Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive?

Espresso machines are one of the best types of coffee making in the market. Apart from coffee making being an art, the machine used in the process matters a lot since it affects the whole process. To make the best coffee, you need lots of practice and technique together with the right equipment. To make the best espresso, you will have to get a proper machine with excellent temperature and pressure control.

How Does Espresso Machines Work?

The espresso machine works in a systematic way to give the perfect espresso. Let’s have a look at the way the machine works intensely.

Each of the espresso machines has to come with a water function hence the water reservoir. The espresso machines come with two water reservoirs and enter one and come out from the other. The water is filtered to meet the standard to produce high-quality coffee. This is to say that water has a great effect on the way coffee tastes. Water coming from the tap is not that clean; that’s why it’s filtered to be perfect.

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When the coffee ground is ready and in place, water is forced to pass through the coffee grounds using pressure. Most of the espresso machines come to use pressure from heating water inside a sealed vessel. This is an example of one of the simplest espresso machine pressure. Mostly they are affordable and we can use them on a camping trip.

Well, the focus at the moment is not this fine simple espresso machine and how it works.

From where we were, hot water is passed through the coffee grounds at high pressure to give a well-brewed coffee. In this case, the water temperature is well controlled, and the pressure provides you with a perfect coffee. The process of making an espresso is not hard as long as everything is in place. Water heated, coffee grounds are well-grounded by you or pre-grounded, pressure set, and temperature. Most of the latest espresso machines come with a more customized coffee-making process for everyone. You need to select the type of coffee you want to press on and wait for your coffee. Before that, makes sure there’s water in the reservoir, it’s clean, and also the coffee ground is loaded in the machine.

6 Reasons Espresso Machines Are So Expensive

  1. Construction

The construction and material used in making the espresso machines have a great effect on the cost. This is because the construction is made to be durable with material that makes it possible—a coffee maker that is sturdy and strong. Getting an espresso machine that is sturdy and strong means spending a little more from your side. It’s a great move if you are looking for something durable.

  1. Quality

Its quality significantly influences the cost of an espresso machine. It’s increased due to the stainless steel, metal, and brass used on it. At the market, the top-quality espresso machines are made to offer stable brewing temperature, which is an important factor in making incredible coffee. For most manufacturers to cut their espresso machines’ price, there are lots of things to do.

They cut the cost by using different materials in the frame, body, and other internal parts. Like the plastic used on the side of the espresso machine, some materials do not affect the quality. What affects the machine is if the framing is weak as it’s made to hold the group head and other components in place. The quality of the bras used on the espresso machine may cause the temperature to change abruptly. Some machines come with high-quality features but are semi-automatic or manual. It’s a good choice if you don’t mind doing some things on your own.

  1. Digital Display

Most of the latest espresso machines have been improved to come with digital displays that are more interactive and fast. The digital display on the traditional espresso machines makes the use easy and simplified. When the brewing process is simplified, the use of an espresso machine becomes easy and worthwhile.

The machines that have been designed with digital displays come with a superior level of temperature constancy, which is a crucial factor. Temperature stability should be great, and the digital display has a way with the espresso machine temperature stability. The display comes with a pre-infusion delay, on and off programming, water temperature adjustment, cleaning program, filter placement prompts, shot timers, and equipment diagnostics. If you are into digital display espresso machines, then dig a little deeper into your pocket.

  1. Temperature Stability

Temperature is an important feature in the coffee-making process that you may not have to forget when buying an espresso machine. The temperature has excellent determination on the type of coffee you make and its end result. When the temperature is not stable, then the coffee-making process will be affected, so the taste of the coffee you make. The traditional coffee-making machines have a temperature adjuster and controller for the boiler. It gives more control for those looking for an excellent well-controlled brewing temperature on espresso machines. It helps to avoid temperature variations for you. Some machines come with advanced temperature control that brews individual coffee groups on the same machine. Well, to get the best feature on the temperature you will have to spend more on it.

  1. Technology

There are different techniques in the market now, and most of them make our work easy. The espresso machine latest in the market comes with amazing capabilities, thanks to its technology. When the technology used is high tech, its price is likely high, hence the expensive ones.

  1. Capacity/Workflow/Capabilities

Each of the espresso machines comes with a different capacity, and each capacity depends on where it’s used. For instance, an office coffee maker and a home coffee maker come in different capacities. The office tends to make coffee frequently; hence it needs to go with a large holding capacity for more coffee. So, an espresso machine used in a coffee shop is more expensive with more holding capacity for more people. Therefore capacity, workflow, and capabilities have a significant effect on the cost of the espresso machine.


Espresso making is not just making coffee, but it needs the skill to get the best out of it. It’s an art that not many can pursue ad achieve.

With the right machine and conditions set, you get outstanding. Getting a suitable espresso machine needs you to spend a little more for the best. Spending some money on a machine that will make your espresso amazing should not be a grudge buy. A little difference in terms of performance makes a huge difference in the coffee world.

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