Electric Gooseneck Kettle: Best Reviews & Buying Guide

Pour-over and coffee lover concept
Pour-over and coffee lover concept

For serious coffee lovers, a good pour-over or electric gooseneck kettles are essential in the kitchen for a good coffee in the morning. The goosenecks are designed with long necks for efficient, faster, and easier pour-over. The more control you have over the coffee-making process, the more you enjoy your coffee.

You get to enjoy coffee without going to the coffee house right in your home and comfort. The gooseneck kettle ensures you get a richer and flavorful coffee by providing a precise flow of water and steady. For you to get the best gooseneck kettle, you need to search on the right information?

Top Rated Electric Gooseneck Kettles

VOSEN Gooseneck Kettle – Pour Over Kettle & Kettle

VOSEN Gooseneck kettle has been made with 3054 durable-grade stainless steel in its spout, housing, and lid. The stainless steel and the design are suitable for any interior design and durability of the kettle. The parts of the kettle do not touch the water while boiling and are BPA-free. With this in mind, you are sure to get healthy drinking water for you and your family with the kettle.

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The design of the gooseneck kettle makes your kitchen look elegant and unique. Pouring water after you are done boiling is easier for you with the low water outlet design. The spout of the kettle has been designed to the leak-proof and makes sure your safety is in place and avoid scalding. It has a one-touch on and off switch button that makes it easy to operate. With the VOSEN kettle, you can boil water in a flash since it operates on1000 W within 6 minutes it’s ready.

The kettle features the JIATAI thermostat technology that will shut off the kettle automatically for safety. With it, you don’t need to worry about being away while boiling water for safety. Twenty seconds after the water reaches its full boiling point, and then it automatically shut off. The kettle might have an accumulated mineral deposit from the use of hard water and causing scaling in the process. When the scale is too much on the kettle, then t may lead to reducing the process of heating. It has a large mouth that makes it easier for you to clean and fill the water.


  • Easy to clean
  • Cord storage
  • Auto shut after 20 seconds
  • Easy to refill water
  • Leak-proof design
  • Easy pour-over and safe


  • No Major Issue

Bonavita BV382510V – Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

Bonavita BV382510V is a fantastic kettle with a digital variable temperature for a perfect kettle. It has great adjustable one-degree increments between 140- 212 F depending on the temperature you find fit for your coffee. It uses 1000 watts of power for quick heating of the kettle and fast boiling water.

Designed with many amazing features to support it, it has an included real-time temperature display. This is to say you will know the temperature level you are on and if to adjust or not. You hold a button to heat and let you keep it in place between 140 -208 F for almost 60 minutes. This temperature set button is a good one for quick access to preset the brewing temperatures perfectly. When brewing, you may lose track of the process, but with the count-up timer, you are right on time. This makes your brewing process excellent and easy to follow from point one to the last moment.

The gooseneck spout design makes the pouring easy for you as well as gives you precise control. This allows you to pour over water without messing the counter and avoiding accidents. It has a length of 11.00 inches, a width of 7.00 inches, and a height of 7.5 inch-perfect for a small space. This kettle can be used at home, office, hospital, and any other place you need a quick cup of coffee . It has been brushed with stainless steel and is BPA-free for an elegant appearance and healthy. For you to have a tasty coffee every time, you will need to descale the kettle periodically.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with amazing features
  • Perfect for a quick water boiling
  • Descaling is easy as well as


  • Quick heating

COSORI Gooseneck Kettle – One Of The Electric Best Gooseneck Kettles

COSORI Gooseneck Kettle with 5 Variable Presets, Pour Over Kettle & Kettle, 100% Stainless Steel Inner Lid & Bottom, 1200 Watt Quick Heating, 0.8L, Matte Black

The COSORI gooseneck kettle has been designed in California with five precise temperature presets. The temperature preset allows you to brew your, and other beverages at the right temperature. It has a keep-warm function designed to it and automatically keeps your water at the same temperature for an hour. The variable temperature presets being accurate allows you not to burn your or leaves and have a cup anytime.

