fruity notes.
    • It has a great, smooth, and creamy flavor
    • It is perfect for those who want the espresso flavor but not the caffeine


    • Crushed capsules on arrival

    What We Love 

    Fans of Peet’s characteristic dark espresso will enjoy the Ricchezza capsule. For those who appreciate dark coffees, espressos, and lattes, this 100 percent Arabica blend delivers a robust espresso.

    Ricchezza is designed to have a wine-like delicacy, with flavors of berry, bloom, and brown-sugar richness to lend layered, soft textures and complexity to a drink that isn’t bitter. Although they are expensive, they are frequently on sale, making them our budget selection for the finest Nespresso compatible capsules for a latte.

    The major downside for us is that the capsules are only compatible with Nespresso Original machines, not the Nespresso VertuoLines. Therefore if you have the latter, you won’t be able to use them.

    Peet’s Coffee Espresso Capsules Ricchezza


    • It is compatible with Nespresso Original
    • It has an intensity level of 8.
    • The origin of the coffee is 100% Arabica.
    • It contains about 10 capsules
    • It has a blossom, berry, and bloom texture with a sugar-rich flavor also.
    • Not as strong as other creamy lattes
    • They come in great packaging which come them quite appealing 
    • They are also available at budget-friendly prices


    • Not compatible with Nespresso original machines
    • Weak flavor; not suitable for lovers of strong coffee
    • The capsules are not recyclable like the other brands of Nespresso

    What We Love 

    This espresso mix is vanilla-flavored and created using Arabicas from Central and South America. Even with the sweeter taste due to the vanilla flavoring, it’s a medium roast mix with an intensity of 6 and only five calories per capsule.

    The blend is ideal for individuals who like a drink that is powerful but not too strong, as well as those who enjoy the sweetness of vanilla flavor. Because of the vanilla, this mix can also be used to make a delicious handmade pumpkin spice latte.

    Finally, because this is a Nespresso product, the capsule is composed of 100 percent recycled aluminum. This means that it is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

    Nespresso Vanilio


    • It is compatible with Nespresso Original
    • It has an intensity level of 6.
    • It has a medium roast level
    • Origin of the coffee is Central and South America Arabica
    • Contains about 50 capsules.
    • Most brands come with vanilla flavoring.
    • It is strong enough for old-fashioned lattes
    • It is built to have a light and subtle flavor
    • It possesses a sweet and delicate vanilla taste


    • Crushed capsules on arrival
    • Underwhelmin vanilla flavor

    Bonus: Features To Consider When Selecting Preferred Nespresso Capsule

    Knowing the best Nespresso capsules available is one step in the jourmey. The next is finding out the one that works best for you. To do that, you will need to take into consideration key factors. Luckily for you, we have outlined the top features and things you need to consider when buying a Nespresso capsule

    1.    What Machines Are They Compatible With?

    Nespresso capsules work with two different types of Nespresso machines. Essenza, CitiZ, Inissia, and Pixie are all part of the Nespresso OriginalLine. Then there’s the Nespresso VertuoLine, which includes the VertuoPlus, Evoluo, Vertuo, and Barista Recipe Maker, as well as a newer range of machines.

    2.    The Intensity Level

    The body, roast, and bitterness levels in the Nespresso capsule are a mix. It has nothing to do with the caffeine content of the capsule. It is important to note that a capsule with high-intensity rating may not have similar high caffeine content and vice versa.

    Check out the Nespresso Diavolitto, which has an intensity rating of 11 if you’re searching for a high-intensity rating. If you’re looking for something a little less intense, Nespresso Vanilio is your best bet.

    3.    Roast Level

    The amount of roasting influences the flavor of the drink as well as, in some cases, the caffeine content. Light roast coffee has a light brown color and higher acidity, resulting in crisp, vibrant flavors.

    Medium roast beans are darker brown and usually have an oily surface. They feature a medium acidity level and a well-balanced flavor character. Dark roast beans are the darkest and have the lowest acidity, as well as deeper, darker flavors.

    4.    Coffee Origin

    The origin of a coffee can frequently give you a sense of how your brew will taste. Single-source coffees can showcase coffees that are delicious on their own, but blends are made up of numerous sources to achieve a specific flavor. 

    Neither is superior to the other; it all depends on what you’re looking for in a beverage. Most Nespresso capsules contain Arabica, which has a softer, sweeter flavor with hints of fruit, berries, and sugar, or Robusta, which has a stronger, harsher flavor with nuttier after notes, or a blend of both.

    5.    Number of Capsules

    The amount of capsules in each package or container varies greatly. If you drink a lot of coffee, buying additional capsules will ensure that you don’t run out of them for long. 

    All of the Nespresso capsules listed have 50 capsules (5 packs with 10 pods each), which is nearly a two-month supply assuming you use one per day.

    Best Latte Recipe Using Nespresso Capsules

    From the comfort of your own home, brew a great-tasting latte with a Nespresso machine and your favorite capsules!


    1. 1 cup (0.24 l) of whole milk
    2. Espresso capsule of choice

    How to Make a Latte with Nespresso Capsules

    Start your coffee maker.

    1. Place a coffee cup under the machine and use the espresso button to pre-rinse it with hot water.
    2. The boiler will be heated and any leftover coffee in the machine will be removed by pre-rinsing the machine.
    3. Fill your milk frother halfway with milk and turn it on.
    4. After the milk has steamed, pour it into your favorite glass or cup.
    5. Allow approximately 20-30 seconds for the milk to settle and the layers to begin to form.
    6. It’s time to finish your drink when 20-30 seconds have gone.
    7. Add a coffee capsule to the milk-filled cup and run it through your pre-rinsed machine.
    8. Pour the coffee slowly into your cup to generate those wonderful layers.

    Your coffee is now ready to drink! We recommend serving the coffee right away to preserve the coffee layers.

    Final Thoughts

    Nespresso capsules should be intense yet pleasant and delicious enough that it can be savored. With the right capsule, you can prepare a cup of delicious coffee whenever you want. Find a list of some of the best Nespresso brands out there today and select one that ticks all your boxes. We hope you found the review to be useful.

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