Best Water for Nespresso Machine

A good cup of coffee depends on various factors, which include a quality machine like a Nespresso machine. The coffee machine will give you a good cup of coffee, but that’s not all. The machines as well as the kind of coffee beans you also use matters.

However, the best coffee beans and the machines will be useless if you do not have suitable water to prepare your coffee. The type of water you use to make your coffee determines the final taste of the coffee cup you prepare.

Various factors help determine the best type of water for your Nespresso machine. These may include technical and simpler things including the following:

  • The mineral content of the water
  • Ph level
  • Price, etc

Moreover, choosing if you want to use tap water or bottled water on your Nespresso machine also plays an essential role. Therefore, we are going to explain everything there is to know about it, as well as the kind of water you should use in your Nespresso machine, with a few water suggestions for you too.

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What Kind Of Water Should I Use In My Nespresso Machine?

You can use any kind of fresh and drinkable water you want in your Nespresso machine. However, good coffee requires choosing the right option. You will probably not have the best coffee taste with ordinary water.

Moreover, the amount of care you take care of your Nespresso machine also matters in the long run. It is important to note that Taking care of the machine includes using the right kind of water in it.

Bottled Water for a Nespresso Machine?

Bottled Water

While many people use tap water to make their coffee, using bottled water on your Nespresso machine is also a good option. This is because bottled water is filtered and doesn’t have any harmful residue in it. Additionally, bottled water is soft, so you won’t have any limescale build-up in your machine.

Using bottled water on your machine is a wise move because you will also enjoy better-tasting coffee. However, it is important to note that there are options in bottled water too. You can either use spring or distilled water as both types will make different-tasting coffee. Springwater is usually bottled at the spring source and has relatively high mineral content.

You will also need to descale if you use bottled water because you need to clear the entire mineral residue. You may not accurately tell the mineral content in bottled water, but you can still have to protect your Nespresso machine from scale build-up.

Tap Water for a Nespresso Machine?

Tap Water

On the other hand, tap water is not entirely useless. However, if you choose to use it, it is important to descale your Nespresso machine. Even then, you should expect your coffee to have a slightly different taste than when you use bottled water. In addition, frequent descaling ensures that the water leaves no mineral deposits in your coffee machine.

While tap water is usually cleaned and purified before it gets to you, you should purify it further to clear out any remnant particles.

Should I Use Distilled Water In My Nespresso Machine?

Distilled water has no minerals because the distillation process not only removes impurities from water but also all the minerals. They do this by boiling the water and then cooling the collected steam back into a liquid.

I would not advise using distilled water on your Nespresso machine because of various reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Distilled water has no minerals in it and will give you flat-tasting coffee.
  • This water is also not very safe to drink frequently
  • It has zero mineral content.

Although all minerals have been removed, distilled water may still have some traces of hardness. Over time, frequent use of distilled water may cause a scale build-up in your machine but this build-up takes a very long time.

That said, regardless of the kind of water you use, I recommended descaling your machine at least twice a year.

Using distilled water will also make your coffee have an unpleasant metallic taste, which you will also experience after you take a sip. Additionally, the zero mineral content in distilled water makes it an excellent solvent.

This water may leach minerals out of your machine pipes and boilers and dissolve them into the water. This could corrode your machine and damage its parts beyond repair. It is probably why distilled water is often packaged and also piped in plastic materials.

Best Water For Nespresso Machines

Good coffee is not just a mix of water and coffee beans, which is why you need to use quality ingredients only. Therefore, we have lined up some of the best water options for your next coffee prep. We will also mention the prime factors that make these water options the best ones out in the market.

Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water

This is bottled water by Icelandic Glacial and it sources its water from the Olfus Spring in Iceland. It has a low mineral content free from heavy metals and silica, making it an ideal addition to your collection. Moreover, this water is naturally alkaline with a PH level of 8.4, making it an ideal water option.

Furthermore, Icelandic Glacial water is carbon neutral and is available in different varieties for consumers. These include the following water options:

  • Sparkling lemon flavors
  • Elderflower
  • Tahitian lime.

Fiji Natural Artesian Water

Fiji Natural water is famous for its double electrolytes content, as uses it as a marketing point. These electrolytes are sipped into the water as it filters through volcanic rock. The water also has a soft, smooth taste enough to give you a tantalizing cup of coffee. Its PH is 7.7, a perfect balance for coffee making.

Evian Natural Spring Water

Evian natural water is another good choice of water to use in your Nespresso machine. This water is filtered through glacial rocks for an extended period spanning 15 years. It is neutrally balanced with a PH of 7.2. Interestingly, the water comes packaged in eco-friendly plastic bottles. This water is your best choice if you love conserving the environment.

Volvic Natural Spring Water

Volvic Spring water is bottled fresh water with a unique mineral balance. This water comes from the Auvergne region, making it a much healthier alternative compared to the other types of water. It also has a more balanced pH.

Saratoga Natural Springwater

The Saratoga Natural Springwater comes in elegant glass bottles. This non-carbonated spring water is excellent for use in your Nespresso coffee machine because it has lesser minerals and does not damage your machine in any way.

Acqua Panna Natural spring water

Acqua Panna Natural spring water is naturally alkaline and goes through an earth filtration process that infuses essential minerals into it. It is also an excellent choice for environmental conservationists since it comes in 100% recyclable bottles. The water is also great for use in your Nespresso coffee machine, considering its pH is not harmful to the machine, or human health.


In summary, making coffee is more sophisticated than just water and coffee beans. However, only true coffee lovers can understand this difference. Therefore, we suggest you start using some of our suggested water options in your next Nespresso coffee machine. It is because the kind of water you use heavily influences the kind of coffee you will get as an end product. We hope you liked this comprehensive guide, and it helps you optimize your coffee-making process.

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