The kettles feature an excellent ready tone that beeps three times when the water reached the preset temperature. If the beep irritates you, then you can press and hold the hold temp for about three seconds and turn it o or off. The kettle is made with-grade stainless steel on its housing, spout, and lid with no chemical lining. This helps in keeping your and taste perfect, although. It’s a durable, easy to clean, and rust-free kettle for a long time of use. The spout design is made for optimal pour overflow and precise with no leakage. It has a counterbalanced handle that keeps your pour steady and encourages a comfortable slower pour.

The heating is quick with 1200 watts of power and boils full kettle in 3 minutes. It means that you get to enjoy a cup of coffee in no time. With the keep warm feature, you have hot water in place ready anytime you want a cup. The auto shut feature allows you to boil water safely and shuts off immediately after your water hits the required temperature. There is a scenario where you want to run your kettle, but it has no water. When faced with this, then you don’t need to worry at all since it comes with a boil dry feature that turns it off when no water is detected.


  • Well packaged when bought
  • The lid is well secured
  • The water heats up faster
  • Customer service is excellent and fast
  • Easy to use and clean


  • The durability could be better

Cusimax Kettle – Pour Over for Drip and

Gooseneck Kettle, Cusimax Kettle 1L, Variable kettle with 6 Temperatures Pour Over for Drip and , Stainless Steel Kettle with Auto Keep Warming and Boil-Dry , 1000W

The Cusimax kettle IL is an incredible gooseneck kettle with a variable with six temperatures and has excellent control of the flow of water. It provides a fantastic slow, precise, and controlled flow of hot water. The temperature is good for extracting most of the flavor or with the pour-over method. The Cusimax has been made from the – grade 305 stainless steel material for durability and elegance.

The spout of the kettle is well welded to be waterproofed and avoid leakage as you use it. It has six practical presets on temperature for different options on temperature, depending on the coffee you are making. With the different temperature options, with just one touch, you can enjoy the coffee you like. The gooseneck kettle works fantastically by quickly and conveniently boiling water and auto shutting when done. It also comes with a boil dry feature that helps to maintain safety even when running off a dry kettle. The lid of the kettle has three holes that allow it to release internal pressure when it is heated.

It has an angled stay-cool handle that makes it easy for you to fill and pour water and safeguard your hands from the heated part of the kettle. The design of the kettle is space-saving with its small size and lightweight. It has a 360-degree power base for not subject to any placement orientation. It also has cord wraps to reduce the squeezing on the counter for secure storage when not in use.


  • Cord wrap
  • Great design for space-saving
  • Auto shut feature
  • The spout is when the design for precise pouring
  • Safety is considered when pouring with an excellent handle


  • There is a white residue on the external seam

Fellow Stagg EKG Pour-Over Kettle – Suitable For And

Fellow Stagg EKG, Pour-over Kettle For And , Matte Black, Variable Temperature Control, 1200 Watt Quick Heating, Built-in Brew Stopwatch

When looking for something elegant for your kitchen and deliver the best just as its appearance. The Fellow Stagg EKG kettle pours in a good way without messing o scalding your hands when doing so. The design of the kettle is beautiful, with flawless functionality for the best brewing experience at home.

This is a modern design that is made to make your kitchen experience better. It also gives you a way to see the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit by switching the temperature toggle on the base at the rear the precision pour spout is designed for an optimal pour-over without accidents or messing the counter. The Stagg EKG has a counterbalanced handle that moves to the center of the mass to your hand and encourages a comfortable, slower pour. For you to have a faster brewing experience with the kettle, it has been made with a 1200 watt with a quick heating element.

You can also switch the toggle to hold mode and maintain the desired temperature for one hour. Its common knowledge that freshly should be brewed at high temperatures than those older. This is because of the high temperature you use for it; the more your will be extracted and flavorful. With the kettle, you have control over the temperature setting and get the desired temperature right for the coffee you are making. You can select the temperature ranging from 135 F to 212 F and get the right one .


  • Outstanding customer service
  • Elegant design
  • Amazing pour-over design
  • Temperature control is good


  • Can’t use the stovetop, and only the EKG base is suitable

BELLA (14522) – Electric Gooseneck Kettles

BELLA (14522) 1.2 Liter Kettle, Tile

With the Bella 14522 kettle, boil water faster than microwave and is safer than the stovetop. The kettle features a heating element that is powerful and heats water faster than you would expect. It has a fully detachable 360-degree power base for holding the kettle and comes with cord storage. The design of the kettle makes it easy to use as well as being safe for you. The kettle features an automatic shut-off with run-dry in case you run an empty kettle on power.

