Jura Vs DeLonghi

The Swiss home appliance maker, Jura, and the Italian small appliance manufacturer De’Longhi are two of the top brands in the espresso machine industry worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a first-time machine or you’re a pro-level barista looking for a lifetime machine companion, these two names are bound to cross your mind at some point during the purchase decision. 

The two brands have stood the test of time and keep bringing you innovative concepts to improve, perfect, and automate the coffee-brewing experience. Their machines blend trending technologies with changing styles, ease of use, and seamless extraction of coffee flavors. 

So, which one is best for you? Read on to find out. 

Jura Elektroapparate AG

Jura Elektroapparate AG was founded in 1931 by Leo Henzirohs and Roger Federer is its current brand ambassador. The company is headquartered in Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland and has branches in several countries including USA, the UK, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, Spain, and South-East Asia. 

The brand started out as a manufacturer of home appliances and was especially renowned for its clothes irons and toasters. However, in the mid-1980s, the company pivoted to exclusively developing and distributing fully automatic high-end espresso machines.  

Some of the company values and design concepts which make Jura a top of the class brand include:

Award-Winning Designs

According to the Jura company website https://sg.jura.com/en/about-jura/company-portrait/this-is-jura, all Jura products conform to design concepts which express quality, care, calmness, power, and consistency. 

Jura designs have won multiple international awards and Jura appliances are considered the world over as high-end decor pieces which can enhance your interior design aside from their primary function as espresso makers. 

Fully Automatic Operations

Jura machines are made to be intuitive and run with precision at the touch of a button or at the swipe of a smartphone display. The machines are supported by RFID and smartphone app technologies. Each u8nit has numerous automatic programming options which all deliver ingenious operating concepts. 

Revolutionary Experiences

Jura products aim at perfecting the coffee brewing process. For instance, the nozzle technology results in perfect milk foaming while the Pulse Extraction Process pulses steaming hot water at very short intervals to prepare the ultimate ristretto and espresso aromas and flavors.

De’Longhi S.p.A.

De’Longhi is a globally renowned brand which was founded by the De’Longhi family in 1902 as a manufacturing workshop for small industrial parts. The company first made its name as a leader in manufacturing air conditioners and portable heaters before they expanded to many other household domestic appliances. 

Currently, the company owns over 30 international subsidiaries, runs 13 production facilities spread across the world, and supports sales to over 75 countries worldwide. Some of the major milestones which demonstrate the De’Longhi Group’s innovativeness and growth include:

Launched Pinguino

In 1986, the company launched the Pinguino range of portable air conditioners. This marks the focus of the company into the HVAC industry and the establishment as a market leader.

First Foreign Branch

In 1985, the group expanded its operations internationally by opening its first foreign branch in the US. The branch, housed at the Empire State Building in New York, brought DeLonghi products much closer to the American people. 

Kenwood and Ariete

In 2001, De’Longhi Group acquired the UK’s leading kitchen appliance maker, Kenwood.  The same year, the De’Longhi Group acquired Ariete, a premier home appliance maker based in Tuscany, Italy. 


It wasn’t until 1993 that the De’Longhi Group first ventured into the coffee market by introducing the Magnifica, which was the world’s first super-automatic espresso machine. 


In 2003, the De’Longhi Group went into partnership with Nestlé Nespresso S.A., or the Nestlé Group, for the distribution of pre-apportioned single-use coffee capsules. 


In 2012, the De’Longhi Group took over Braun, the leaders in food preparation equipment and ironing products. 

Eversys SA

In 2017, the De’Longhi Group further cemented its hold on the specialty coffee and professional espresso markets by acquiring 40 percent of Eversys. Eversys is a Swiss Group renowned for their premier espresso makers which are optimized using technology but rely on traditional barista customs. 


In 2020, the De’Longhi Group acquired the Capital Brands holdings Inc., the company world renowned for popular blenders Nutribullet and Magic Bullet. 

Top Jura Model Vs Top De’Longhi Model

Jura Vs DeLonghi

Evidently, both Jura and DeLonghi are well-known and trusted brands in the coffee machine business worldwide. They both have a great tradition behind them. Their products are reliable and their espresso makers are guaranteed to provide a strong flavorful cup at the touch of a button. To make a more realistic comparison, we picked one top model from each manufacturer. 

Jura Impressa F8 Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura’s Impressa F8 is a high-end bean to cup coffee maker, meaning it’s a coffee maker and grinder. The grinder is quiet, almost noiseless. The grinding burrs deliver a precise and accurate grind with uniform particle sizes. 

The Grinder+Aroma mill utilizes an intuitive grind with the blades changing the cutting angles to extract rich flavors and increase the bean surface area. This allows for the water to infuse more of the bean’s essential oils, delivering a more flavorful brew. 

The Impressa F8 features a TFT display with realistic graphics. A rotary dial makes it easy to scroll through available selections. You can choose from four different strength settings depending on how strong you like your coffee. 

Additionally, the super-automatic Jura Impressa F8 can save your coffee preferences and you can make two different preferences at the same time. With the TFT display, you can also customize your froth and milk foam to your liking and save the preset. 

You can customize the names of your presets. For instance, if you and your roommate both love cappuccino but you like yours hot and ristretto while they like theirs tepid and lungo then you can both save your preferences and give each different name. So whenever either of you wants to make a cup, all they have to do is select their chosen name from the TFT display. 

De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM 3500

If you love brewing high quality flavorful coffees but don’t want a huge bulky machine taking up your counter space, De’Longhi’s Magnifica ESAM 3500 can be the coffee maker for you. It is a super automatic coffee maker weighing in at 30.8 lbs. The dimensions are 15″ by 14″ by 11″. The size is one of its bestselling points. 

