Buying Tea Capsules For A Nespresso Machine: 5 Things You Should Know

Aside from coffee, your Nespresso machine can also make tea. To make a tasty cup of tea, your ingredients should be of premium quality. The tea you use should be the correct type for your machine. Using clean water is compulsory as well. Do you use suitable tea pods for your Nespresso machine?

Nespresso machines support the use of tea pods. A Nespresso machine can make coffee and tea, depending on what you fancy at that moment. Although these machines are made for coffee, some Nespresso models can make tea as well. 

Tea lovers can now enjoy freshly brewed pots of tea at the comfort of their homes. Similar to coffee, a cup of tea in the morning is a great day to jumpstart your day. A good cup of tea depends on the kind of tea capsules you buy. Read on to find out factors to consider when purchasing tea capsules for a Nespresso machine.

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Does Nespresso Sell Tea Pods?

Nespresso does sell tea pods. This may come as a shocker to you since Nespresso is famous for coffee and all coffee-related items. There is an assortment of different kinds of tea that Nespresso sells.

 Additionally, the Nespresso machines are compatible with these pods, so you need not worry about that. Also, they come in different flavors, such as Earl Grey, chamomile, and lavender.

A few examples of tea pods sold by Nespresso include:

  • Earl Grey tea flavored with bergamot, cornflower petals, and blue flower petals
  • Ceylon black tea

Each of these teas is rich in flavor and guaranteed to make tasty cups of tea. They are also easy to use and store. To keep the tea fresh, you have to store them in a cool, dry place.

4 Things You Should Know Before Buying Tea Capsules For Your Nespresso Machine

As mentioned before, good tea is a result of using premium ingredients. Buying quality tea capsules for your Nespresso machine is essential to make excellent cups of tea. Before we dive right in, note that tea pods/capsules are small pouches, similar to tea bags with tea inside.

 Here are valuable tips you should know before buying the tea capsules.

Know The Different Types Of Tea Pods And What They Represent

When purchasing tea pods for your Nespresso, you will come across many different types of tea. Interestingly, each type of tea has a meaning that represents a particular culture.

Consider green tea. Green tea is known globally.

This tea is primarily used for its therapeutic properties. Green tea is also said to have some medicinal value, therefore it is used in health care. Green tea is a good drink when you want to clean your gut or detox. Such tea is mostly made of herbs such as lavender and chamomile

You may also be familiar with the English breakfast tea. 

This wonderful blend of Assam and Ceylon tea is flavorful and was initially served to the English royal families.

Mint lovers will love the Marrakesh mint. This type of tea is a wholesome blend of green tea and mint. In Morocco, where this tea originates from, it represents hospitality and kindness.

Know Your Flavors

There is a wide range of tea flavors to choose from. Unlike coffee, tea is rich in flavor variations. The flavor you choose depends on your taste and preference. Additionally, some of these flavors have beneficial ingredients that you can use to ease issues such as flu.  

Some of these flavors include:

  • Lemon tea
  • Cinnamon tea
  • Earl grey tea
  • Forest fruits tea
  • China Jasmin tea
  • Black Citrus tea
  • Ginger flavored tea
  • Masala tea

Tea pods are user friendly

Using a Nespresso to make a coffee cup is easy, but you are required to alter the concentration of the coffee grounds or change the size of the cup to get your desired coffee strength. This process might be hectic, especially when making several cups of coffee.

In contrast, tea pods are easy to use and more controllable. The only thing you need to do if you want a more potent drink is leaving the pod steep for a longer time. The amount of time the pod spends in the machine will determine just how strong your drink will be. Be careful, however, as leaving the pod in for too long alters the taste of your tea.

Your Nespresso needs to be prepared before you can use it to make tea

Remember that your machine is a coffee maker first before it is a tea maker. Before buying your tea capsule, ensure that your machine can support such kinds of capsules. 

Furthermore, I suggest buying extra tea capsules in case your machine needs to be flushed to remove any coffee residue. Warm water works as well, but a tea rinse is better.

Does Nespresso Make Green Tea Pods

Nespresso doesn’t make green tea pods just yet. Nonetheless, many other companies make green tea pods that are compatible with Nespresso. For example, the A. Muse Projects makes 100% compostable tea pods that are Nespresso compatible.

Green tea pods are best for you if you are environmentally conscious. Such tea pods, unlike their plastic counterparts, are friendly to the environment. They don’t pollute the environment as they decompose completely.

Compostable tea pods are fragile, and you must handle them with care. When using them, insert them carefully into your Nespresso. Be careful not to burst them as they aren’t as strong as the aluminum like Nespresso coffee capsules.

These tea pods are compostable and biodegradable. Therefore you can dispose them off together with other biodegradable wastes. When they decompose, they don’t leave any harmful material in the soil. Instead, they deposit essential nutrients into the ground.

There is a massive benefit of using green tea pods. Well, compostable tea pods make better-tasting cups of tea. Avoid plastic single-serve pods as they are full of vinyl compounds and polypropylene, which are harmful to the body.

Most of the green tea pods are made of cornstarch, and sometimes even coffee bean husks. Plant-based pod material is acceptable since they are earth-friendly.

To sum up, having a Nespresso in your kitchen is a privilege. With this machine, you can make both delicious tea and coffee in the comfort of your home.

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