Atlas Coffee Club Review

The Atlas Coffee Club is a one-of-a-kind subscription service for coffee lovers. It’s a coffee lover’s tour of the world from the comfort of your home on a monthly basis. Each month, every subscriber receives a micro-lot of artisan coffee from one region, information on how to brew, the flavor profiles of each micro-lot, and a postcard from the region.

The coffee is sourced from over 50 countries worldwide but roasted in Austin, TX within minutes of shipping to ensure each package contains fresh tasty high-quality coffee.

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Take 50% OFF

your first bag
at Atlas Coffee Club!


Take 50% OFF

your first bag at Atlas Coffee Club!

Atlas Coffee Club packages over 300 specialty flavors. Monthly coffee tour guides take you through the country of the month with a bit of history, geography, culture, and the coffee journey from berry to cup. Each month you get the opportunity to tour one country’s history with coffee and explore the processing that goes into making your favorite beverage.


When you order online from the Atlas Coffee Club website, you can select the number of bags to be delivered monthly or every two weeks. You also get to choose the grind type, whether whole bean or ground.

The subscription modes come in 8-, 12-, or 24-ounce sizes with a frequency option of either every two weeks or every four weeks. You can buy a dark roast, medium roast, or mixed roast.

If you enjoy your coffee at its freshest, you may prefer the whole bean coffee. However, if you don’t have a grinder or don’t want to spend too much time preparing your coffee you can opt for ground coffee.

Though most people prefer buying 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions, you can sign up and skip, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time. The three subscription levels by a number of months are:

  • 3-month Starter Pack
  • 6-month Standard package
  • 12-month Coffee Lover

You can purchase a gift to send to yourself or to a fellow coffee lover. If you choose a prepaid gift membership, the recipient gets all types of roasts, though you can pick either ground coffee or whole bean coffee.

Unique Value Proposition

What makes the Atlas Club different from other coffee subscriptions is that each month their coffee is always changing. The change isn’t just in flavor or roast profile but in their “atlas” approach of taking you around the world. Each month your delivery will include coffee single-sourced from one country.

Once you open your box, you find a package designed with local cultural art and a bold name of the coffee’s country of origin. The designs reflect the local landscapes and textiles. Your package will include information about that country.

The information package will also include special ways on how to brew the particular flavors from the featured country. Each month you receive a uniquely different coffee.

Therefore, Atlas is for the coffee explorer who delights in surprises and new sensations. Additionally, Atlas Coffee Club prides itself in its sustainable practices approach. They take due diligence in quality as well as in ethics.

Something else unique about Atlas Coffee Club coffee is that each pack of beans is roasted on order. So, you always receive freshly roasted coffee each time.


Atlas Coffee Club Review
Atlas Coffee Club Review

Whole bean, two 24-ounce packs per month for all roast types start at $18. A six-ounce half bag each month costs $9.  A 12-ounce single bag costs $14 per month. They serve only the US and Canada and shipping starts at $4.95.

The Atlas Coffee Club runs regular offers, promotions, and price discounts. You can access offers by subscribing or by purchasing a gift package.


Your Atlas Coffee Club order package arrives as a cute white box with a black logo and minimalist writing. Clean and looking beautiful, with a black inscription on the side saying “Travel the World of Coffee.”

Inside the box, you will find your bag of coffee. The bag’s design is exquisite and instead of branding and marketing design elements covering the whole bag, you find a simple design reflecting the culture and traditions of the place where the coffee came from. The bags are vacuum-sealed and protected from light and humidity.

The lack of branding, logos or text on the front side of the package speaks volumes about Atlas Coffee Club’s dedication to making the source the center of attraction for each subscription package. For example, when you open your package, you first see Ethiopia or Colombia or whichever country before you see any corporate branding.

The side of the coffee bag is grey with a large white name of the coffee’s source country.

Apart from the bag of coffee, you will also find a card showing flavor notes for the coffee you received. The note will include a brief description of the country of origin and the history of coffee in that country.

The tasting notes describe the flavors and make for a mouthwatering start and an interesting conversation starter at your kitchen or breakfast table.

Included in the package you will find a postcard with pictures of the country of origin. The postcard includes a description of some highlighted spots around the country and a brief mention of the people’s culture. The postcard also includes an option to invite a recipient to enjoy a discount when they first sign up for an Atlas Coffee Club subscription.

Ordering Process

The Atlas Coffee Club website is easy to find and easy to navigate through. The ordering process is simple and straightforward. They accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Simply go to the Atlas Club Website and find the “Sign Up Now” button. Once you click on it, choose your subscription preferences. This includes the number of bags, frequency of delivery, and type of grind.

When done specifying your order, head out to the cart and fill in your personal details. Verify your address and the total charge. If you have a discount code, make sure to input it before checking out.


