What’s The Best Way To Make Cold Coffee At Home? Step by Step Guide !!

You love to taste the melty, soothing Starbucks-style cold coffee, right?

But what if you get to prepare such cold brewed coffee at home? Well, it’s very possible if you’re taken through the proper instructions.

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But you know, there are a number of ways to brew cold coffee at home. Some are quick, and some take more than 20+ hours of preparation. Some taste regular, and some become as strong as a hot coffee.

Close up view of ice cubes in cold brewed coffee in glass on dark background
Close up view of ice cubes in cold-brewed coffee in glass on a dark background

In this post today, we’ll be taking you through the steps of brewing the best cold coffee brewing at home. Take a break from whatever you’re doing, and let’s get going-

Steps Of Preparing Cold Coffee At Home

This is the section of this article that you have been looking for. Here are the steps of preparing cold-brew coffee at your home without any fancy pieces of equipment-

Step 1: Grind The Coffee

Set your grinder to the most coarse setting possible. Before grinding the coffee beans or coffee powder, check for a little of its output. Keep in mind that we are looking for the same consistency as we can find in breadcrumbs.

If you want to go even finer, you are welcome. But remember that, with too much fine coarse, you may risk the cloudy and rainy tasting flavor in the cold coffee.

Step 2: Sterilize The Coffee-Water Mix

Take a large mason jar and sterilize it to about 1:8 coffee to water ratio. To get a better result, you should go for a large and receptacle jar with a lid.

After you are done sterilizing it, you can place your grounds on the bottom of the jar. Finally, cover it up with cold water.

Step 3: Keep the mix for 18-24 hours

After letting the mix be blended well, stir the mix gently with a teaspoon. Keep the mix to steep for 18-24 hours. You may wonder about the length of the time. But the truth is, as long as you’ll keep this blend to steer, the coffee will taste good.

Step 4: Filter out large-in-size grounds

After the coffee mix is brewed, strain it into a large bowl through a sieve. It will take off and filter the larger grounds that we don’t want to have in our coffee.

After you are done, tuck it with a paper towel or thin cloth. In this way, a cleaned sieve will form.

Repeat the process a number of times to get an even finer version of the mix. Keep doing that until you find a murky residue at the bottom of the jar.

Step 5: Mix ice sugar and milk

By this step, we’re done with preparing out the coffee mix. Now, it’s time to add sugar, milk, creams, or anything else that enhances the flavor.

About the milk, cream, or sugar, we’re not defining the amount precisely- as they depend on everyone’s personal taste. If you want, you can add flavored milk like chocolate, coconut, mango, etc.

After you’re done, keep the coffee covered in a refrigerator until you have to serve it.

If you want, you can add any toppings of a chocolate bar, etc.

Some Fun Facts About Making Cold Coffee At Home

Done with the steps? Great! Now it’s time for some fun. Below, we’ve listed down some myths and also some fun facts about cold coffee brewing at home. Enjoy-

Many people believe that cold coffee is just taken for taste’s sake. But cold coffee can be strong as well if brewed in the right way.

Cold coffee is less acidic than hot ones. If regular hot coffee is likely to upset your stomach, you can try taking cold-brewed coffee every once in a while.

Do you want to have cold coffee in a ‘hot’ state? Well, it can be done just by heating up cold coffee, and it will give you the same taste yet.

Cold coffee takes more time to get prepared. As it’s being mixed in cold water, you can already guess the reason.

If the coffee bean is grounded at a coarse level, it gives the best taste whatsoever.

Cold coffee can be brewed with any coffee variety. It gives you the freedom to experiment with taste and flavor.

How to: Three Ways to Cold Brew Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Here are some of the common questions that we’ve seen people ask a lot of times-

How difficult it is to make cold coffee at home?

  • If you ask for our neutral opinion, making cold coffee is not a complicated thing at all. There are a number of ways to do that, and you can choose one from the ‘easy’ genre for the beginning.

What fancy appliances do I need to make cold coffee at home?

  • The good thing about cold coffee is, you do not need any fancy appliances to make cold coffee at home. A good food processor or nearly a hand blender we do the work.

How long do I have to keep blending the coffee beans?

  • If you are blending the beans with a hand blender, you have to keep doing that until you get a smooth, rich, and gunpowder-style coffee grind.

How many ways are there to prepare cold coffee at home?

  • As we said before, there are a number of ways to prepare cold coffee at home. Some people would like to pour a chilled brewed coffee into a glass full of ice and call it a day. But some other people would like to make it more perfect to increase the strength of the coffee.

Bottom Line

Yeah, we know that the steps seem hectic, especially when you’re new to such a process. But you can rely on us about the final outcome. It will be no less tasty and energizing than the cold coffee you get to have in Starbucks!

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