The Magnifica ESAM 3500 is built with classic European styling and modern sleek lines. The brushed silver makes it a beautiful addition to any countertop, enhancing your overall decor. 

Another top selling point for the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM 3500 is the high-volume, easy-access, front-loading 60oz water reservoir. Most coffee makers in this class are made to make one or two cups of coffee at a time. With this type of reservoir, the ESAM 3500 can brew by the pot to satisfy a busy office or cafe. 

Another top selling point is that the ESAM 3500 comes with an in-built grinder. The bean hopper has a seven-ounce capacity. However, the grinder can get too loud compared to other machines in the same class. The heat emission of the grinder blades and motor may also not do well with oily beans or dark roasts. 

The ESAM 3500 has a double-boiler system which allows you to steam milk and brew coffee at the same time. The machine also features a Telescoping Coffee Spigot which allows you to accurately measure out a variety of cup sizes ranging from a small espresso shot to an eight-ounce cup. 

The machine comes with a front-loading milk jug which carries up to 25 ounces of milk. The milk jug is detachable and can be removed for storage in the fridge. 

With most machines, you need a minimum of nine bars of pressure to make a decent cup of cappuccino. The De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM 3500 delivers up to 15 bars for guaranteed results. The machine also features a cup warming tray, so your cup is always hot.

Differences Between Jura and DeLonghi Coffee Machines

Jura Vs DeLonghi

To compare the two brands, we ranked them based on a few factors and here are our prevailing thoughts. 

Design and Aesthetics

De’Longhi espresso machines work well and last long. However, Jura machines last longer, look better, and add aesthetic beauty to your countertops. A Jura machine will stand out on your countertop whether your decor looks sleek and modern or more traditional. 


Jura machines all come with an inbuilt conical burr grinder, ensuring all your grinds are uniform and of the desired particle size. De’Longhi espresso machines don’t have an inbuilt coffee grinder so you will need to buy an external one or brew your coffee using pre-ground espresso blends. Another option when using DeLonghi machines is to buy ESE pods so you can do away with grinding functions. 


Both companies prefer a slow grind to maintain the integrity of flavors. Nonetheless, the speeds are still high enough at between 1,200 and 1,800 RPM. Which means whatever type of cup of coffee you need, the difference between a Jura machine and a DeLonghi machine will be from a fraction of a second to just a few insignificant seconds. 


Some De’Longhi machines are fully automatic though most are only semi-automatic. This means you will have to intervene a few times during the brewing process. Jura machines are more intuitive and fully automatic, allowing the brewer to focus on other tasks. Additionally, the intuitiveness allows for better energy-saving so your unit won’t drain power unnecessarily by keeping water hotter than it needs to be. 


When it comes to specialty coffee, what matters most to coffee enthusiasts is the quality of their coffee. A Jura coffee maker represents the height of quality coffee making. Jura machines use the Intelligent Pre-Brew Systems (IPBS) which guarantee a consistent extraction with each grinding cycle. Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) ensures a smooth and flavorful espresso experience. 

Newer Jura machines also come with an aroma boost function which extracts the maximum amount of flavor from your coffee beans at the touch of a button. 

While the De’Longhi line of espresso makers prepare a pretty decent cup of coffee, many enthusiasts will agree they are no match for coffees made using Jura machines. Experts and critics tend to agree that coffees made using De’Longhi machines are coffee shop quality and great as a base for a latter or a cappuccino, but can hardly match up to the flavor profile of coffee made out of a Jura machine.


De’Longhi coffee makers, even the most affordable ones, generally come with an inbuilt frother or an automatic steaming wand. This is an advantage over Jura coffee makers which generally don’t come with an integrated frother and you have to pay extra to get one. 

However, for Jura machines with frother, they use the Fine Foam technology which results in a thicker, richer, beautifully textured foam. It may come a little expensive but it is often totally worth it to a discerning coffee lover.

Cleaning and Maintenance

De’Longhi machines come with detachable parts which makes it easy to clean and maintain. You don’t need expert knowledge or any specialized training to detach the removable parts, clean them, or replace them. Additionally, even for machines used in busy environments you don’t really have to do the cleaning often. 

Jura machines have no removable parts, not even the water reservoir. This is because Jura coffee makers are designed to be self-cleaning. For all Jura coffee makers, the cleaning process is fully automated with self-rinsing, cleaning, and descaling functions running automatically.


De’Longhi coffee makers will provide a decent brew while Jura will in most cases provide premier quality. This reflects in the price, with jura coffee makers being more expensive compared to De’Longhi. 

If you’re very particular about your coffee flavors and frothing, then Jura single-cup coffee machines will provide a better experience. However, if you prefer milk drinks like lattes and cappuccinos and you’re not very particular about flavor profiles, a De’Longhi will give you value for your money at an affordable price range. 

In addition to performance, Jura coffee makers are made out of sturdy, higher-quality materials. This makes them more expensive but lasts much longer. Jura coffee makers are typically meant to be lifetime machine companions while DeLonghi machines are to be replaced a few times over a lifetime.  


As has been mentioned before, Jura is big on creating fully automatic coffee makers. Jura espresso machines are intuitive and are backed with the latest and revolutionary technologies. Jura machines are fully programmable and can digitally remember your preferences. The displays are simple to use and the machines are easy to configure. 

De’Longhi machines are mostly semi-automatic. Which means some functions will require you to stand by the machine to perform them at the right time in the correct manner. In most cases, brewers prefer the hands-free full automation of Jura coffee makers. 

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