Buying Tea Capsules For A Nespresso Machine: Things You Should Know

The Nespresso machine can also make tea, rather than just coffee. However, to make a tasty cup of tea, you should use premium quality ingredients only. The tea you use should be the correct type for your machine. Similarly, using clean water is compulsory as well. The question is, do you use suitable tea pods for your Nespresso machine?

Nespresso machines support using tea pods. Although these machines are made for coffee, some of them can make tea as well.

How to refill Nespresso VertuoLine capsules?

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    Tea lovers can enjoy freshly brewed pots of tea in the comfort of their homes. A cup of tea in the morning is a great day to jumpstart your day if you aren’t a coffee fan. A good cup of tea depends on the kind of tea capsules you buy. Read on to find out factors to consider when purchasing tea capsules for a Nespresso machine.

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    Does Nespresso Sell Tea Pods?

    Nespresso sells tea pods, which is something many people may not know. It is because the company is famous for coffee and all coffee-related items. There is an assortment of different kinds of teas that Nespresso sells.

    Additionally, the Nespresso machines are compatible with these pods, so you do not need to worry about buying separate machines. These pods come in different flavors, such as Earl Grey, chamomile, and lavender. A few examples of tea pods sold by Nespresso include:

    • Earl Grey tea flavored with bergamot
    • Cornflower petals
    • Blue flower petals Ceylon black tea.

    All of these teas are rich in flavor and guarantee tasty cups of tea. They are also easy to use and store. To keep the tea fresh, you have to store them in a cool, dry place.

    5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Tea Capsules for Your Nespresso Machine

    A good cup of tea is a result of using premium ingredients, which is why buying quality tea capsules for your Nespresso machine is essential. These tea pods are like small capsules you can fit into the machine before brewing tea or coffee.

    Following are some valuable tips you should know before buying the tea capsules.

    Know the Different Types of Tea Pods

    You will come across many different types of tea when you go to buy Nespresso tea pods. However, each type of tea has a meaning that represents a particular culture. Therefore, it is essential to take a good look at the flavors available, the aroma and tastes they offer, and the benefits you could have with specific flavors.

    Consider Green Tea

    Green tea is popular globally and is primarily used for its therapeutic properties. It also has some medicinal value. Therefore, it is used in health care, and to promote healing. Green tea is a good drink when you want to clean your gut or detox. Such tea is mostly made of herbs such as lavender and chamomile.

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    You may also be familiar with the English breakfast tea, which is an essential part of the English customary meal. This pod offers a wonderful blend of Assam and Ceylon tea and was initially served to the English royal families.

    If you are a Mint lover, you will love the Marrakesh mint. This type of tea is a wholesome blend of green tea and mint, which brings a more refreshing flavor to the tea. The tea originates from Morocco where it is often offered as a sign of hospitality towards guests.

    Cup of tea

    Know Your Flavors

    There is a wide range of tea flavors to choose from when it comes to tea capsules. It is because the flavor variations with tea are much versatile as compared to coffee. The flavor you choose depends on your taste and preference. However, some of these flavors have beneficial ingredients. You can add these flavors to your tea pods collection and ease health issues such as flu and general cough.

    Some of these flavors include:

    • Lemon tea
    • Cinnamon tea
    • Earl grey tea
    • Forest fruits tea
    • China Jasmin tea
    • Black Citrus tea
    • Ginger flavored tea
    • Masala tea

    Tea pods are user friendly

    Using a Nespresso to make a coffee cup is easy, but you need to alter the concentration of the coffee grounds or change the size of the cup to get your desired coffee strength. This process is a bit complex, especially when making several cups of coffee.

    However, tea pods are easy to use and more controllable as you need to leave the pod steep for a longer time, for better tasting tea.

    The amount of time the pod spends in the machine will determine just how strong your drink will be. So, it is important to be careful, because leaving the pod in for too long alters the taste of your tea.

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    image 29 (1)

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    Prepare your Nespresso Before You Can Use It to Make Tea

    Remember, your machine is primarily a coffee maker and then a tea maker. Therefore, ensure your machine supports these capsules before making a purchase.

    Consider buying extra tea capsules in case you need to flush your machine to remove any coffee residue. You can also use warm water, but a tea rinse is better in most cases.

    Does Nespresso Make Green Tea Pods

    Nespresso doesn’t make green tea pods at the moment. However, many other companies make Nespresso compatible green tea pods. For example, the A. Muse Projects makes 100% compostable tea pods that are Nespresso compatible.

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    Green tea pods are ideal for you if you are environmentally conscious. However, these tea pods are eco-friendly, unlike the plastic variants.

    Compostable tea pods are fragile, and you must handle them with care. Insert them carefully into your Nespresso and do not burst them as they aren’t as strong as the aluminum coffee capsules.

    These tea pods are compostable and biodegradable, so you can dispose of them together with other biodegradable wastes. When they decompose, they don’t leave any harmful material in the soil but deposit essential nutrients into the ground.

    There is a massive benefit of using green tea pods because the compostable tea pods make better-tasting cups of tea. It is best to avoid plastic single-serve pods as they are full of vinyl compounds and polypropylene, which are harmful to the body.

    Most of the green tea pods have cornstarch and coffee bean husks. Therefore, the plant-based pod material is acceptable since they are eco-friendly.

    How to use Tea Capsules or pod For Nespresso Machine


    Having a Nespresso in your kitchen is a privilege. With this machine, you can make both delicious tea and coffee in the comfort of your home. Additionally, there are several tasty flavors available for making tea with the Nespresso tea and coffee pods to make delicious warm beverages.

    However, you should ensure following our tips in this guide to have the best tea-making experience. Now that we have talked about the basics, let us take a look at some frequently asked questions about tea capsules for a Nespresso Machine.


    Following are some of the most common questions that most Nespresso machine owners ask.

    Can you get tea pods for Nespresso?

    Nespresso does not manufacture tea pods for its tea-making machines itself, but, there are various other companies that you can contact to get tea pods for your Nespresso machines.

    Which Nespresso pod is decaf?

    Following are some of the Nespresso pods that are decaf with different intensities ranging between 9 and 4.

    Each of these Nespresso pods offers the best decaf experience for consumers.

    Can Nespresso Make Tea?

    Yes, the Nespresso machines can make well-brewed tea and coffee, but you need to find the right flavored tea pods for the machine. Some common examples of tea pod flavors to choose from include:

    • Lemon tea
    • Cinnamon tea
    • Earl grey tea
    • Forest fruits tea

    Does Nespresso Vertuo Next Make Regular Coffee?

    The Nespresso Vertuo Next can make Expresso and regular coffees, proving it is an excellent all-in-one solution for tea and coffee.

    Can You Make Latte Art With Nespresso?

    Some high-end Nespresso machines like Creatista can help prepare Latte Art because of in-built steam in these machines. It helps produce café style micro-foam milk and the perfect latte art as well.

    Which Nespresso Pods Are Sweet?

    Nespresso pods like the Volluto Grand Cru are one of the best options out in the market, with a bit of acidity and sweetness. The pod also uses lightly roasted coffee grindings, which allows the sweet taste to develop through the coffee.

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