The built-in safety makes your brewing and the whole process safe for you. It has a long gooseneck style spout that is ideal for precise pour-over and avoids spillage on the counter or on your hand. The ceramic kettle is an essential home requirement for a more upgraded brewing and fast than any other kitchenware. The functionality of the kettle is good and very safe for the entire family to use. The ceramic kettle is an essential part of our home kitchen with an undenied style attractive to those that are into style and unique kitchenware. You get to boil water for anything and at any time. If you want to have coffee, tea, instant soups, and others, everything is under your control with the kettle.

Bella comes with products in the market that has an excellent quality to it for a fantastic kitchen experience. The sizes of the kettle do not matter as it fits perfectly fine in any space since it’s small in size and design. Its design is elegant and any kitchen design is without being out of place. Get Bella kettle with you and enjoy a quality brewing experience full of taste and flavor that lingers on your tongue for a while. It has been made to make your and life easier with everything.


  • Fast brewing
  • Has cord storage for a clean counter
  • Quality
  • The material used is durable
  • Hot for a good
  • Base is stable
  • Great spout design


  • Design is good, but it could be bigger

Gooseneck Kettle – The Best Gooseneck Kettle For Pour Over

 Gooseneck Kettle with Variable Temperature Control Pour Over Kettle and Kettle, 1000W Quick Boiling Water Kettle Full Stainless Steel Inner , 1.0L, Brushed

gooseneck kettle comes with incredible features that make your home experience better than any house. The kettle comes with adjustable temperature settings placed on the kettle handle. With the control of temperature, the kettle heats water that is right for coffee, tea, and other beverages. All you have to do is identify the beverage you would like to have and boil water to its required temperature. The water is heated fast with the kettle and takes less than 2 minutes to obtain its optimal temperature required. The power used I 100 watts, which is perfect for the kettle to heat water to the required temperatures. Within 4 minutes, the kettle can boil 1 liter of water, which is pretty fast.

Manufacturers have placed considered the quality of the kettle and used the best grade stainless steel material for it and look gorgeous in any kitchen. It has a 360-degree swivel base for a good hold and removal as you want without any trouble or issue. The package of the kettle when bought comes with an instruction manual, bonus metal, a scoop, the kettle itself, and a 360 swivel base. This means you get a complete guide and for easy setup. In case you have problems with the machine, then you can take a look at the manual for help. You may as well contact customer care if you meet an issue you can’t solve o your own.


  • Rotating base
  • Fast brewing
  • 1-liter capacity
  • Amazing design
  • Great pour over


  • The time is good, but it would have been better

Bodum 11883-57US – Melior Gooseneck Water Kettle

Bodum 11883-57US Melior Gooseneck Water Kettle, 27 Ounces, Matte

Bodum 11883-57US Melior Gooseneck water has been designed amazingly for an easy flow of water control to avoid accidents when using it. It has an amazing appealing appearance that brings it close to you. The durability of the kettle is not questionable with the material used on it. It has been made from stainless steel material for a sustainable cork handle for safety and log use. It has a handle and knob on it to keep your hands free from heat and maintains safety throughout the process.

The base of the kettle is sturdy to hold it in place and waits until it boils and does not burn when heated. This is also because of the material used on the kettle, which is suitable for heating. It takes a few minutes to do the heating and does not take much time before you have a cup of steaming hot coffee. You will need to flick the switch and wait for it to be ready within minutes. It’s easy to detach the kettle from the base for a cord-free pour and move to where you want to make your from.

Bodum 11883-57USalso comes with an indicator to show when it’s on and off with an auto shut feature. The auto shut feature allows you to be at ease when boiling water and wants to do something else safely. It reduces the risk of fire and burning when it runs dry from boiling.


