Delonghi Won’t Heat: Here’s what to Do

Nothing starts your day off on the right foot like a well-brewed cup of coffee. The last thing you need in the morning is a malfunctioning coffee machine. One common problem with coffee machines is when they won’t heat the water. I know you are curious to know why your Delonghi won’t heat.

One of the common reasons your Delonghi coffee maker won’t heat is that you have a broken thermoblock. The thermoblock may also be blocked, causing low temperature, which cannot heat water. It could also be because the thermostat of your coffee maker is broken. 

Problems with heating are not the only issue you will face with your Delonghi Coffee machine. At some point, your machine might malfunction again, and it’s good to stay prepared.

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I am going to give you several reasons why your Delonghi machine is not working. Additionally, I will show you how to fix this machine if it stops heating. Lastly, I will tell you how long a Delonghi machine should last.

Why Is My Delonghi Coffee Machine Not Working? 

Your machine is not working because a part of its hardware has malfunctioned. If one part of the coffee machine fails, it is highly unlikely that the machine will work. That said, here are a few reasons why your machine can no longer make you a cup of coffee.

1. There is an issue with the electrical board, capacitors, and thermal fuses

If your Delonghi coffee machine has problems with its electrical board, it may not even start. Fortunately, these parts are easily replaceable.

Sometimes, the electrical board of your Delonghi machine may short circuit or the thermal fuses may blow up. This happens when there is a circuit overload or when water enters the electric board. 

Be careful to always connect your coffee maker’s plug firmly into the socket. A loose connection is among the many causes of circuit overload. You may need to replace these parts when short-circuiting happens. 

2. Your machine’s brew heads are clogged

You won’t be able to brew coffee if the brew heads are clogged. The filter baskets on the brew heads can get clogged. Waste coffee beans cause this clogging.  

While it is commendable that you try to clean out your coffee machine frequently, sometimes you may forget to clean out the filter baskets and porta-filter. The result of this is a build-up of waste coffee beans which in turn clog brew heads.

To avoid this, ensure you thoroughly clean out both your filter baskets and the port filter. You can use a sharp object to pry the coffee grounds out of the filter. A lot of Delonghi coffee machines come equipped with a pin meant for cleaning the filter basket.

3. Your water supply is blocked

An issue with the water system in your coffee maker is enough to make it stop working. Check if the water is pumping and if the water tank is correctly placed.

This is important because if the tank is not in position, an air bubble can form in the system. Water can’t go through the air bubble, thus cutting off the water supply.

Always ensure your water tank is placed correctly and get rid of any coffee debris. You also need to ensure the water reservoir is always full.

To get rid of air bubbles, dispense several cups of water. This will either burst the bubble or push it out.

4. Limescale build-up

Your machine can stop working because of limescale build-up. This is the mineral deposits seen after boiling hard water.

 Frequent use of hard water causes limescale build-up inside your water tank and reservoir.

Too much limescale build-up will prevent the machine from pumping water. The remedy for this is frequent decalcifying.

5. Your brew unit is stuck

A brew unit, also called an infuser can get stuck, causing your machine to stop working. The location of this infuser may be a good reason why it can get stuck.

To illustrate, the infuser is located next to the bin containing grinds. Used coffee pucks are dispensed here. When the coffee maker is working, it is very easy for these plucks to get stuck in the brew unit.

Likewise, the infuser can get stuck if the power goes off while the coffee is still brewing.

How To Fix A Delonghi Coffee Maker That Won’t Heat?

To fix a Delonghi coffee maker that won’t heat, you first have to find out why it is not heating. Broken thermo-blocks and capacitors are the primary reasons why your coffee machine is malfunctioning. That said, you need to find out what’s damaging the thermo-blocks.

For starters, if you stay in an area with hard water, you need to decalcify your machine often. A build-up of limescale messes up with how the thermo-blocks operate.

This build-up will cause water not to flow into the thermo-blocks at the correct speed resulting in warm water. You don’t want to take warm coffee, do you?

In addition to this, consider replacing your thermo-blocks. If the thermo-blocks are damaged beyond repair, the only other option you have is to get a new one.  

Before you throw away your coffee machine in frustration, consider the following tips to help you get hotter cups of coffee.

  • Always use the cup warmer tray. This helps keep your coffee hotter for longer
  • Select the highest temperature level that your machine can handle. You can do this on the settings menu of your Delonghi.

How Long Should A Delonghi Machine Last? 

With proper care, your Delonghi machine should last anywhere between five and fifteen years. It may even go for longer if you take extra care of it. Delonghi machines are durable and will serve you for a long time.

Here are a few tips to help you take great care of your coffee machine

  • Keep your machine clean
  • A dirty coffee maker will not serve you for long. Dirt build-up will cause the machine parts to malfunction. A dirty machine is also a health hazard as you will be drinking contaminated coffee.

    Your Delonghi machine will come with a cleaning guide on its manual. Follow it. Apart from frequent cleaning, remember to decalcify your machine and also empty the filter baskets.

  • Use your machine properly
  • This involves using the correct coffee beans and the right amount of water. Avoid using your machine when the water tank is empty. Similarly, use enough coffee beans to avoid making thin coffee drinks.

    These simple tips will help your machine last longer.

    In summary, a Delonghi coffee machine is a quality machine, and with proper care and maintenance, you can be sure of a well-brewed cup of coffee every morning.

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