Atlas Coffee Club Review

The Atlas Coffee Club goes the extra mile in everything, including product delivery to your doorstep. In line with their customer care values, the club sends you an email before they ship your purchase.

This gives you time to correct your shipping address if it has changed, postpone your delivery if you’re out of town, or change your preferences. Too often, other companies will only alert you of shipments after they have already sent out the order.

Membership Options

When you sign up you can choose from a variety of options. First, you pick the quantity of coffee you want each month. A 6-ounce half bag can serve approximately 15 cups of coffee while a standard size 12-ounce bag serves about 30 cups.

Next, your membership can be based on monthly deliveries or a delivery every two weeks. Monthly makes it easier to plan your monthly spending and consumption.

The weekly delivery might incur additional expenses in shipping but on the plus side, you get fresher coffee in the last two weeks compared to the monthly deliveries. In both monthly and weekly deliveries, you will receive the same coffee from the same country in that month.


Once you taste Atlas Coffee Club coffees you come to one indisputable conclusion. It is better quality and fresher roast than most store-bought coffees. Their packages deliver roasts with strong flavors and exciting taste notes. The changing place of origin ensures you’ll always be excited about the next month’s package.

The Atlas Coffee Club caters to different tastes. In particular, they have many different flavors of mild to low acidity for consumers who have problems with citrusy or fruity flavors.

Even though Atlas Coffee Club secures the top coffees from the best coffee-producing countries, they also offer a few blends. These can be more affordable or can cater to specific needs.


The package you receive seems to answer all questions you might have. It has information about the coffee, the farmers, and the processes. It has guides on how to brew each micro-lot and what to do to add some flavor. Nonetheless, if anything comes up, the website is a great resource.

You can find information about past coffee journeys and different ways on how to brew coffee. The management is responsive to email support requests and their phone line quickly sorts out any questions you may have.

Pros and Cons

Though nothing is perfect in this world, great coffee hits very close to perfection. And Atlas Coffee Club offers some great coffee to subscribers. However, there are both pros and cons. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of an Atlas Coffee Club subscription:


  • High-quality single-origin coffee from the best coffee-producing countries around the globe.
  • Educative, adventurous experience that is full of cultural knowledge through a worldwide perspective.
  • Hassle-free subscription process.
  • Each bag comes with a freshness guarantee and is delivered at peak freshness straight from the roast.
  • Delightful surprises each month.
  • Fairtrade practices benefit farmers as well as processing intermediaries.
  • They offer regular discounts, offers, promotions, and rewards programs.
  • Expert brewing recommendations.
  • Customized coffee selections.


  • You receive coffee in micro-lots. Not for high-volume subscribers.
  • Limited flexibility in customizing your order.
  • Shipping costs can get a bit high.
  • You don’t have a choice on the flavor and country. You go with the Club’s choice of the month.
  • There are no gift cards.
  • No decaf options.
  • There is no resealing feature on the bag.
  • No samplers are available.

Final Word

Atlas Coffee Club Review

Coffee lovers all over the world often pay premium rates for coffee that has been on shelves, in storage, and in transit for weeks or months at a time. With Atlas Coffee Club, you enjoy your coffee freshly roasted just minutes before it’s packaged. The club gives a freshness guarantee that your fresh coffee will reach you within 7 days of roasting.

The club curates your monthly flavors from a global selection of single-origin coffees. Therefore, each month you receive coffee flavors from a single country.

The whole package takes you through a coffee journey, and the destination is the country’s source of that month’s coffee. It’s an inexpensive adventure without risk and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home or office.

And Remember:

Atlas Coffee Club only sells sustainably farmed coffee beans from specific countries. The coffee is cultivated, harvested, and processed ethically, with farmers being major beneficiaries. According to the Atlas Coffee Club website, over 50% of their coffee is Fair Trade certified, or is bought through a coffee cooperative or bought through direct trade.

Each month, the packaging is inspired by the cultures of the country of origin, tantalizing your sense of wanderlust as well as your taste buds.

As a club member, you benefit from a rewards program each time you purchase or refer a new member. You get a database of all the places you have received coffee from and the gifts you’ve purchased. The benefits work like a combination coffee passport, referral program, and frequent flyer program.

All their coffee is top grade and delicious. The roasted beans are aromatic and full of flavor. The whole packaging, once opened, seems to infuse the whole kitchen with the excitement of exotic places and the aroma of fancy coffees.

If you want a coffee subscription where every delivery is a delicious surprise, and each package takes you on a wild trip around the world, then Atlas Coffee Club is the subscription you need.

The subscription is inexpensive and the delivery is quick. It typically arrives within a day or two, though the club offers a freshness guarantee that your coffee will arrive at your doorstep within a week. The coffee arrives freshly roasted, aromatic, and flavorful.

The one negative is you may have to separately purchase an airtight container to keep your coffee fresh after opening the bag. Overall, the subscription is on highly competitive terms and worth trying out.

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