How To Descale Nespresso Machine: Step by Step 2020

All machines that use water build up the deposits of the calcium over the period, and it comes with considerable disadvantage. For you to experience the best of your coffee, you have to descale your machine once in a while. When you see that your Nespresso machine has started to deposit scales, you have to think of a way to get rid of it immediately. For that, you have to come up with ideas and methods that are easier for you to follow and do.

 How To Descale Nespresso Machine 2020

  1. What is descaling?

Descaling in simple term is the process of removing deposited scales in your Nespresso or any other coffee-making machine. When the sales have accumulated for some time in your machine, it changes the taste of the coffee

  1. How do I descale my Nespresso machine easily?

Since descaling is very important in your coffee life, you have to make sure that all the materials and ingredients are ready. Though the descaling of the machines differs from one to another, some things are the same across all of them.  Here are procedures on how to clean your Nespresso machine easily.

  • Empty the capsule container
  • Take clean water and mix it with a descaling solution
  • It’s good that before you start, you place a container at the coffee outlet first
  • In order to get the desired result, you have to press one or more buttons on your machine when you start. We know that the Nespresso machines differ in each model design that why each of the buttons may be different. If you are using the Vertuo, you have to hold the button for at least seven seconds.
  • For Citiz and others, press the two buttons ate the same time for 3 seconds before you let go. When it comes to the Prodigio, you have o press all the three buttons for three seconds
  • After doing this, you will note that the descaling is successful and with take you at least 10 minutes.
  • Some machines are different, and you may have to repeat the same thing severally to get it clean. After you are sure, the machine has run its full cycle you will have to rinse the used container. Then pour clean water into the container and run the cycle again and again until clean
  • Rinse your drip tray after done with the others
  • When you have rinsed everything sparkling clean, you have now to exit the descaling mode. This will do by pressing the same buttons we pressed when started. After that, you will have to let your Nespresso machine to dry for 10 minutes first before you use again
  1. Descaling Nespresso with vinegar

There are so many ways of descaling Nespresso machines, but not all methods are easy. It’s time to learn how to clean your Nespresso machine with vinegar. For coffee lovers, you know how much of the coffee keeps you active the whole day. Therefore cleaning of the Nespresso machine now and then is an important task that you have to keep in mind. It is also because the accumulation of the scales in your kettle or Nespresso machine is not suitable for your health.

When you are staring on cleaning using vinegar, you must first make a vinegar solution. The use of vinegar to clean or descaling is very known by many and does incredible work. Take a portion of the vinegar and mix with water of the same amount and leave it to mix thoroughly. In order to get the right solution, make use of warm water. To avoid a shortage of it while descaling, you have to make lots of it for the Nespresso.

Before you start with the real descaling, you have to make sure that you remove all the used capsules and leave it empty. Get fresh water and pour it in the water tank and mix it with the descaling solution. Before that, it’s good you check the manual and see the amount of mixture the machine requires. As you proceed, make a point to put a container at an outlet of the coffee before you turn on the machine. The container at the outlet should be able to hold at least 1 liter of water.

You will have to hold the button while it’s running to clean every corner of it. Each Nespresso machine comes with different button make sure to press the entire button there for a few seconds. After the first wash, some machines require you to repeat the procedure to achieve the best cleaning. Wash the drip tray and remove all the dirt then rinse the whole machine with fresh water.

  1. Nespresso descaling instructions pdf 

Almost all of the Nespresso machines when bought comes with an instruction manual that shows how to clean it thoroughly. If you have had a difficult time knowing how o clean well the Nespresso machine, you will have to get the Nespresso pdf.

Download Your Instructions


From all the above information, now you have to understand why and how to clean your Nespresso machine to have a delicious drink. Regular cleaning of the machine makes it better and serves for a long period without change in the taste. It would be good if you would put a reminder note somewhere to have your machine cleaned at least once a week.

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  1. I tried everything following carefully the instructions for over an hour.
    Unfortunately, I did not succeed in descaling my Nespresso Virtuoline.

    Now, I can’t even use it for making a coffee.

    Also tried to reboot withought success.

    Please help me.


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