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There are many methods of brewing coffee, but coffee lovers are increasingly choosing percolators. Because of their vintage designs and practicality, people buy them for their collection or everyday use. Percolators also give the coffee a strong, slightly bitter aroma. They are also an ideal addition to kitchen décor, and convenient for trips. In addition, they do not take up much space.

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Percolators have undergone many changes but still kept their quality. Also, their advantage is that it takes as much as 5 minutes for coffee to be ready. Coffee lovers have different coffee habits. Percolators meet the expectations of those who want coffee with a rich aroma and valuable addition to their collection. Finally, keep reading to find out which vintage percolators are the best and why they would be the choice for you.


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1. Vintage Revere Ware Copper Clad 6-Cup Percolator

If you are a collector of vintage cookware and a coffee lover at the same time, then Vintage Revere Ware Copper Clad 6-Cup Percolator is for you! It is perfect for strong coffee, because of its delicate vintage design. It comes with a glass Fire King top and also a black handle. Because of its construction, Revere percolator is good for trips or everyday use in your kitchen. The silvery-gray color will go well with your décor.

So, I highly recommend this percolator. You will surely enjoy the wonderful aroma and also feel like you are in the 60s. It is also not difficult to use. Just prepare your grind coffee and water, place it on flame and let the percolator do the rest itself. In conclusion, you will enjoy your cup of coffee in less than 5 minutes.

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2. Vintage Pyrex 9-cup Flameware Percolator with Glass Stem and Basket

If you want a percolator that brews the tastiest coffee, I recommend Vintage Pyrex Flameware percolator. It is a fine addition to your retro kitchen, because of its flameware glass design. Enjoy watching the coffee brew. The prominent feature of this percolator is that all parts are replaceable. And if you happen to damage some parts, you can easily find them online. In addition, its size is enough to fit with your kitchen.

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You can make 9 cups of coffee with this percolator. It also has measure markers for easy filling. Do not worry about safety, because this percolator is heat resistant. Durable design will also serve you for a long time. In conclusion, adding this percolator to your collection will not only bring some memories back but also offer incredible coffee.

3. Vintage Corning Ware Cornflower P-80-EP 10-Cup Electric Coffee Percolator

One of the best percolators with beautiful designs is the Vintage Corning Ware Cornflower percolator. This is a popular piece among collectors from the 70s because it is rare to find. Many people use it as a decorative piece, but also for great coffee. In addition, it is easy to use and only takes a few minutes to brew your coffee. Also, it has stainless steel, which makes it safe for use.

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If you want to enjoy a marvelous piece with a great design from the 70s, then go for this percolator. It will be a valuable piece of your collection. I am also sure it will serve you well and brew many tasty cups of coffee. You can also find this percolator online or at thrift stores for a reasonable price. If you want to keep your percolator in top condition, use only baking soda and water mixture for cleaning.

4. Vintage West Bend 5-9 Cup Percolator

If you want a vintage but good percolator, go for Vintage West Bend one. This percolator is great for your home because of its beautiful and space-saving design. It also has a filter basket for easier removal of grounds and a lock-on lid that prevents any spillage. Also, it has water-level markings on the interior for more convenient measuring.

West bend percolator makes 5 to 9 cups of coffee and has automatic temperature control. Also, coffee made with this percolator is high-quality, and it is more than enough for coffee enthusiasts. In other words, choose this West Bend coffee percolator and enjoy the vintage pattern and hot coffee made in 5 minutes.

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5. General Electric Percolator 68p40

If you want a percolator with a mid-century design in your collection, then General Electric Percolator 68p40 is right for you. Its unique and pot-bellied look will help you decide whether to get it for your home. This percolator also contains a cord, basket with a tap, and glass lid. In addition, you can adjust the settings and select the reheat, mild, medium, or strong options depending on your preferences.

General Electric Coffee Percolator pot belly 1950's vintage Model P410A Stainless Steel #percolator

Another great feature is the red light that comes off when your coffee is ready. It is also an excellent addition to vintage kitchens because of its simple and beautiful print. This percolator made of stainless steel guarantees durability and safety. It makes about 9 cups of good coffee. In conclusion, whether you want a percolator for your collection or everyday use, I recommend you choose this one.

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6. Vintage Retro Cory DGPL5 Percolator

Vintage Cory Percolator is a vintage piece for a gift or collection. It has an amazing design with gold decoration and pattern. Another excellent feature is the brown bakelite handle which is secure and safe for use. The material used for the filter basket and its lid is polypropylene, plastic that is stain proof and odor-free. Because of this, you do not have to worry about corrosion and dent.

I highly recommend this percolator, because it is practical and economical. It uses less coffee that has a great aroma. Also, it is easy to clean. After cleaning, it will still keep its shape and color. Cory percolator makes up to 8 cups of coffee. Its retro colors will definitely add personality to any kitchen!

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These are the best percolators for every collector and coffee lover. Each of them has characteristics that will meet different requirements. Above all, beautiful retro designs will not leave you indifferent. Moreover, they will last for a long time because of their durable structure. In conclusion, whichever percolator you choose, I believe it will provide you with quality and the best coffee.

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