  • Easy to handle
  • Auto shut feature
  • Handle and knob for safety
  • Designed for proper pour-over


  • Water capacity is small

Bonavita BV382518V – Kettle Featuring Gooseneck Spout

Bonavita 1.7L Variable Temperature Kettle Featuring Gooseneck Spout, BV382518V

Bonavita is a well-known brand with amazing coffee makers and kettles and other beautiful kitchen appliances. It has been designed with adjustable temperature in one-degree increments from140 – 212 degrees. You will need to hold the button to heat and hold the temperature in a place that you want for at least 60 minutes. The kettle uses 1500 watts of power perfect for fast heating. It won’t take much time to have your coffee or with powerful heating capability. It comes with a display to allow you to have a real-time temperature display for your brewing. You will have a chance to hold the temperature to the one you want and leave it there for an hour.

It has a count-up timer that makes it easy for you to track the whole brewing process and get the right water temperature for your coffee. The gooseneck spout of the spout is precise when pouring the water and gives you full control of it. The design gives you an accurate pour-over and does not burn your hands at all, which is safe for you. With the brushed stainless steel and BPA-free material, you have a long-lasting kettle at your disposal. The small design makes it fit for any space you have at home and does not take much of your space at all. The lightweight means you can carry it with you anywhere you want and at any time at ease.


  • Portable
  • Powerful
  • Temperature control is good
  • Easy to use
  • Safety is well considered


  • The capacity could be better

Stariver Gooseneck Kettle – Cordless Water Boiler for & with Fast Heating, Auto-Shut Off

Stariver Kettle Gooseneck Kettle, 1L Cordless Water Boiler, Pour Over Pot Stainless Steel for & with Fast Heating, Auto-Shut Off and Boil-Dry Tech

Enjoy the best experience of brewing with the Stariver kettle right in your home. The kettle has been designed with an amazing gooseneck spout for precise control of water and kettle during pouring. It enables you to have accurate pour and avoid accidents that may happen in the process. The slender opening of the spout helps to control the flow of water to give you a steady flawless pour. The and the interior of the kettle are made with stainless steel material without any for higher quality and healthy.

The quality of the kettle makes it durable for a long time before buying a new kettle. With just one touch to the kettle, it’s switch on and very easy to handle and operate. It comes in a cordless design to allow the kettle to be lifted easily for poring after the water is boiled. It has a cool touch to it with a firm grip design handle and gives you a comfortable grip on the kettle. The safety considered for the settle is super unlike other traditional stove kettles. The kettle automatically switches off and prevents you from dry boiling too. The 1000 watt power of the kettle raises the speed of heating water and other beverages. The kettle helps you to save time with its powerful power supply and fast brewing.


  • Easy to clean
  • Boils water in minutes
  • Saves your time
  • is amazing


  • The dry feature could be improved

Gooseneck – The Best Gooseneck Kettle With Temperature Control

Gooseneck Kettle with Temperature Control & Presets - 1L, Stainless Steel - & Pour Over Kettle

If looking for a kettle that makes your making flawless in the morning and always has fresh coffee, then you are in the right place. The kettle gets rid of the burned taste every morning and give you control in your hand. It comes with easy use, and accurate variable temperature presets. It allows you to have your preferred temperature and have a cup of coffee.

The 1000 watt makes the heating process fast and convenient for you when you don’t want to waste time. You will just flip the switch and go do your stuff while the water boils. You don’t worry about a thing since the kettle automatically switches off when done boiling. The design of the kettle is beautiful with 100% -grade stainless steel and has o chemical linings to it for great flavor. The handle of the kettle is ergonomic and large for a comfortable fit on your hands and BPA-free.

It has a new keep warm function with temperature control on a certain temp and remembers every day. Its airtight kettle with spill-free lid and ensures no messes happen and is safe from scalding. When having an issue with the kettle, the customer service is open and easy to handle your issue very fast. With nothing else at play, you will have your wait a few minutes without wasting time and have the same taste every day.


  • Dry feature
  • Easy to operate
  • takes minute
  • Precise water flow


  • Time taken could be better

ESHOWEE Gooseneck Kettle – Temperature Control Automatic Shutdown Maker

ESHOWEE Gooseneck Kettle, 1.0L Pour Over Kettle & Kettle, Stainless Steel Kettle with Adjustable Temperature Control Automatic Shutdown Maker, 1000 Watt Quick Heating

Bring the best and experience in your with the ESHOWEEE gooseneck kettle with a steady pour-over. The features of the gooseneck are amazing and make your home kitchen boosted to a higher level. With the gooseneck kettle, you can set the temperature according to your preference, depending on the coffee you are taking. According to the design of the kettle, the drip kettle comes with an automatic design for a slow, precise, and controlled flow of water.

