DeLonghi ESAM3300 Review

Let’s talk about the DeLonghi ESAM3300 super-automatic coffee maker.

DeLonghi wowed us with the aesthetics and technology of their coffee makers. But with the Delonghi Esam300 Magnifica, Delonghi seems to exceed the standards they set.

We’re not the only one behind the statement. Esam3300 has become the talk of the town since its launch back in 2016.

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With Magnifica, you can experience a full-form automatic espresso machine, with a more compact, minimalistic design. They have not only, one but two stainless steel boilers.

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Top Rated Super Automatic Espresso Delonghi ESAM3300 Review

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Overview

Let’s start with the aesthetics of DeLonghi ESAM3300. This is a beautiful machine with a metallic frontal and a molded black back. The sleek design, modern lines, and smooth edges make it one of the smartest-looking coffee makers DeLonghi has come out with.

The Esam3300  also has an impressive reservoir,  it’s able to hold up to 60 ounces of water.

The machine is also able to produce double shots (8oz. Of coffee), meaning you’ll be able to have 7-8 cups of coffee.

DELONGHI ESAM3300 Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

Like most of the top-rated coffee makers, the DeLonghi ESAM330 also comes with a beans-to-brew system. The DeLonghi ESAM330 has smart and sufficient integrated machinery. It can uphold up to 7 ounces of beans (medium roast), and brew them properly for the perfect cup.

There is a dial located next to the hopper that lets you control the grinding features. With the dialer control, you can fine-tune the coarseness of the ground beans.

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The two most important factors when brewing the perfect cup of coffee are the extraction rate and the contact time. The extraction rate depends on the surface area. You can increase the surface area of the beans by changing the setting to a finer one. You can also adjust the contact time or the amount of time the beans are exposed to water, finding the right setting between these can be easily done using the knob in this model.

Another noteworthy part of this coffee machine is its patented double boiler system. The stainless steel construction, the compact size, and the quick heat rate play an essential role in creating the perfect cup. In fact, the double boiler has the ability to boil water in a short amount of time. So your wait time between two consecutive cups has been shortened a considerable amount. Another small, but the significant feature is the telescoping spigot. This feature comes in handy when you are dealing with a variety of cup sizes.

A crucial factor in making espresso is pressure. In the case of Magnifica, you will have 15 bars of pressure on a regular basis, where you only need 9 bars to have a nicely brewed cappuccino.

The DeLonghi ESAM3300 weighs only 28.1 pounds, making it lighter compared to other brands. And the overall size measurement is 15 in x 11 in x 14 in.

Small footprint and carryable weight- such a dynamic duo for a coffee machine, right?

Highlighted Features

  • Rich and creamy froth from the patented cappuccino system of the DeLonghi Esam3300.
  • Ergonomic and easy-to-access control panel with programmable menu settings.
  • 8.8 ounce of bean container along with a reservoir capacity of 60oz.
  • Direct brew system with a patented and easy to clean design.
  • A manual frother is there to provide to bring on evenly textured grinding.
  • Can deliver brew sizes within a range of 1.5oz to 8oz in increments.
  • Special one press button to provide single or double servings of espresso.
  • For the sake of safety and preventing over-brewing, there is an auto shut-off feature for up to 3 hours.
  • Instant reheat for keeping the coffee maker ready to serve at the ideal temperature.
  • Removable bean and tank container for quick cleanup and descaling.


  • Compact footprint and space-saving design.
  • Removable double boiler made of stainless steel.
  • Rich, creamy and delicious aroma.
  • Integrated Burr.
  • Adjustable Spigot.
  • 180-degree rotary cappuccio system.
  • Removable cup tray.
  • Works with medium-roast coffee beans.
  • Takes half of the time than others.
  • No monthly required.


  • The frother doesn’t work so well as other models.
  • No latte or cappuccino button is provided.
  • No temperature control option.

What Is The Difference Between A DeLonghi ESAM3300 vs Breville BES870xl?

Both DeLonghi Esam3300 and the Breville bes870xl are two of the most talked-about automatic coffee makers. However one is completely automatic, and costs a little more than the second one.

There are some differences to watch out for. Have a look-

  • Telescoping Spouts

Esam3300 has a telescoping spout with a range of cup size adjustability from 2.5 inches to 5 inches in height. Where Breville bes870xl has a regular spout with no range.

  • Compact Size

The Esam3300 Magnifica is already famous for its compact footprint. Its dimension is 15″x11″x14″, where the other Breville bes870xl has a dimension of 13.2″x12.5″x15.8″.

  • Reservoir Size

When looking at the reservoir size, the Breville bes870xl is the winner. Because of its compact physique, Esam3300 is not able to hold more water than 60oz in its container. On the other hand, the reservoir capacity of the Breville bes870xl is around 68 ounces.

  • Settings

In the case of Magnifica, there are 7 different settings, and the machine itself is made of stainless steel. The Breville bes870xl is made of the same material, but the number of settings in this machine is virtually unlimited.

  • The Boiler

Esam3300 is unique from the point of boiler type and functionality. It has got a double boiler, and both of them are made of aluminum. On the other hand, Breville bes870xl has a single boiler, with the same material. By the way, both of the boilers are lined with stainless steel.

  • Automation

The operation is completely automatic in the case of Esam3300. But in the case of the Breville bes870xl, the operation can be rather called semi-automatic.

DELONGHI ESAM3300 Super Automatic Espresso/ Machine

How To Clean And Descale DeLonghi Esam3300?

If you own a coffee maker you use regularly, descaling is a regular chore for you. Thanks to the advanced design of Esam3300, it doesn’t take as much effort.

You need to clean every once in and while. To give you a hand, here are the actionable steps of up and descaling Esam3300-

  • Turn on the Descaling Flush

There is a notification that indicates when it needs a descaling. If you seem to figure out it flashing, that’s when you should start the process. Take the step by turning on the machine and getting it ready to use.

  • Empty Up the Water and Pour the Descaling Fluid

Now, take on whatever is left inside through the nozzle, and make sure that there is no water in the water tank. Then you need to get the descaling fluid that you get with the box(or buy separately) and fill it up into the tank. There is an ‘A’ mark until which you have to keep pouring.

Once you’ve reached the descaling fluid fill, add water until the ‘B’ mark.

  • Press The Descale Button for 5 Seconds

Now, take on whatever is left inside through the nozzle, and make sure that there is no water in the water tank. After this, you’ll need to find the descaling fluid that you get with the box, and fill it up into the tank.

  • Let it take Care of Itself for 30 Minutes

It takes time to complete the automated process inside. The machine may not make any noise but don’t worry, it’s on! Let it sit for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, turn the steam dial button into the “0” position.

  • Empty Up

The container is now full of water inside. Take the removable tank out and empty it. Take some fresh water into the tank, and rinse it several times. Make sure there is no descaling liquid smell leftover.

  • Put the Steam Dial to 1 Again

We’re about to finish the process. Now, put the tank full of fresh water into its place and turn on the steam dial once again. Let the machine rinse with water. As it’s done, put the steam dial to 0 positions again. The rinsing should be turned off by now.

Delonghi Magnifica Manual

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Download Complete User Manual

Customers Feedback

‘When it comes to automatic coffee maker machines, it’s either a bulky 1000 dollar machine or even bulkier one which breaks down anyone’s bank. But This model from DeLonghi seems to make the miracle happen. So happy with it now!’

‘Although I wanted to end up with a 70oz boiler because of the frequency coffee requirement in my office, I’m happy to give that up. The reason behind this is- Esam3300 gives me a completely effortless, but delicious coffee, cup after cup.’

‘There are a number of things that I would like to list as good features of Magnifica. But for now, I found the compact size as a blessing. I don’t have much space in my house kitchen, the Magnificia seems not to mind at all to fit right on. would recommend to everyone up there…..’

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The FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q How many beans can I put in the Esam3300 bean container?

  • The bean container box has a capacity of around 7 pouches.

Q Is there any temperature control?

  • Nope. But there is a technology to keep your coffee at the same temperature all of the time.

Q Does it has an auto shut-off feature?

  • Yes, it automatically shuts off after 3 hours.

Q What is the Cladding material in DeLonghi Magnifica?

  • As long as the manufacturer’s catalog is concerned, the cladding is made of ABS.


From our point of view, there are still some areas of improvement. For example- the bean container size could be enhanced, this would mean the machine would be better performing. The machine would also perform well if it were made out of ceramic, and if there was a temperature control option.

But, comparing all the pros and cons, we found the Esam3300 a good match for any budget and any kind of kitchen. Hope this DeLonghi Esam3300 review helped you out to figure out more reasons to give it a try.

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