The slow flow of water makes sure you have the greatest taste when preparing it. The handling of the kettle ensures comfortable results each time you brew your coffee. The handle of the kettle protects your fingers from accidental burns. With just a button operation, automatic, switch off safety with the fine dry prevents continuous for safety when not around. The kettle is made from 100% grade 304 stainless steel, which is good quality with corrosive resistance.

The inside of the kettle is also stainless steel for perfect for a long time. The spout of the kettle is welded tightly for a perfect condition without losing water. While handling the kettle on hot water, you don’t have to worry about being burn with the leaking water. It has a 360 rotating power base that offers the best wireless comfort and cables wrapped around the base for safety.


  • Cable wrap on the base
  • No deposits
  • The base is stable
  • 360 rotating power
  • The kettle is safe when handling


  • No Major issue

OXO BREW – Pour-Over Kettle

OXO BREW Adjustable Temperature Pour-Over Kettle

OXO BREW is an amazing kettle with an adjustable temperature that heats and keeps it at an exact temperature for a while. With this, you have water ready for you anytime you want to make . When using the kettle, you have control over the temperature as you like just for a that you desire. Remember that each of the beverages has a certain temperature that is optimal for it. A good example is that the temperature of brewing is quite different from that one of and other beverages. The pour over the design of the gooseneck kettle is precise and well elongated for it. It also features a well-curved opening for a steady flow of water to slowly pass through the ground s for a perfect .

The kettle is cord-free and is easy to remove from the 360-degree swivel base for ease of and refilling. It comes with an inbuilt timer that counts the time to track down your pour over process. For safety, the kettle has been designed with the auto hut that automatically shuts off the kettle after 30 minutes of keep warm cycle. It has a balanced design for a more comfortable control while pouring your over to the cup. It has a stay-cool handle that gives you a secure grip on it. The kettle capacity is 1 liter and made of natural BPA free stainless steel for durability. Its compact design makes it perfect for a small counter without taking too much space.


  • Compact design
  • Fast and efficient heating
  • Keeps the warm water longer
  • Fast heating


  • A bit pricy

Hario v60 – Buono kettle

Hario V60 Gooseneck Kettle 'Buono', , 800ml, Stainless Steel,

Hario products are known worldwide for their wonderful and fine quality. It easy to flip the switch to turn it on with an auto shut for safety and ease of use. The kettle has been designed with stainless steel material with an ergonomic design for a perfect home appearance and use. The design and size are fit for any home design and fit with interior design and space-saving. The capacity of water is huge at 8 liters, which is perfect for a family in the morning without having to refill and heat each time you want . The large water capacity makes your brewing easier for you with the reduced making process. It has a slender spout that allows a slow and steady flow of water from the kettle to your cup when making beverages. It’s easy to control the kettle when pouring with a comfortable handle for precise pour-over.

You get to brew water with the power in a short time and make immediately or any other beverages. The kettle works well with the ceramic dripper for a perfect on your cup and experience like a pro barista. The best part of having the kettle at the home, office, and other areas is it’s easy to use features and time saving capability.


  • Comes with an amazing feature
  • Space-saving
  • Designed for a greet experience
  • Portable
  • Can store cables away
  • Takes minutes to boil

Hamilton Beach (41004) – Auto-Shutoff and Boil-Dry

Hamilton Beach Digital Temperature Control Gooseneck Pour Over Kettle, Water Boiler & , 1.2L, Cordless, Auto-Shutoff and Boil-Dry , (41004)

Hamilton Beach Digital temperature control gooseneck pour over kettle has been designed to make your -making experience better at home. It is well known that a great cup of starts from the way you distribute the water over the grounds. You will have to have precise control and a slow steady stream of water to achieve the best with Hamilton kettle. It has five preset temperatures that make it easy t get water in the right temperature for any .

Hamilton Beach 41004 also keeps your water warm for a long while and get your or anytime you want. It also comes with an exceptional digital display that it’s easy to operate and read. It’s a cord-free serving, which makes it ideal for any occasion with a 1.2 liter capacity for everyone. The large capacity allows the whole family to have a cup, and if not enough, it boils at a faster rate ad only takes minutes to do so.

The durability of the kettle is not questionable with the material used on it. The gooseneck is perfect for pour-over coffee, and other beverages with its precise pouring control. This kettle can be said to have been designed for a simple and easy operation and to make you home beverages better than any. The small size of the kettle and design allows it to fit perfectly well in your kitchen without too much trouble.


  • A precise and steady flow of water
  • Incredible design
  • Easy to use ad operate


  • The digital display could be better

Things To Know Before Buying The Right Gooseneck Kettle

  • The gooseneck spout

The gooseneck spout of the kettle is an essential part of brewing since it affects the flow of water. When looking for a good kettle for your kitchen, then look for a good kettle with an exceptional spout for precise pouring. Let it not be too wide as it may spill water while pouring.

  • Kettle

An kettle is very when it comes to brewing water from the step to the last. It uses a certain amount of power, depending on the manufacturers. Some kettles use 1500 wat of power others 1000 watt to give you a fast brewing speed. The kettle makes it easier for you and should be considered before buying a kettle.

  • Durability

You don’t want to spend so many bucks and find the kettle you ought is useless and will spoil after a few months of use. The durability of a kettle should be top on your list when looking for a good kettle, and the material used is essential. If you think the kettle you have seen has the best durability then go for it.

  • Keep warm Time

One of the important factor to consider before buying is whether it keeps warm or not. Anytime you want or anytime and need water to be ready, then go for a kettle that keeps water warm for sometimes. If not then this feature does not matter at all. We recommended you fast water boiler & . Like Fellow Stagg EKG gooseneck kettle brand.

  • Liter Capacity

How large or small do you want your kettle to be for your home use? This is an important question to ask yourself before buying a kettle. This is because it determines the type of kettle is suitable for you. If you want to make water once for the whole family then go for the one that is large.

  • Material

Most of the kettles n the make has been designed with stainless steel material for exceptional durability. When looking at the material used to make the kettle then you will not be surprised.

  • Quality Check

the quality of the kettle carefully to ensure you get a good one for your use. The quality matters a lot for a better service. It’s better to spend extra on good quality rather than getting it cheap and buy another one after some time.

  • Budget

What’s your budget and how much do you expect to spend on a kettle? It’s very important to know all this before making any decision. There are many kettles in the market available at different prices. The best thing is to look at the different kettle and prices before deciding.

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

Can I use a gooseneck kettle for ?

  • Yes. You can use the gooseneck for anything that requires you to boil the water , including . You can boil water to the temperature you want depending on the you want to prepare example and won’t be used at the same temperature

Is a gooseneck kettle worth It?

  • Yes. If you want a fast boiling device at home for a quick hot , then the kettle is a worth appliance. It’s affordable and stays with you for a long time before you get a different one. The performance of the gooseneck kettle is superb.

How long should a kettle last?

  • It depends on the type of kettle you have, but at most, three and more years is good for a good quality kettle. The durability of the kettle depends greatly on how you use it and the durability of the kettle itself

Why use a pour-over kettle?

  • Pour over kettles good for safety and precise flow of water from the kettle to the ground on the cup. It makes your work easier with no mess on the counter.

What is the healthiest kettle?

  • The healthiest kettle is the one with no BPA on plastics and uses steel material on the interior ad the . Also, it should be the one without the taste and smell of the and metals on and .


The kettle comes in different sizes and performance, which gives you a variety of them to choose from. With so many options available for you in the market, it becomes hard to get the right one. With all the information we have given you, we have solved held of the problem you may meet when looking for a good kettle. Look at the features that each of the kettles you have seen has before making a decision. Some of the kettles come with amazing features for , including dry run and auto shut.

The dry run enables you to be safe when running it without water by accident. Since the kettles are different from different features, you are sure to get what you are looking for. The best gooseneck kettle For is superb, with many options available for you. The durability of the kettles are good and a great feature to consider before buying any of the kettles.

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